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Justin Bieber Smiles For Drunken Drag Racing Arrest Mug Shot; First Shower in Jail Scheduled For 1PM EST!


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Justin Bieber continued to play along with his management’s script to make him appear as some douchebag bad-boy. I gotta admit, they’ve done an amazing job at the whole douchebag thing.

So apparently when this dude got pulled over, he didn’t let go of his tough-guy persona, but rather opted for the Reese Witherspoon approach and acted like a pompous asshole–almost as if it’s perfectly alright for celebs to drive around drunk. According to various sources the exchange went something like this:

Justin: “What the fuck did I do? Why did you stop me?”

Officer: You were drag racing drunk on a public street.

We should note that at this time it was 4AM and J.Beebs was caught drag racing in the heart of Miami Beach in a bright yellow Lambo against a dude driving a red Ferrari. These aren’t exactly your average rice rockets going for a joy-ride in a dingy part of the city.

If acting like a complete douchebag wasn’t enough, according to Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez, Justin also revealed “he had consumed some alcohol, and that he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication.”

HA. So, not only is Justin a shameless douchebag, but he’s apparently also really dumb when his hired minions aren’t talking for him.

At the end of the day, Justin’s very lucky he’s worth a lot of money to a lot of people. This latest bad-boy outburst just helps add to his comeback album that will go on to sell millions.

UPDATE: Here are pics of Justin hanging with his dad earlier in the day before he got arrested for drunken drag racing. The dude with the crazy getup is Justin’s friend & rapper Khalil. The 19-year-old was the one driving the red Ferrari and apparently he was also arrested for DUI.

Justin Bieber Spends The Day With His Dad

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Justin Bieber Doing Tough-Guy Poses At His Film’s World Premiere

Justin Biebers Believe World Premiere

We’re only allotted 15-seconds for Justin Bieber posts, so naturally, this post will be very, very quick. These were snapped last night at the big world premiere of the ‘Justin Bieber’s Believe’, which believe it or not, is a 3-D concert film sequel to 2011′s ‘Never Say Never’. His last film went on to make $98 million at the box-office, so let’s see what this one does when it hits theaters on December 25.


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BRAZIL: What The F Is Justin Bieber Wearing?!

Justin Bieber attends the Hollywood TV Brazil launch party

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Is that a leather dress?! Aaaw, how cute!

These were snapped over the weekend (Nov. 3) as Justin Bieber attended the Hollywood TV Brazil launch party at Club Disco in Sao Paulo following one of his big concerts.


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Justin Bieber Brings The Morning Links!

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NYC: Justin Bieber Flexes Douchebag Muscles By Walking Around Shirtless in SoHo

**EXCLUSIVE** Justin Bieber seen out without a shirt in SoHo, New York City

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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If Justin Bieber pulled this same stunt in the 80s or 90s, he’d surely get his ass kicked, but young Jedi Douche walked around shirtless in lower Manhattan yesterday afternoon after giving away his shirt to a passing fan.


You don’t see random-ass celebs walking around giving clothes off their backs to fans. Is Justin that insecure of losing his fans or maybe he’s feeling sorry about getting caught spitting on fans from a hotel balcony in Toronto? On top of spitting incident, drugs were allegedly found on his tour bus as the ‘Believe’ tour traveled across the border back to the US.

Is Justin’s downward spiral gonna this frickin’ slow?! Something big needs to go down, damn it!

Justin Bieber seen out without a shirt in SoHo, NYC 2

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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TORONTO: Justin Bieber Spits On Fans While Chilling With Friends On A Hotel Bikini

**EXCLUSIVE** BALCONY BIEBER! Justin Bieber snaps photos with friends and waved to the crowd from his balcony in Toronto

Note: These pics were snapped Thursday, July 25.

It’s Justin Bieber, so I’m gonna keep this post especially short. The young & wild pop star is currently cruising through his hometown of Toronto while on his seeming never-ending ‘Believe’ world tour.

While chilling with his douchebag friends on the balcony of his hotel room at the Hazelton in Toronto, Justin Bieber spit on unsuspecting fans below on the street. You’d think his days of spitting on people were over consider he’s already in a legal bind after spitting on a neighbor’s face in Los Angeles following a dispute involving J.Beeb’s reckless driving habits.

Unrelated to the spitting incident, Justin’s total-waste-of-money Bat Mobile Cadillac made a cameo appearance near his Toronto hotel. It’s rumored that his leech-daddy was behind the wheel of the matte black ride.

**EXCLUSIVE** Justin Bieber's Bat Mobile Cadillac makes an appearance outside of his Toronto hotel

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Justin Bieber & Lil’ Twist Had A Reckless Departure From Laugh Factory Last Night

WATCH OUT! Justin Bieber apparently side swiped a comedians' car and ran over a photographer's leg and didn't stop as he left the Laugh Factory with best buddy Lil' Twist

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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The two dudes apparently side-swiped a comedian’s car and, believe it or not, ran over a photographer’s foot as they made a quick & reckless exit from Laugh Factory late last night. The hit & run allegations are hard to believe, but I’m sure charges will be filed real quick if J.Beebs indeed ran over somebody’s foot and proceeded to drive away. Justin was accompanied by Lil’ Twist, who was wearing a L.A. Kings hat & black tee with ‘Compton’ written on the front. Damn, Justin’s predictable fall from grace is getting more & more entertaining…

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Which Regrettable Animal Tattoo Will Justin Bieber Get Next?

Justin Bieber Regrettable Zoo Animal Tattoos 1

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the dude’s left arm becoming littered with animal tattoos. We don’t know whether the tats are superstitiously motivated or what, but to Justin’s credit, at least he’s keeping his tats nicely organized. Aside from the animals, a creepy-looking tat of a chick who looks a lot like Selena Gomez sits on his wrist. God damn, kiddy love will make you do some really fucked-up things.

So, what animal should Justin get next? I think J.Beebs is way overdue for a snake or dragon. He should also consider getting a tribal, face tattoo a la Mike Tyson—this should do wonders for his career.

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