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Miami Heat Fan Jennifer Nicole Lee Puts On A Show in Miami Beach

Real Miami Heat as Jennifer Nicole Lee puts on a wet t-shirt show on the beach

Up to her usual antics, fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee left very little to the imagination as she showered herself with a gallon of water while wearing her see-thru Miami Heat tank. The 37-year-old fitness model rocked a Miami Heat bikini in celebration of the team’s bitch-slapping of the Chicago Bulls the previous night (Monday). The mother-of-two also worked up a sweat playing racquetball with friends at the beach in North Miami before going into the ocean, where she almost lost her top.

Miami will probably put the final nail in the coffin on Chicago’s playoff run later this evening when they host the Bulls for Game 5. Apparently Wade might sit out, so it’s possible Chicago will get lucky, although doubtful.

Queen Bikini Booty Jennifer Nicole Lee Finds Interesting Places For Her iPhone

Jennifer Nicole Lee sizzles on the beach in tiny bikini and see-through t-shirt

Jennifer Nicole Lee was once again back on the beach in Miami modeling for her paparazzi friend by catwalking her booty around in a dangerously tiny bikini. She also showered in a see-through t-shirt with one of her motivational slogans, ‘Strong is the new skinny’.

I just gotta give this woman props b/c you don’t see too many 37-year-old women walking around so confidently in bikinis. We should note that the mother-of-two has been busy finishing her latest book, ‘The Sexy Body Diet’, so don’t forget to add that book to your reading list when it hit stores later this year.

Shameless Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pics Sponsored By Beats By Dre

Jennifer Nicole Lee has a ball and boogie at the beach

For those of you looking to feel real dirty, these photos should do the trick.

I hope she has a deal w/ Beats by Dre b/c w/ a body like that, South Beach-based fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is a walking billboard for the popular headphones. The 37-year-old mother of two left very little to the imagination as she had fun on the beach w/ her etsy-bitsy, string bikini that scandalously showcased her well-sculpted body. In the process of doing a shoot for her popular cookbook, “Fun Fit Foodie,” we’re pretty sure she gave a few old dudes on the beach a heart attack as she hopped around the beach wearing pretty much nothing.

Fashionable Jennifer Nicole Lee: Any Guesses As To What Inspires Her Wardrobe?

Pretty in pink Jennifer Nicole Lee gives away matching panties

We’ve been meaning to do a Jennifer Nicole Lee post for the past couple weeks, but when these new photos of the 37-year-old fitness guru hit the wires, we were compelled to showcase Jennifer’s “unique” sense of style, which, to put it lightly, leaves very little to the imagination. I don’t get it, is this Miami Beach style on crack or does she just like dressing like a prostitute for fun? Anyway, the great thing about Jennifer Nicole Lee photos is that they do 99% of the talking, so put on your skanky-ho glasses & enjoy…

What Are Some Words That Come To Mind When You See Jennifer Nicole Lee?

The best selling beauty and wellness author Jennifer Nicole Lee brings some heat to New York City as she shows off her red hot body by the pool. She has been spotted out and about in the city while on business, and in her down time hits the pool and catches up with some celebrity magazines.

The best-selling beauty & wellness author Jennifer Nicole Lee brought her Miami Beach skanky-ho style to NYC as she showed off her sculpted body at the hotel pool. She’s currently in the city on business—whatever the hell that means.

MIAMI: Bikini-Clad Jennifer Nicole Lee Pimps Her Beats by Dre Headphones While Rollerblading

Jennifer Nicole Lee Pimps Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones & PoweradePhoto Credit: Splash News Online

We can only hope that this is a legitimate product placement & that fitness queen Jennifer Nicole Lee is getting some cash pushed her way from shrewd marketing peeps at Beats Electronics (which is co-owned by Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, HTC). These latest photos were snapped earlier this afternoon as Jennifer Nicole Lee was seen in a itty-bitty pink bikini while rollerblading around Miami Beach.

Most people would consider her antics somewhat cheap & desperate, but hey, she worked hard for this body after popping out two kids, so why not flaunt it every chance she gets? It’s not like she’s gonna look like this when she’s 60 or 70. For the record, JNL is 37.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Covers SFG’s Summer White Hot issue

Jennifer Nicole Lee, SFG MagazinePhoto Credit: Splash News OnlinePictured: Jennifer Nicole Lee and Bonnie Kilpatrick

Normally we’re used to seeing fattie-turned-fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee in skimpy bikinis, but over the weekend the mom-of-two donned a somewhat see-thru lace dress and hosted the White Hot Party to help launch South Florida Guide magazine‘s summer White Hot issue. The one reason this woman is famous is because she reportedly lost 200lbs after having her two kids & then proceeding to become a health icon.

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