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Meat vs Bones Matchup: Plus Model Jolena Forde vs Skinny Sharni Vinson

Plus model Jolena Forde busts out of her Baywatch babe red one-piece bathing suit as she rescues Russian rapper GeeGun Denis Ustimenko-Vainstein filming his new music video in Miami Beach, Florida

Pictured: Jolena Forde

It’s one of our classic matchups that we’ve done on numerous occasions over the past TEN YEARS (yup, as sad as it might sound, we’ve been writing horndogg gossip for 10-frickin’-years!), but the Meaty vs Boney matchup is one our favorites!

In the meaty corner, we have deliciously plump plus-size model Jolena Forde. She was spotted on the set of a music video for Russian rapper GeeGun Denis Ustimenko-Vainstein in Miami Beach.

In the boney corner, we have Australia’s thinnest actress, Ms. Sharni Vinson. The 30-year-old showed off her boney body as she was seen going paddle boarding with friends at Cronulla Beach in Sydney over the weekend.

So, who’s it gonna be?

Sharni Vinson Paddle Boarding In Sydney

Pictured: Sharni Vinson