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Beyonce & Jay Z Enjoy Paris With Their Daughter

Beyonce & Jay-Z Lunch In Paris With Their DaughterPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Despite fears of random terrorist attacks running through France, Beyonce & Jay Z are showing Paris their support by enjoying another one of their luxurious summer trips in the beautiful city. Earlier today, the pair were spotted enjoying lunch at Loulou restaurant in the Tuileries’s Garden with their daughter Blue Ivy.

Beyonce worked her high-fashion style in a tight polka dots-covered dress showcasing her world-famous curvy body. As most of you guys know, it’s rumored that Jay Z & Beyonce are going through marital issues, mainly due to Jay Z’s slim-shady habits of sleeping around behind Bey’s back, but the fact that they can enjoy a vacation together puts those rumors into question. I have a feeling Beyonce has to make shit up from a relationship standpoint in order to sell records. It’s the Taylor Swift approach and obviously it works wonders! I don’t know, something tells me that Beyonce & Jay Z are simply too boring of a couple for extramarital affairs.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Lunch In Paris With Their DaughterPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Beyonce, Jay Z & Family Enjoying Their Yacht-Fueled Vacation

Beyonce & Family Leave The South Of FrancePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

I guess now that the average people are back to work, it’s time for the filthy-filthy rich (and famous) to take their vacations. With that said, King Jay Z & Queen Bey were seen leaving their mega-yacht the Galactica Star as they arrived into Beaulieu-sur-Mer in France (this is where filthy rich people vacation, I guess).

Apparently the couple are renting the yacht for around $900,000-a-week, so if Jay Z looks a little pissed in these photos, now we know why. Queen Beyonce, on the other hand, looked like she was flying high, without a single worry—almost as if she lives in some sort of diamond-studded bubble.

Beyonce and Jay Z Love Their Statement Tees

Beyonce and Jay Z seen leaving a music studio in NYC

Royal Musicians King Jay Z & Queen Beyonce were seen leaving a music studio in NYC last night rocking their respective statement tees.

Queen B coupled a black tank with a pair excessively ripped jeans as she catwalked out to a waiting car. Her tank reminded people to “Never Forget To Say Thank You,” while Jay Z’s shirt had the word “Peace” sandwiched between Hebrew & Arabic writing (we’re assuming both also said peace).

Beyonce & Jay-Z Might Be Splashing Millions For A Place in Paris

Semi-Exclusive... Are Beyonce & Jay-Z Planning To Purchase A Property In Paris?!

It appears Beyonce and Jay-Z might be dropping a ton of cash for a sweet spot in Paris. It’s definitely a more economical route than paying thousands for a luxury suite during their extended stays in the city.

The filthy rich couple were in the city with their daughter Blue Ivy to dabble in not only Paris Fashion Week festivities, but also managed to catch a match with David Bechkham.

We should mention that their combined net worth is upwards of a billion big-ones, so dropping a few 10s of millions on a pimp-pad is more of a long-term investment than a luxurious splurge.

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Casey Cohen Bikin Pics! Apparently She Is Jay Z's Play-Thing On The Side!

EXCLUSIVE: Rumors are circulating online that Jay-Z has been cheating on wife Beyonce with Casey Cohen, a VIP hostess at Nightclub 1Oak in NYC

Let’s hope these rumors are false because I always thought Jay Z was very intelligent guy who was well-versed in the art of making extremely calculated moves. Banging a blonde VIP hostess at 1Oak nightclub in NYC doesn’t exactly involve all that many calculations, but then again, everyone thought the same about former New York state governor Eliot Spitzer.

We should note that these are dated pics of the stunning blonde as she enjoyed a day at the beach wearing a blue bikini in Long Beach, NY (original photos from July 18, 2013).

