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Kate Beckinsale @ 2006 MTV Movie Awards

Kate posing w/ her Click co-star, Mr. Adam Sandler

Who the hell is sleeping w/ this woman these days? She is one sweet piece of ass—even if she’s a chronic chain smoker. I mean, we all have our bad traits, right?

Anyway, after looking @ these snaps, I was surprised to learn that Kate spent upwards of nine hours getting ready for the award show. It’s a pity she spent so much damn time on her hair when she should’ve been scoping out some deliciously scandalous outfits to please her Underworld cult/fanbase. Don’t become a J. Alba, Kate. Embrace your hotness & flaunt it to the world!!

Kate Beckinsale spent nine hours getting the perfect haircut before going to the MTV Movie Awards. The Underworld actress spent an enormous amount of time ensuring she looked her best for the star-studded ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Beckinsale arrived at a leading salon at 11am and did not leave until after 8pm. The British actress, who presented an award at the event, broke up the marathon preening session with regular cigarette breaks.

The 32-year-old star’s preparations clearly paid off – she arrived at the ceremony with a perfect mane of brown hair and posed for cameras in a stunning black trouser outfit with white high heels.

Beckinsale moved to Hollywood to further her acting career, but recently revealed she plans to move back to London so her seven-year-old daughter, Lily, can be educated in England. [Tonight]

2006 MTV Movie Awards: Who Slept With Who AFTER the Show?

Since there’s pretty much a 2-degree sexual separation when it comes to Hollywood stars sleeping with one another, speculation on who did the naked tango with who following the conclusion of this past weekend’s MTV Movie Awards is more than valid. (Ok, maybe not, but who really gives a shit, right? Right.)

If you really think about it from a Bastardly Perspective, these award shows are no more than huge, invite-only brothels catering to the Hollywood elite (female elite included, mind you). It’s a beautiful place where newbie stars attend, not only to be seen, but also to be sexually used & abused by older stars, directors, producers, and agents w/ extensive networks & deep pockets. Now, can you really blame people in power who have learned to abuse their power for their own sexual benefit?! As the bastardly saying goes, “More power to them, baby!”

So yeah, w/ that in hand, please help us fan the flames of superficial speculation by tell us who slept with who

Bastardly Breaking News! Kate Beckinsale Loses Her Kitty Wabbit! Oh My God!

Last I heard, the FBI has dropped all frivolous terrorist cases & is on the hunt*! Let’s hope they can pull through.

For anyone looking to get into Kate’s juicy panties, this is a great time as I’m sure she’s in that overly vulnerable “oh my god, I lost my kitty” state of mind.

Kate, if you never need a hug or someone to hold your hand, please get in touch.

* This is pretty damn old.

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