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Katharine McPhee Remains Unfazed By Age!

Photo Credit: Instagram

Or who knows, maybe these are heavily airbrushed photos from her recent vacation in Mexico. Then again, to Katharine’s credit, you can only airbrush so much. The 33-year-old actress, singer and songwriter has been seen working her A-game while catwalking around. We’re including a few recent photos of Katharine from Instagram below:

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Katherine McPhee States The Obvious: ‘The exploitation of women is abhorrent’

It’s one of those celebrity statements that will probably made a lot of you roll your eyes when you consider how Katharine McPhee gleefully allows the industry to exploit her in order to keep the dollar bills moving through the system (and her various bank accounts). Along with a number of other big names, the 31-year-old filed a suit against various websites demanding that they remove the stolen images and requesting that they shut themselves down. Good luck with the latter, Katharine! Anyway, People magazine got a hold of Katharine for exclusive comments.

“I was hacked sometime in the last few years, and along with other celebrities a few days ago, my private photos were blasted all over some sick and despicable websites,” McPhee tells PEOPLE exclusively. “The photos that are mine I am not ashamed of. I love my body and they were taken for a man I was deeply in love with, or for no one but myself. But what is also truly disgusting is that these sites include photos that do not belong to me, and are not of my body, and I’ve learned this happens continually.”

The Scorpion star seeks unspecified damages and injunctive relief in the documents — in which she’s referred to as “Jane Doe” — obtained by LaWestMedia and alleges that she experienced “horror, shock, shame, mortification, hurt feelings, depression and feelings of powerlessness” following the publication of the images. McPhee claims in the papers that she “had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the photographs on her telephone and iCloud.”

“The constant exploitation of women with no recourse for these websites is absolutely abhorrent,” she continues in her statement. “These sites, which TMZ (thank you so much) brings more light and attention to by calling them out by name (shame on you), should be shut down. Period. The end. Even if you aren’t the one hacking, if you have taken stolen photos and put them on your site, you are an accessory and should be shut down. Laws need to be changed.”

McPhee hopes that all people, public figures and private citizens alike, affected by similar breaches of privacy can find justice.

“I am not perfect,” she continues in her statement. “I never have been and never will be. I try every day to learn to be better and to always live and lead with kindness and love. But no one deserves this kind of intrusion. I have other friends on these sites, images and videos that were stolen and they cannot get taken down. This is not just a celebrity issue. This is a privacy and sex crime issue that affects private citizens as well. I hope other female victims and men for that matter, will help and join me in ending this absurdity. Game on.” Source

Shutting down sites is not only shortsighted since a new crop of sites will come up within days but also sounds very self-serving. If you think about it, celebrities give up a little of their privacy in exchange for their career choice. In order to counter this privacy issue, they can either pay more money for added privacy or simply stop taking nude photos of themselves! Getting hacked is inevitable and let’s face it, it will happen again and again so the only logical solution is to stop giving hackers what they want (nude photos). Judging by how often these hacks occur, I have a feeling there will always be a crop of celebs taking scandalous photos of themselves and of course, there will always be hackers with malicious intent.

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Our Favorites From The Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Party

Jackie Cruz, Stephanie Corneliussen and Vanessa HudgensPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Jackie Cruz, Stephanie Corneliussen and Vanessa Hudgens

If you do a matchup between the viewing parties, I have to admit, I think the Vanity Fair Oscars party had a slight edge simply because it packed more Hollywood A-list star power. Having said that, I think Vanessa Hudgens was one of the sexiest of the after party pack if we were to do a matchup of the top 5.

Post your favorite five from Oscars night—actual red carpet at the Academy Awards or from one of the various parties and we’ll see if we can get another post going w/ a poll once we get a feel for which names deserve the special spotlight.

Amanda Steele, Katharine McPhee, Vanessa Hudgens and Ruby RosePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Amanda Steele, Katharine McPhee, Vanessa Hudgens and Ruby Rose

Lea Michele, Caitlyn Jenner and Andrea Pejic and Petra NemcovaPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Lea Michele, Caitlyn Jenner and Andrea Pejic and Petra Nemcova

Stephanie Corneliussen, Ciara and Unidentified AttendeePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Stephanie Corneliussen, Ciara and Unidentified Attendee

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Favorite Red Carpet Legs at The 2017 Grammy Awards

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

It’s sad that you have a couple women in their 40s taking top honors for showcasing the sexiest legs at last night’s Grammy Awards, but I guess that’s how it goes these days. If we had to choose our favorite—based solely on legs—I think it’s safe to say that Heidi Klum wins. Vote for your favorite pair below and if you don’t agree with any of our choices, post photos of your favorite legs below in the comments.