EXCLUSIVE: Rumors are circulating online that Jay-Z has been cheating on wife Beyonce with Casey Cohen, a VIP hostess at Nightclub 1Oak in NYC

EXCLUSIVE: Rumors are circulating online that Jay-Z has been cheating on wife Beyonce with Casey Cohen, a VIP hostess at Nightclub 1Oak in NYC

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Music King & Queen Jay-Z and Beyonce Hit The Exclusive Arts Club in London

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles leaving the Arts Club via the kitchen door

Jay-Z & Queen B are so famous that they had to leave the club via the kitchen door.

When you’ve got a combined-net worth as high as these two, you can’t just hit up the usual club. Following Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter concert at the O2 Arena last night, the power couple grabbed drinks at the members-only Arts Club. We did a little Wiki’ing around and it turns out one of the club’s founders back in 1863 was none other than world-famous writer Charles Dickens. As per the club’s Wiki, “Today it is a meeting place for men and women involved in the creative arts either professionally or as patrons.”

Was Beyonce’s Thong-y Grammy Awards Performance Too Hot For TV?

Beyonce - 56th Annual Grammy Awards Performance adds 1KAJHSD

So, what’s your take? Jay Z & wife Beyonce got down and dirty as they performed ‘Drunk in Love’ at the Grammy Awards. Beyonce didn’t hold back on stage, but as soon as she was off the clock, she had a big blanket waiting to cover up that billion-dollar booty! You can watch the performance here.

Here’s Queen B after the performance…


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Beyonce & Jay Z Screw Racial Profiling Accusations At Barneys & Go On A Shopping Spree

Beyonce and Jay Z shop at Barneys New York

Beyonce & Jay Z did a horrible job in keeping a low-profile yesterday afternoon as they went shopping at a Barneys New York location in Beverly Hills. We have a feeling this was more of a promotional trip because wouldn’t be easier for Jay Z & Beyonce to simply shop online rather than go through all the bullshit of physically hitting up Barneys? Coincidently Jay Z has a Barney’s Collection that he’s trying to pimp, so looks like sales might be below expectations…

The couple were accompanied by their usual security detail and shopping bag carriers. While Queen B showed off her amazing legs in leather short-shorts, Jay Z opted for a more street-friendly look, completely with condom beanie! Three things kept Jay Z from getting racially profiled by racist cops: His security detail, his close proximity to Beyonce and the fact that he has countless millions in the bank.

In other news, AllHipHop.com is reporting that Jay Z will begin work on BarneysNY’s Advisory Council (a.k.a. Not All Colored People Are Stealing From Barneys Council):

When Jay Z announced that he was moving forward with his Barneys collection, he also revealed that he will take a leadership position on a panel reviewing racial profiling at the retailer. According to a Women’s World Daily report, the Brooklyn mogul started his work with the advisory council and some changes to Barneys’ policies as they relate to interactions with the NYPD have been made. [Read more]

Beyonce and Jay Z shop at Barneys New York

Beyonce Conceals Her New Shorter Hairdo With Hair Extensions

Beyonce shows off her new hair extensions in Miami

So, what exactly was the point off chopping off all the hair if she’s gonna simply cover it up with weaves & creepy-looking hair extensions? I don’t get it. I just thought the whole point was to make her life easier so that Queen B wouldn’t have to spend time (and money) getting people to maintain her hair. I guess Beyonce has other plans.

These latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as Beyonce hit Sylvano Ristorante Italiano in Miami Beach with hubby Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy, who was hidden away in an Orbit Baby stroller. Beyonce poked fun at high-fashion threads by wearing a tank top that read ‘Name Brand’ (for which she probably paid around $400) and denim short-shorts with striped shoes.

She’s accompanying Jay Z in South Beach for the final concert of the Legends of the Summer Stadium Tour with Justin Timberlake. The concert is scheduled for tonight, so you still have time to get tix—even though you’ll probably have to overpay for scalped ones.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Bring The Morning Links!

Blue Ivy CarterPhoto Credit: Lainey Gossip; Blue Ivy Carter in Toronto with Beyonce and Jay-Z

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