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Which Regrettable Animal Tattoo Will Justin Bieber Get Next?

Justin Bieber Regrettable Zoo Animal Tattoos 1

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the dude’s left arm becoming littered with animal tattoos. We don’t know whether the tats are superstitiously motivated or what, but to Justin’s credit, at least he’s keeping his tats nicely organized. Aside from the animals, a creepy-looking tat of a chick who looks a lot like Selena Gomez sits on his wrist. God damn, kiddy love will make you do some really fucked-up things.

So, what animal should Justin get next? I think J.Beebs is way overdue for a snake or dragon. He should also consider getting a tribal, face tattoo a la Mike Tyson—this should do wonders for his career.

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Justin Bieber Apparently Uses Gas Mask To Help Him Breath; Nearly Collapses During O2 Concert

Masked Justin Bieber On A Night Out In London

There are conflicting reports about what exactly happened, but rest assured, Justin Bieber isn’t dead. Yet. The guy is just a product that the music industry is trying to whore to the masses before people grow tired of him, so they’re pushing him to his limits. Literally.

Justin apparently fell twice while performing ‘Beauty and a Beat’ at the O2 earlier this evening and when backstage he complained of breathing issues & the doctors backstage subsequently recommended that he pull the plug on the show. Having already screwed his fans the night before by coming two hours late, he decided to pull his shit together & finish the show.

Justin’s manager Scooter Braun took a break from screwing barely legal groupies & hit the stage to help calm things down…

All this drama is breaking after Justin was spotted heading out of Mr. Chows in London last night wearing a gas mask. Initially people thought it was J.Biebs simply playing a joke on the papz (probably was), but who knows, maybe it’s something serious? We have a feeling he’s slowly approaching the “I don’t give a fuck” phase of his career where he’ll start drinking, doing drugs & openly man-whoring and the same media that pumped him up to the moon will now enjoy watching him crumble. It’s very sad, people eat literally eat this shit up…


LONDON: Justin Bieber’s Wild 19th Birthday Night; Return To Hotel Shirtless & Wasted

Justin Bieber, Ella-Paige Roberts Clark & Justin's Clubbing Bitches

Pictured: Justin Bieber, Ella-Paige Roberts Clark & Justin’s Clubbing Bitches

Believe it or not, the shirtless photo was snapped BEFORE Justin kicked off celebrations for his 19th birthday party. The dude returned shirtless to his hotel following his final gig as an 18-year-old in Birmingham on Thursday night. Apparently it was freezing in London last night, but judging by the expression on his face, you can tell he feels just fine thanks the alcohol & drugs.

When most kids turn 19, they get trashed in the privacy of their own dorm rooms or a house party thrown by older classmates, but when you’re Justin Bieber, you fly yourself to a country where you can legally drink at 18 & more importantly, the age of consent is 16. Justin’s new rumored girl, model & aspiring singer Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke (definitely needs to shorten up that name), is only 17 & was once again spotted out with him as J-Beebs hit up clubs with his ladies & even grabbed kebabs at the Lebanese joint Shishawi (gotta hit this place up next time in London!). Justin’s 19th birthday celebration started with a large number of girls & then as the night went on & it was tine to return to his hotel room at around 6AM, the group kept getting smaller & smalle, ultimately leaving Ella-Paige to sneak her way into Justin’s hotel room.

I wonder what’s going through Selena’s head when she looks at these pics (and yes, she’s definitely looking at them!)? Is she laughing it up or missing the good times? I gotta admit, all the partying does seem like a lot fun, but when you’re in a relationship, you don’t normally return to your hotel shirtless or have the opportunity party countless girls—ultimately to take a few back to the hotel for some private partying in the nude. Don’t forget that, Justin. I finally think Justin’s using his fame & fortune the right way, except he should tone things down just a little because what’s the point of having the Unlimited Lifetime Booty Pass if you die young of a drug overdose or remain unconscious most of the time because you’re an alcoholic?

Since we brought up Selena, let’s do one of our stupid matchups:

Selena Gomez vs Ella-Paige Roberts Clark

LONDON: Justin Bieber Pimps Clothes From His “Please Kick My Ass Right Now” Collection

Justin Bieber Makes An Interesting Fashion Statement

Holy shit. Don’t know if this screams fashion forward or the latest in douche bag metro-sexual wear, but I do know one thing: if all adolescent boys start dressing like this, we have a serious issue on our hands.

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as Justin was spotted leaving his London hotel. The dude was wearing Supra-brand kicks, two watches, purple leopard print MC Hammer pants and a spiked yellow baseball hat. He’s was headed to Birmingham for a concert & reportedly took 17-year-old model Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke back to his hotel for some VIP treatment. I’m sure that news will make Selena real happy.