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Katharine McPhee Works Her Bikini Body in MIami! OW!

Katharine McPhee And Friend At Miami BeachPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Here’s the beautiful Katharine McPhee working her amazing bikini body on the beach in Miami yesterday afternoon with an unidentified male. We should mention that she recently broke up with her “Scorpion” costar Elyes Gabel, so it’s fairly obvious that this dude in the pic is probably dabbling in some great rebound sex.

The 32-year-old beauty, who showed off her toned body in a striped bikini while enjoying a luxurious South Beach vacation, currently stars on the hit CBS drama “Scorpion,” which will have its season three premiere on October 3.

Katharine McPhee And Friend At Miami BeachPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

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MONACO: Katharine McPhee at 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival

56th Monte Carlo TV Festival - Day ThreePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Katharine McPhee is currently enjoying the high life in Monte Carlo, Monaco while she does promotional work for her hit CBS series “Scorpion,” which just wrapped its second season back in April. The actress is attending the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival and these photos were snapped yesterday at the festival’s opening ceremony held at the Grimaldi Forum.

The network recently renewed the series for a third season, so many congrats to Katharine, as well as the rest of the cast & crew.

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Katharine McPhee Takes It Easy While Out & About Beverly Hills

Exclusive... Katharine McPhee Has Lunch In BHPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Singer & actress Katharine McPhee was seen hitting up a nice lunch in Beverly Hills with friends. As per the papz, the 32-year-old looked “rocker-chic in a black leather jacket paired with a flirty pale pink flowy dress.”

For those of you who want a quick sample of Katharine McPhee’s dancing & acting abilities, don’t pass on this clip from her performance of Mystikal’s “Shake It Fast” on Spike’s “Lip Sync Battle”:

Katharine McPhee Smoking Some Fashion Crack in L.A.

EXCLUSIVE: Katharine McPhee spotted leaving Granville Cafe with a friend in Studio CityPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

What the hell is that poncho-looking thing that Katharine McPhee is wearing? The sad thing is that she probably paid a crap load of money for it. Oh well, there’s a lot more money where that came from! These photos wer snapped yesterday afternoon as the 32-year-old actress was seen leaving Granville Cafe with a friend in Studio City.

For those of you missed our previous Katharine post, we should mention the final episode of her hit CBS series “Scorpion” goes down tonight (Monday, April 25), so make sure to set your DVRs (9/8c)

Katharine McPhee Makes The “Scorpion” Season Finale Promo Tour in NYC

Katharine McPhee at the Late Night With Stephen ColbertPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Katharine McPhee is currently making the rounds promoting the season two finale of her CBS series “Scorpion” that airs April 25. It seems people love the show because last month CBS renewed the series for a third season. The 32-year-old actress was spotted leaving Sirius radio wearing a leggy skirt and then later in the day, she glamm’d things up a bit for an appearance on Late Night With Stephen Colbert show at The Ed Sullivan Theater.

Kaley Cuoco Wins Best Golden Globes Award at the Globes After Party

Kaley Cuoco - InStyle And Warner Bros 2016 Golden Globe Awards After Party in Beverly Hills adds-2-1Photo Credit: Own the rights to these photos? Please contact us immediately.

There were a long list of celebs who showed up to the 2016 InStyle & Warner Bros. Golden Globes after party and I’m sure you guys will be very pleased with the attendees. So wait, is Kaley Cuoco single again or what? You can’t walk around like that at a Golden Globes after party not be single, damn it!

Anyway, we’ll get more photos of the ladies up as they become available.

Victoria Justice, Bella Thorne and Selena GomezPhoto Credit: Own the rights to these photos? Please contact us immediately; Victoria Justice, Bella Thorne and Selena Gomez

Nina Dobrev, Katharine McPhee, Olivia Holt and Alexandra DaddarioPhoto Credit: Own the rights to these photos? Please contact us immediately; Nina Dobrev, Katharine McPhee, Olivia Holt and Alexandra Daddario

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