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Ladies Who Attended The Playboy Club Cologne Launch Party

Micaela Schaefer, Mia Gray, Iris Shala, Sila SahinPhoto Credit: WENN
Pictured: Micaela Schaefer, Mia Gray, Iris Shala, Sila Sahin

The Playboy Club Cologne (Germany) official launched over the weekend with both a Pre-VIP Party and Official Launch Party the following night attended by a bunch of ladies that will get the “Who?” response with the exception of Micaela Schaefer whom this audience, all 5 remaining from our previous theme, knows well from her various red carpet appearances and photo opportunities. Anyways, rather than breaking up the pics into two seperate posts we decided to just put them all together and load up the Gallery with more photos so above you’ve got Micaela Schaefer and Mia Gray at the VIP Pre-Opening party and Iris Shala and Sila Sahin at the offical launch party. Onto the poll: