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Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt at ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ Premiere in L.A.

'The Huntsman: Winter's War' Los Angeles PremierePhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt and Elsa Pataky

Talk about an A-list line-up! Costars Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron, and Emily Blunt were attendance at ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War‘ premiere in Los Angeles last night. The film will hit theaters on April 22.

The film, which also stars Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, is a prequel to 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” and focuses heavily on the Hunstman’s battle with evil sisters. You can ready more about the plot here.

More Fashionable Ladies From The 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Charlize Theron and Jessica ChastainPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain

This is to compliment our two earlier posts featuring photos from the 2016 MTV Movie Awards over the weekend. The annual movie awards catering to a younger MTV-watching audience (wait, kids still watch MTV?!) was held at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank on Saturday evening & broadcast on Sunday night. This was the first time the network opted against a live broadcast.

The big winners were “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for Movie of the Year, Leo for “The Revenant” and Charlize for “Mad Max: Fury Road”. For a complete list of the “winners,” check here.

Emilia Clarke, Lizzy Caplan and Brittany SnowPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Emilia Clarke, Lizzy Caplan and Brittany Snow

Fashionable Ladies: 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Lauren Cohan, Kate Mara, Jessica Chastain, Freida Pinto and Emilia ClarkePhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Lauren Cohan, Kate Mara, Jessica Chastain, Freida Pinto and Emilia Clarke

The 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards went down the night before the Academy Awards and a long list of celebs were on hand to walk down the blue carpet in Santa Monica Beach. The seemingly laid-back (compared to the Oscars) ceremony was hosted by Kate McKinnon and Kumail Nanjiani.

One interesting thing worth noting about Saturday’s Spirit Awards was that it was free of “The Revenant”—not even a single nomination (for the record, the film “Spotlight” took top honors)! I guess the producers of the event wanted to shower other films with accolades as opposed to simply marching to the drumbeat of the Oscars. For a complete list of the nominees and winners, check here.

Olivia Cooke and Kristina Bazan Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Olivia Cooke and Kristina Bazan

NYC: Jessica Chastain Looking Beautiful At ‘Crimson Peak’ Premiere

Jessica Chastain and Emily CouttsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Jessica Chastain and Emily Coutts

As she always tends to do, Jessica Chastain channeled some of her old-school Hollywood charm at the red carpet premiere of her latest film “Crimson Peak.” The premiere was held at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square in NYC.

This is the latest project by Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, who wrote, produced & directed this film. Aside from Jessica, the cast also includes Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam. Here’s more about the film:

Set in Cumbria, England, in a crumbling mansion in a largely rural and mountainous region of northern England in the late 19th century, young author Edith Cushing (Wasikowska) falls in love and marries Sir Thomas Sharpe (Hiddleston) but then discovers that her charming new husband is not who he appears to be. His home harbors ghostly, mysterious entities, which he and his sister, Lady Lucille Sharpe (Chastain), desperately and fiercely try to hide. Source

2015 TIFF: Kate Mara, Matt Damon, and Jessica Chastain Promote ‘The Martian’

Pictured: Kate Mara, Matt Damon, Jessica ChastainPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Pictured: Kate Mara, Matt Damon, and Jessica Chastain

With 2015 Toronto International Film Festival kicking off yesterday, A-list celebs are starting to appear to promote their latest films! One of the first films under the spotlight is ‘The Martian,’ which features a long list of names including Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, and others. The actors pictured held a special press conference at the TIFF Bell Lightbox ahead of tonight’s big premiere (we’ll post those photos soon).

The film, which is directed by Ridley Scott, premieres today at TIFF and goes into wider release in the U.S. on October 2. Here’s more:

A human mission to Mars goes awry, and astronaut Mark Watney (Damon) is presumed dead and left behind on the planet by his crew. Watney fights to survive in the harsh environment and to signal to others that he is still alive. Upon discovering Watney’s signal, NASA, scientists all around Earth, and his crew members collaborate to find a way to rescue him.[Source]

LONDON: Our Favorites From The Jameson Empire Awards 2015

Gemma Chan, Olga Kurylenko, Jessica Chastain, and Karen Gillan

Pictured: Gemma Chan, Olga Kurylenko, Jessica Chastain, and Karen Gillan

The 2015 Jameson Empire Awards were held at Grosvenor House last night in London. A long list of celebs and London-based socialites & fashionistas hit the red carpet in celebration. You guys can see all the winners & nominees here.

