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Jennifer Lawrence Shines At “X-Men: Apocalypse” Premiere in London

Jennifer Lawrence at the X-Men Apocalypse premiere in LondonPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Jennifer Lawrence really turned up the heat at the red carpet premiere of the new “X-Men Apocalypse” on the big red carpet premiere in London. I don’t even know where this film falls in the series because it feels like there’s a new one every few months. With an estimated production budget of $234 million, we’re pretty sure it will go on to make that back & then some for Disney (Marvel’s parent company). The film, which theaters in the U.S. later this month on May 27, showcases a long list of stars including James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Olivia Munn and Lucas Till.

Here’s more about the film:

Since ancient times, the first and most powerful mutant, En Sabah Nur, also known as “Apocalypse” has been worshipped as a god. But when Apocalypse awakens from a hibernation of thousands of years, he is disgusted to find out what the world has come to and decides to change it. He recruits four followers, Ororo Munroe (“Famine”), Warren Worthington III (“Death”), Elizabeth Braddock (“Pestilence”) and Erik Lehnsherr (“War”), to help him with this task of destroying humanity and building a better world, led by him, from the ruins. Now, Raven and Charles Xavier lead a team of young X-Men to face Apocalypse and defeat him. Source

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Jennifer Lawrence Promotes “Passengers” At CinemaCon in Vegas

Sony Presentation At Cinema Con In Las VegasPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

I’m going to assume that Caesars Palace & CinemaCon are giving away huge perks to the long list of A-list celebrities showing up to the conference in Las Vegas. The sheer number of celebs in attendance pretty amazing, to the say the least. Actress Jennifer Lawrence took time out of her busy schedule to promote her upcoming sci-fi film “Passengers,” which also stars Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne. The film, which is apparently setting itself up as an Oscar contender, isn’t scheduled to release until December 21st, so it’s fairly obvious that studios have lofty expectations.

Here’s the plot for all you sci-fan fans:

The spaceship, Starship Avalon, on its 120 years voyage to a distant colony planet known as the “Homestead Colony” and transporting 5,259 people has a malfunction in two of its sleep chambers. As a result, two hibernation pods open prematurely and the two people that awoke are stranded on the spaceship, still 90 years from their destination. Source

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The 2016 Oscars: Fashionable Red Carpet Favorites

Priyanka Chopra, Kerry Washington, and Olivia WildePhoto Credit: Own the rights to these photos? Please contact us immediately; Priyanka Chopra, Kerry Washington, and Olivia Wilde

Here’s a batch of just a few of our favorites to walk down the red carpet at the 88th Annual Academy Awards last night.

The big winners: “Spotlight” was somewhat of a surprise in the best picture category because I was expecting “The Revenant” to sweep, but who knows, maybe the Academy was looking to make some sort of political statement? Although, Leo & “The Revenant” director Alejandro G. Iñárritu didn’t look all that disappointed, but that’s probably because the two already won in their respective categories. Brie Larson won for her role in the ultra-creepy film “Room”. The beautiful Alicia Vikander won in the Best Supporting Actress winner for her work in “The Danish Girl”. Check here for the complete list of winners.

Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie, and Charlize TheronPhoto Credit: Own the rights to these photos? Please contact us immediately; Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie, and Charlize Theron

Rooney Mara, Naomi Watts, Saoirse Ronan and Rachel McAdamsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Rooney Mara, Naomi Watts, Saoirse Ronan and Rachel McAdams

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Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence at 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press RoomPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Can you believe this chick? Even though she works on 18 different projects over the course of the year, she still manages to take home one of the top awards of the night. Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress award (in a Musical or Comedy) for her work in David O. Russell’s “Joy”. Here’s a short clip of J-Law on stage accepting her award:

Hosted by Ricky Gervais, some winners of the night were “The Revenant”, “The Martian”, “Mr. Robot”, “Mozart in the Jungle” along with individual awards going to Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, Jon Hamm, and Matt Damon, to name a few. Check out the full list of nominees and winners.

Jennifer Lawrence Works Her A-List Style in NYC

Jennifer Lawrence looks chic in wine color coat while heading out for dinner in NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pacific Coast News

Believe it or not, the seemingly tireless Jennifer Lawrence has yet another big film hitting theaters on Christmas day! This of course follows the fourth and final installment in “The Hunger Games” film series, which released last month.

Her upcoming film “Joy” has A-list plastered all over it—written and directed by David O. Russell, along with cast co-stars Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. If that wasn’t enough, judging by the early buzz surrounding the film, it seems like J-Law might have yet another winner on her hands!
Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.02.31 AMPhoto Credit: Wikipedia

More about the film, followed by the trailer:

Joy is the story of a family across four generations and the woman who rises to become founder and matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty. IMDb

Jennifer Lawrence Reportedly Spending Thanksgiving Alone With Her Dog

Jennifer Lawrence Out And About In New York CityPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

I’m sure we’ve all read the headlines where Jennifer Lawrence mournfully claims that she’s really lonely, that no guy will touch her and that she hasn’t had sex in years—so long, in fact, that she doesn’t even know if everything down there still works? Aaw, let’s all feel sorry for her by going to watch her new “Hunger Games” film so that producers can keep shoveling millions into her various bank accounts.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday as the actress was spotted out and about NYC with her dog. Let’s hope and pray that J-Law finds some love at one of her upcoming parties this holiday season.

Jennifer Lawrence Continues World’s Longest Promo Tour in NYC

The Cast Of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2' Stop By 'Good Morning America'Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Well, the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is making a cruise ship load of money from the series, I’m not all that surprised that she can sit through countless interviews & stumble through red carpet premieres. Having said that, I’d love to hear some of her snarky comments behind closed doors.

Anyway, in what will probably be the final stop of the seemingly endless promotional tour for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2’, Jennifer Lawrence and company made a stop at ABC Studios for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ earlier today. You can watch the interview here >>>

The Cast Of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2' Stop By 'Good Morning America'Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence at “Mockingjay – Part 2” L.A. Premiere

Jennifer LawrencePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Jennifer Lawrence is photographed on the red carpet at “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” premiere at The Microsoft Theatre in L.A. The plot concludes the story of Katniss Everdeen; realizing the stakes are no longer just for survival, Katniss teams up with her closest friends, including Peeta, Gale, and Finnick for the ultimate mission. Together, they leave District 13 to liberate the citizens of war-torn Panem and assassinate President Snow, who’s obsessed with destroying Katniss. “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” opens in US theaters on November 20th.

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