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Love in Cannes: Jake Gyllenhaal and Sienna Miller at the Jury Photocall

68th Annual Cannes Film Festival - Jury Photocall

I think it’s safe to say that Jake Gyllenhaal and Sienna Miller will be seeing a lot of each other at the Cannes Film Festival and that’s just not because they’re on the official Jury. Here are the two actors chatting it up at the Jury photocall held earlier today.

Other members of the jury include Spanish actress Rossy de Palma, Sophie Marceau (French actress and film director), Rokia Traoré (Malian singer-songwriter and composer), Guillermo del Toro (Mexican film director), and Xavier Dolan (Canadian film director and actor).

You can keep up with all things Cannes Film Festival on its official website.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Slims (WAY) Down for “Nightcrawler”

Exclusive - A Slimmed-Down Jake Gyllenhaal Begins Filming 'Nightcrawler'

“Add Jake Gyllenhaal to the list of actors that have slimmed down to play a role.”[HuffPo]

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t just producing and starring in the low-budget drama Nightcrawler – he’s also starving for the part (literally).

The usually hunky actor showed up on set recently looking decidedly thinner (some might say ‘gaunt’) though it’s obvious that the weight loss is for the part of a freelance crime journalist. He stars opposite Rene Russo and Bill Paxton.

So add The Gyllenhaal to the list of actors reinforcing our obsession with celebrity weights. #gethimaburger

‘Prisoners’ Star Jake Gyllenhaal Still Not Bored Of Alyssa Miller! Good For Her!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Miller Stroll Through Tribeca

Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Miller Stroll Through Tribeca

I don’t think I remember actor Jake Gyllenhaal dating any other model for so long, so who knows, maybe these two will get temporarily engaged and if Alyssa Miller can keep doing what she’s been doing behind closed doors, Jake might even wife her for a few months! Hey, anything is possible! Seeing how we’ve lost count on the number of weeks these two have been dating, I have a feeling Jake actually likes his latest play-thing, but judging by his past, Alyssa shouldn’t get too optimistic

For those of you who don’t know, Jake’s latest film ‘Prisoners‘ hit theaters this weekend! The film, which is directed by Canadian Denis Villeneuve, also stars Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis, Terrence Howard, and Paul Dano. Check the plot & trailer below:

Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman), a deeply religious man who runs a failing carpentry business, attends a Thanksgiving dinner with his family at the house of neighbor and family friends the Birches. The families’ six year old daughters, Anna Dover and Joy Birch, go for a walk outside with their older siblings, Ralph Dover and Eliza Birch. The children have to be forcefully pulled away from a parked RV by their siblings when they start climbing on it. After dinner, the younger daughters leave to go back to Anna’s house to get her safety whistle she is supposed to carry at all times, but they never come back. After a police hunt, the RV is found parked outside a gas station next to a wooded area. When Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal), who heads the case, goes to confront the RV’s driver, Alex Jones (Paul Dano). Alex panics, tries to speed away, and crashes into the trees. [Read more…]

WEEK 7: Jake Gyllenhaal Still Hasn’t Gotten Bored of Alyssa Miller! Is It Finally True Love?

**EXCLUSIVE** Jake Gyllenhaal holding hands with his new girlfriend Alyssa Miller while out and about at TriBeCa in New York City

The temporary lovebirds, who’ve been dating since mid-June, were seen catwalking around TriBeCa over the weekend (Saturday, August 3) enjoying the nice weather in NYC. I’d love to say Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller will get married and live happily ever after in the West Village with their five kids, but we all know what’s up. Now, we aren’t saying that Alyssa isn’t marriage material, but sadly we can’t say the same about Jake…

Jake Gyllenhaal holding hands with his new girlfriend Alyssa Miller while out and about at TriBeCa in NYC 2b

So, How Many Days Will Jake Gyllenhaal Date Alyssa Miller?

FIRST COUPLE PICS: Jake Gyllenhaal holding hands with his new girlfriend Alyssa Miller, also accompanied by Jake's mom Naomi Foner and Alyssa's dog Charlie in NYC

For a guy who spits out supermodels as quickly as Jake Gyllenhaal, I’m shocked the dude already introduced his new girlfriend Alyssa Miller to his mom! The new couple were spotted walking with Alyssa’s dog Charlie and Jake’s mom Naomi Foner in NYC on Sunday afternoon after grabbing brunch at Hudson Clearwater.

Jake could be seen kissing Alyssa’s hand from time to time during their stroll, so it appears things are moving along smoothly for Jake. Who knows, maybe Alyssa’s the lucky chick who stole his heart?! HAHAHAHA. That’s a good one, right?

I give this relationship until the official end of summer, September 21st. Having said that, who’s Jake gonna take a ride around his bedroom next? Any guesses?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine Joining “Into the Woods” Cast

Photo Credit: AP

“It would be the first on-screen singing role for both Pine and Gyllenhaal.”[HitFix]

Yesterday we reported that Disney’s upcoming movie adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical Into the Woods would star Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep. And now we hear that two action heroes – Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine – are about to join the bandwagon and bust out with the showtunes.

“Pine and Gyllenhaal both met with and sang for director Rob Marshall (“Chicago”), and they are expected to receive offers shortly, to play the roles of two self-absorbed princes/brothers who romance Rapunzel and Cinderella,” per reports.

So, are you ready to see these two a’singin’ in the rain?

Jake Gyllenhaal Dating S.I. Swimsuit Issue Rookie Emily DiDonato! That Bastard!



As we mentioned in earlier posts, Emily DiDonato was our choice for S.I. Swimsuit Rookie of the Year, but sadly the 22-year-old model from New York didn’t get any love in the votes department (she came in last). Don’t feel too sorry for Emily because apparently she’s been dating sugar daddy Jake Gyllenhaal since the couple met in a spin class at SoulCycle in Manhattan a couple months back. A source tells Us magazine that Jake hits up the studio every once in a while when he’s in the city & let’s the girls take notice, upon when he probably chooses one of them to take back to his pimp pad. That bastard!

As some of you might remember, Jake’s other high profile relationship was back in late 2011 when he spent a few months unsuccessfully trying to get Taylor Swift to open her legs. He dumped her ass real quick & even earned himself a song on her latest album “Red” (song: ‘All Too Well’). I don’t think Jake goes a week without sex, so another famous chick he dated was Minka Kelly last summer & then upgraded to Emily later in the fall. Definitely not a bad streak, especially considering Minka & Emily aren’t virgins like Taylor!

Jake Gyllenhaal Had Rebound Sex With Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes & Jake Hyllenhaal Dating

Man, I wonder how long it’s been since Katie Holmes actually had sex after popping out Suri b/c I have a feeling that Tom Cruise & her weren’t getting it on all that much. Expert man-whore Jake Gyllenhaal probably had a lot of fun with Katie after he busted through the cobwebs that had built up between Katie’s legs due to lack of use. We’re pretty sure Tom had a set of sex rules, which probably included a shortlist of sexual positions they could try behind closed doors, so having sex w/ Jake was probably a very liberating experience. It’s rumored the two have been secretly dating for several weeks after being introduced by Katie’s former “Dawson’s Creek” co-star Joshua Jackson. They’ve apparently hit up a few dinners in the NYC, so I’m kind of shocked that this news is breaking so late.

The pair have also seen each other on Broadway, with Katie staring in ‘Dead Accounts’ and Jake in ‘If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet’. A bastardly source close to Katie revealed that she has ‘tons in common and Jake has already been to see her in Dead Accounts, plus she has been over to his apartment in the West Village for dinner.’ As most of you bastards know, Jake is no newbie when it comes dating famous women after having slept with Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst over the years.