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2012 MTV Movie Awards Leftovers: Lauren McKnight, Meaty Brooke Hogan & Chris Hemsworth

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Firstly, for countless more photos from the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, check the category.

Pictured above is 23-year-old actress Lauren McKnight, who stars in the upcoming comedy “So Undercover” alongside Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Piven, Mike O’Malley and Kelly Osbourne. The film hits theaters on June 27 (trailer here).

There were many others we missed, but our personal standouts included Chris Hemsworth (the dude is fucking Thor, damn it!), the deliciously meaty Brooke Hogan and Louise Roe, who we’ve previously seen rockin’ a bikini on the site.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Chris Hemsworth, Brooke Hogan, & Louise Roe

Red Carpet Ladies: 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: WENN
Pictured: Christina Ricci, Ciara, Eva Amurri, Jenna Dewan

As we continue our coverage of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, here’s our first batch of other attendees that didn’t garner a seperate post (i.e. we’re just being lazy at this point). There’s really not much to say about these ladies since only really Nikki Reed has any relation to the winners with her contribution to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, winner of Best Movie. Check out a complete list of winners from last night’s 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Photo Credit: WENN
Pictured: Julianne Hough, Lucy Hale, Nikki Reed, Paris & Nicky Hilton

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More Red Carpet Ladies: 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: WENN
Pictured: Amber Rose, Amy Paffrath, Brie Larson, Holland Roden

We couldn’t possibly post everyone that attended the 2012 MTV Movie Awards so we picked a few more expecting a bunch of “Who?” responses for some of the ladies in this post. Of the bunch, Martha MacIsaac makes only her second appearance on the site, her first since the Superbad premiere back in 2007. As for the others, we’re taking the lazy route again and just going straight to the poll… along with plugging a list of winner and the 2012 MTV Movie Awards website

Photo Credit: WENN
Pictured: Lenay Dunn, Martha MacIsaac, Mayra Veronica, Renee Bargh

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Kandace Greer Grammer @ 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: WENN

Making her debut to the site is Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Kandace Greer Grammer. Following his divorce to first wife, Doreen Alderman, Grammer had Greer with hair and makeup stylist Barrie Buckner. Greer is probably best-known as Lissa on MTV’s Awkward, hence her invite to the MTV Movie Awards. She’s the half-sister of Spencer Grammer (ABC Family’s Greek).

Best & Worst Dressed @ 2012 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; WENN
Pictured: Kristen Stewart, Mila Kunis, Leighton Meester, Emma Stone

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards went down last night with a Oscar-esque red carpet featuring a delicious selection of the biggest names in Hollywood. The annual award show recognizes fan-favorite films over the past year & serves as a great marketing platform for upcoming summer blockbusters. Aside from musical performances by fun. doing their radio hit “We Are Young,” as well as beats by Wiz Khalifa & Johnny Depp’s The Black Keys, the endless stream of of A-list presenters included Christian Bale, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Charlie Sheen & countless others. Not that any of you actually give a shit, but you can see the list of winners here. Seeing how “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1” won for Movie of the Year, remember to keep your expectations real low.

On the fashion front, the obvious theme of the night was to keep the outfits short & sexy, as well have a film releasing sometime over the next few months. Just to fan the flames of Hollywood’s marketing efforts, we’ll run through the stars & the various films hitting theaters.
Kristen Stewart – “Snow White & The Huntsman
Mila Kunis – “Ted” — Looks original & fucking hilarious!
Leighton Meester – “That’s My Boy,” starring Adam Sandler & Andy Samberg
Emma Stone – “The Amazing Spiderman”—anyone heard of this one?
Elizabeth Banks – “The Hunger Games”
Jessica Biel – “Total Recal” remake w/ Colin Farrell
Shailene Woodley – In attendance to receive the “Breakthrough Performance” award for her work in “The Descendants”
Jean-Claude Van Damme – “The Expendables 2”

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; WENN
Pictured: Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Biel, Shailene Woodley, Jean-Claude Van Damme & his daughter (apologies for thinking that she was his sex toy).

Emma Watson vs Victoria Justice: Fan Favorite Matchup @ MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures
Pictured: Victoria Justice, Emma Watson

Not exactly the best dressed at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, but let’s face it, these two could roll onto the red carpet wearing stinky trash bags & all eyes would still be on them. With that in hand, choose wisely & if possible, please provide a thorough reason for your final decision.

Unlike Victoria who was at the show to simply drive dudes nuts, Emma, who was the sole representative from the “Harry Potter” cast to show up, promoted her upcoming film “The Perks of Being a Wallflower“. The film hits theaters on September 14 (trailer here).

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Kate Beckinsale vs Charlize Theron: Hardest Matchup @ MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Apologies in advance for putting a lot of you guys in the difficult position of choosing between Charlize Theron & Kate Beckinsale, but these hotness level debates are also fun. Charlize turns 37 in August & Kate slams into 39 in July, so they’re fairly close in age. If I had to choose favorites, I’d give a slight edge to Kate only because not only is she a little older, but she also popped out a kid of her own, unlike Charlize who recently adopted a kid.

With respect why each woman took time out of their busy schedules to attend an MTV award show, Charlize was on hand to promote her two new films, “Snow White & The Huntsman” (out right now) & “Prometheus,” which hits theaters on Friday (June 8). The first hit it out of the park & the latter will probably do the same, so many congrats to Charlize & especially her baby son Jackson—that lil’ bastard! As for Kate, she was representing the “Total Recall” remake team along with co-star Jessica Biel. That film will hit theaters later in the summer on August 3.

On a side note, Charlize was sitting next to “Prometheus” co-star Michael Fassbender in the audience & she even presented an award with him, as well. We can only hope that he’s scheming a way to get a piece—assuming he hasn’t already, of course.

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Part 2: The Beautiful Red Carpet @ 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: WENN

Considering how this award show went down about 24 hours ago, these pics are already ancient, but whatever. Let’s hope Google shows us some love by putting us at the top of 2011 MTV Movie Awards searches (doubtful).

Anyway, here are some random filler comments:

Cameron Diaz really needs to do something about the crazy makeup or maybe she needs some major reconstructive surgery?!

Brooklyn Decker: We get it, you don’t wanna show off you rack, but please burn that dress. FYI: You were on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!!!

Erin Heatherton: OWWW!! I’m really diggin’ this dress.

Amanda Bynes: Don’t know what the fuck’s going on here. She needs to retire again.

Amanda Lancaster: Hello, Hello!

Nicki Minaj: YOU GO GIRL!! I hope she stays away from all the colorful spandex crap & sticks w/ this look.


Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit: WENN

The Beautiful Red Carpet @ 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: WENN
Complete list of winners here.

It’s difficult to describe the MTV Movie Awards b/c I think everyone knows that it’s a worthless award show hoping to accomplish a few things in one full swoop (initiating space-filler list…):

1. MTV can make a shit load of money on endless ads
2. Celebs can come and pimp their upcoming flicks to kids
3. It’s a massive hookup party! Are you hot & wanna shot at making it big by sleeping with a highly networked, somewhat drunk actor? Blowing your way into an MTV Movie Awards after party definitely won’t hurt!

I think British actor Tom Felton said it perfectly when he won the award for Best Villain for his work in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”: “This is very cool. This will look very nice in my downstairs toilet.” Leave it to the Brits to tell it like it is!

Anyway, hope you bastards enjoy the pics!!
Photo Credit: Splash News Online; WENN
Photo Credit: Splash News Online; WENN
Photo Credit: Splash News Online; WENN

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