Here’s a photo of the chick:
Justin Bieber & Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke Photo

This Is The Most Action Justin Bieber Has Ever Seen From Rihanna


We had to dig deep into our archives to find these, but here are a couple photos of Rihanna letting young Justin land a kiss on her cheek during a 2010 Grammy Awards Gift Lounge event. Considering he was 8 when these photos were taken (actually 16), I would be really shocked if anything happened, but considering the entertainment industry is kinda fucked up, there’s a 25% chance that J.Beebs got a piece. Let’s not forget that Justin allegedly knocked-up a chick when he banged her in the bathroom following one of his shows, so it’s possible Rihanna got totally trashed one night & thought she was being used & abused by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, but in reality it was Justin.

These latest allegations come in Life & Style magazine courtesy of one of Selena’s bastardly friends who claims the ultra-gullible Selena, who obviously lives in a fucked-up bubble, called off her two-year relationship with the young pop star after she discovered J.Beebs had previously cheated on her with none other than Rihanna early on in their relationship. Riiiiiight. I’m not saying Rihanna wouldn’t bang J.Beebs, but everyone knows she likes it really rough and crazy and there’s no way in hell that a 17-year-old Justin Bieber can possibly fan the raging flames burning between her legs. It’s simply the dumbest story and we’re shocked that its’ getting so much play.

Not only did Selena’s friend say that the alleged affair “devastated her,” but the “friend” went further & dished more details saying, “It really cut like a knife because it happened in February of 2011, when Selena and Justin had been dating for months and were falling in love. It’s caused Selena to question their entire relationship.


Justin Bieber Walks Around Showing Everyone His Six Pack; Needs Ass Kicked

Justin Bieber Shows Off His Abs

Justin Bieber’s currently vacation in Miami Beach in an attempt to fill ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s void with an army of extremely hot Latinas who’re bussed in from various parts of the city to pleasure the guy every few hours. That sonofabitchwhorebagpieceshitbastard.

The young pop star was spotted playing around with the papz yesterday afternoon. He first showed off his abs & then proceeded to do the tough-guy catwalk near his hotel. I think it’s safe to say that Justin’s begging to get his ass beaten down, assuming anybody can penetrate his crazy security detail consisting of ex-Navy SEALs & Israeli Mosad agents.

Rumor: Justin Bieber Invited Barbara Palvin Over To His L.A. Pad

Hungarian Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin seen posing for photos as she leaves the Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills

The drop dead gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model was seen Making love to the flashing cameras as she made a fashionable exit from Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills. The 19-year-old Hungarian bombshell first hit the headlines last November following the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after she was romantically linked to Justin Bieber. As some of you might remember, Justin scored a gig to perform during the annual lingerie fashion show, so he swooped on the opportunity to bang a Victoria’s Secret model. Who can blame him, right?

Long-story-short, Justin broke up w/ Selena last week for the 48th time and this time they’re both claiming it’s for good (yeah right). While people in Justin’s camp are saying he’s hurt over the breakup, we all know he’s playing the soft card for his fan base, but in reality, he’s probably sandwiched between a couple chicks at this very minute. Barbara was in L.A. this past weekend to enjoy the Golden Globe festivities, so it’s rumored that Justin invited Barbara over his L.A. pad. We’re pretty sure Justin’s invites are a little more interesting than Taylor Swift’s, where she spends most of the time playing the guitar & dabbling in a little scrabble with her “boyfriend” guests. Justin probably takes a couple shots of vodka within minutes of his chicks entering his pad & then heads straight to the bedroom while his hit single “Boyfriend” plays in the background.


Justin Bieber Papparazzo Killed By Car

KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball - Night 2 - Show

“An unidentified photographer was struck just before 6 p.m., walking across Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles.”[THR]

Proof that showbiz is a deadly business, an unidentified photographer was killed yesterday evening in Los Angeles near the Getty Center trying to snap photos of Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari. According to early reports, the photographer was struck by a car as he crossed Sepulveda Boulevard, which if you know Los Angeles traffic is not a spot friendly to pedestrians.

Bieber was not in his car or on the scene at the time, so no word from him yet on the tragedy. No arrests have been made in the case as of this morning.

Justin Bieber & His Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Bring The Links!

Justin Bieber cruising in his Ferrari 458  Italia Spider

Justin Bieber was seen taking his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez back to his place in L.A. earlier this afternoon.

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Here’s my favorite angle…
justin bieber selena gomez 0312

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