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Jamie Foxx and Eiza Gonzalez At The ‘Baby Driver’ London Premiere

Eiza Gonzalez, Jamie Foxx and Dua LipaPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Eiza Gonzalez, Jamie Foxx and Dua Lipa

Rumor has it that Jamie Foxx is in a super secret relationship with actress Katie Holmes, but we’re going to call ‘Fake News’ on those rumors and assume that the seasoned & multi-talented 49-year-old actor is way too smart for getting involved with somebody—especially somebody who was once married to Tom Cruise! All we’re saying is that Katie Holmes comes with a lot of baggage and that’s absolutely the last thing Jamie Foxx needs as he rules over his empire of sugar babies.

While we’re on the topic of sugar babies, Jamie Foxx was accompanied by a couple of them at the ‘Baby Driver’ European Premiere in Leicester Square, London. Eiza Gonzalez is one of his co-stars in the film and Dua Lipa recently had a small role the latest “Baywatch” remake which continues to make money at box-office despite getting crapped on by all critics.

Here’s more about the “Baby Driver”:

A young and talented getaway driver named Baby relies on the personal beat of his preferred soundtrack, to be the best in the world of crime, as music heightens his focus and reflexes to extreme levels. A car accident as a child killed both his parents, and left him with permanent tinnitus, which he blocks out using music. He is preferred as a driver by Doc, a mastermind organizer of bank robberies and other high-earning heists. Source

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King Sugar Daddy Jamie Foxx Travels In Luxurious Style

Jamie Foxx seen at Los Angeles Airport while departing LAPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Damn, talk about working the pimp card! We’re not sure if he’s using some private limo service or simply a pimped-out Uber, but the multi-talented Jamie Foxx was seen making a very stylish arrival curbside at LAX to catch a flight out. Anyone know what kind of kicks he’s rocking in the photo, by chance?

Jamie Foxx is currently filming his latest film “Sleepless Night,” which will hit theaters sometime this year. The upcoming drama-thriller also stars T.I., Gabrielle Union and Lloyd Banks Drew Sidora. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that there will be a number of African-American actors who will get nominated for the 2017 Academy Awards, so it’ll be interesting to see which films & which actors can capitalize.

St. Tropez: Jamie Foxx Enjoying The High Life on Board Super Yacht

Jamie Foxx Leaves Club 55 in St Tropez


I guess super yachts aren’t only for the world’s billionaires and shady CEOs anymore. Even though it’s probably a timeshare super yacht, we gotta give Jamie Foxx props for dropping some serious cash to spend a few days on the floating mansion.

These pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as the ‘White House Down’ actor was spotted leaving Club 55 and going back to his mega yacht moored off the coast of ultra-luxurious Saint Tropez in South France.

BEHOLD! Jamie Foxx Killin’ It As Electro on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Set!

SPOOKY! Jamie Foxx is seen in spooky costume on the set of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' in New York City

The guy is seriously money every time! It appears anything that Jamie Foxx touches turns into gold and that seems to be the case with his latest role as he portrays Electro in the upcoming ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, which is currently filming in NYC. For those of you non-geeks who don’t know much about the character, Electro, aka Max Dillon, is one of Spider-Man’s many enemies. The dude gained the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning while working on a power line.

These latest photos were snapped last night in NYC as Jamie appeared in character walking around in a black hoodie, which appeared to have built-in LED lights that shined on his face. It’ll be interesting to see how crazy things look once the CGI team takes its turn.

Jamie Foxx wearing his Electro make up at 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' set in NYC

OW! Nina Agdal Bikini Pics – 2013 Model Beach Volleyball Tournament

Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal poses in a bikini at the Model Beach Volleyball event on Miami Beach

I’ll be honest, there was a small part of me that wanted to see Nina Agdal score the S.I. Swimsuit cover, but I guess we’ll have to wait for that one.

Sorry we have to slightly delay our 2013 Grammy Awards coverage with these delicious bikini pics of Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal. The sexy, Danish-flavored 20-year-old was at the 2013 Miami Beach Volleyball event yesterday afternoon rocking a Beach Bunny bikini, which looked more like lingerie than your typical bikini—not that anybody gave a shit, of course.

Most recently Nina was the centerpiece of a too-hot-for-TV Carl’s Jr. commercial which featured her stuck on an island with nothing else than the bare necessities—a really teenie bikini & a hamburger, which Nina had food-sex with on camera. If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend the director’s cut version that features a lil’ more meat and we’re not talking about the Carl’s Jr. Hamburger.

Aside from the commercial, make sure you tune into the ‘Letterman’ on Monday as he reveals the Sports Illustrated cover model for this year (hint: it’s KATE UPTON). Nina will be part of the lineup of models before Dave announces the cover girl.

Here’s an interview w/ Nina Agdal back @ New York Fashion Week in September, 2012:

Also, Jamie Foxx treated crowds to a surprise performance during the event. Sure he’s Jamie Foxx and his attendance probably had the panties flying, but if you want to take home three or four girls back at the same time, a musical performance only helps. Here’s what we found on Instagram & we’re pretty sure Jamie Foxx got lucky with AT LEAST one of these chicks:
Jamie Foxx, Nina Agdal, DJ Irie

Here’s more on J.Foxx’s appearance:

Academy Award winner Actor Jamie Foxx attended the 2013 Model Beach Volley Ball Tournament today with his entourage Miami Heats DJ Irie, Actor, Comedian and Director Cedric the Entertainer. The trio got on stage to talk about the IRIE Foundation, which seeks to improve the lives of South Florida’s youth through educational and extracurricular opportunities and improve the graduation rates among young students. After the announcement Jamie Foxx and DJ Irie got the crowed pumped by asking the guests “Isn’t Miami Beach the best place to live?” Jamie Foxx asked DJ Crespo for special requests and performed live for all spectators. After the performance, Jamie fox chatted it up with the new Carl’s Jr. & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Nina Agdal who’s commercial aired during the 2013 Super Bowl. Before leaving, Jamie Foxx watched the end of the tournament courtside with fans & eye candy surrounding him. (Source: Helena Renee PR)

Jamie Foxx & Nina Agdal

Pictured: Jamie Foxx & Nina Agdal

Jamie Foxx, DJ Irie & Cedric The Entertainer

Pictured: Jamie Foxx, DJ Irie & Cedric The Entertainer

Cannes: Kanye West Makes Out With White Chick On Hotel Balcony

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Props to Kanye West for using his fame & fortune for getting with hot chicks. Then again, from the standpoint of being a positive role model for all his troubled fans in the inner city, I think Lupe Fiasco is a better bet for kids looking to escape the American ghetto.

Anyway, Kanye was doing some great camera-whoring on the balcony of his pimped-out digs at the Carlton hotel in Cannes yesterday afternoon with some slutty model chick. I guess they’re a dime-a-dozen in Cannes while the film festival goes down. The dude hit the stage for about an hour later last night for a private event organized by production house Red Granite. Pharrell Williams opened the gig to get the crowd warmed up & then Jamie Foxx even came on for “God Digger.”

Here’s a clip from the show:

Coupled Up! Brothas At The Grammys Edition!

Photo Credit: Bossip

Waddup ,peeps? Jason here, bringing in my observations from Grammy Night and peeping game. Especially, these two mac daddies right here Jamie Foxx and John Legend proving once again that if you got millions of dollars and a Grammy and Oscar, you too can pull in model status chicks like SI Swimsuit model Christine Teigen and model Britt Loren. These brothas are truly an inspiration! *Wipes tears*

Step ya game up, playas!

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