Since I know most of you are dying to know what exactly the Jameson Empire Awards are, here’s more from the Wiki:

The Empire Awards, is an annual British awards ceremony honoring cinematic achievements in the local and global film industry. Winners are awarded the Empire Award statuette. The awards, first presented in 1996, are presented by the British film magazine Empire with the winners voted by the readers of the magazine.

Read more

The 28th Annual American Cinematheque Award Ceremony Honors Matthew McConaughey

Jessica Chastain, Michelle Monaghan, Anne Hathaway, and Reese Witherspoon

Pictured: Jessica Chastain, Michelle Monaghan, Anne Hathaway, and Reese Witherspoon

Matthew McConaughey seems to be still be flying high. The Oscar-winning actor was the main attraction at the 28th American Cinematheque Award ceremony last night at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. He was in attenance with his Brazilian wife Camila Alves. A long list of A-list stars showed up to honor the actor.

As per the award’s Wiki, “The American Cinematheque Award annually honors “an extraordinary artist in the entertainment industry who is fully engaged in his or her work and is committed to making a significant contribution to the art of the motion pictures”.”

Previous winners include fellow A-listers Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Al Pacino and others.

Jennifer Garner, Camila Alves, and Matthew McConaughey

Pictured: Jennifer Garner, Camila Alves, and Matthew McConaughey

Jessica Chastain at 'The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby' Photocall in Spain

SSFF -  'The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby' - Photocall

‘Eleanor Rigby’ is definitely on my list of top 5 favorite songs by the Beatles (couple others on the list include ‘Yesterday’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’), so that’s one of the reasons for this post. The fact that Jessica Chastain looked absolutely beautiful at the photocall didn’t hurt either.

These were snapped at photocall event held for her new film ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’ as part of the 62nd San Sebastian International Film Festival. Here’s more about the film:

All three films follow the same time period, but are told from the differing perspectives of Connor Ludlow (James McAvoy) and Eleanor Rigby (Jessica Chastain), a young married couple living in New York. Him looks at their relationship from Connor’s angle, while Her follows Eleanor’s. Connor spends his days working in his restaurant while his wife Eleanor returns to college for further education.[10] During the course of their daily lives, the couple encounters a life changing event that threatens the stability of their marriage.[Source]

SSFF -  'The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby' - Photocall

Top 3 Best Dressed at 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards

Jessica Chastain, Camila Alves and Amy Adams

Jessica Chastain, Camila Alves and Amy Adams

Pictured: Jessica Chastain, Camila Alves and Amy Adams

The Critics’ Choice Awards is somewhat reliable in predicting the big winners at the Academy Awards, so let’s look at a few of the big winners from the night.

Best Picture: ’12 Years a Slave’

Best Director: Alfonso Cuarón — ‘Gravity’

Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey — ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ as Ron Woodroof


Best Actress: Cate Blanchett — ‘Blue Jasmine’ as Jeanette “Jasmine” Francis

Best Supporting Actor: ‘Jared Leto — ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ as Rayon’

Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o — ’12 Years a Slave as Patsey’

So, what do you guys think? All the winners are here >>>

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Jessica Chastain Looked Beautiful @ The 2013 Giffoni Film Festival

Giffoni Film Festival

Classic Hollywood beauty Jessica Chastain hits the blue carpet looking amazing in a red dress designed by Dolce & Gabbana. Whenever I see Jessica Chastain on the red carpet, I’m always reminded of old-school Hollywood glamour. The Oscar-nominated actress proudly showed off her “Giffoni Experience Award 2013” trophy on the blue carpet.

The Giffoni Film Festival, which is billed as the world’s latest children-centric film festival, is going down in the southwestern Italian town of Giffoni Valle Piana (Wiki). Who knew there was a children’s film festival?! Well, believe it or not, but it’s been going on since 1971!!

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