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Kesha Out For A Bike Ride In Santa Monica

KeshaPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Kesha and her boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter were spotted out for a bike ride with some friends in Santa Monica. Kesha playfully gave Brad the double middle fingers before laughing it off and hugging her man. Kesha’s last album “Warrior” was released in 2012, we’re assuming another studio album is in the works. She recently appeared on an episode of “Jane the Virgin”.

Kesha Channels A Little of Old-School Ke$ha At LAX

Kesha Catches A Flight At LAXPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

She just needs to jump inside a tub of glitter and I think she’ll be set. These latest photos were snapped yesterday as Kesha was seen leaving LAX.

I think it’s safe to say that ever since she broke things off with Dr. Luke, her creative juices have suddenly stopped flowing. Members of her team & some of her fans continue to blame Kesha’s ex producer & longtime collaborator as the reason why “Warrior” wasn’t as successful as her debut album. She even tried to blame the guy for the release of her single “Die Young,” which unfortunately came out right when Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut occurred.

I’m not sure how nice & forgiving Dr. Luke is, but I think Kesha will really need to bring back her old A-team if she ever wants to do anything remotely successful again.

Ke$ha Low On Ca$h? Hosts Rehab Party in Vegas

Kesha Hosts The Rehab Pool Party

Here’s singer Kesha (formerly known as Ke$ha) hosting the Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

This is interesting. I always thought celebrities did this type of promotional stuff when they were really pressed for cash, especially ones you thought had a lot of cash. I guess there’s some truth to what Kesha’s former producer Dr. Luke is saying about Kesha & her money-grubbing team around her. For those of you who to catch up on all the drama between Team Kesha & Dr. Luke, read this:

In October 2014, Kesha sued producer Dr. Luke for alleged sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, emotional abuse, and violation of California business practices over their 10 years of working together. She claimed that Dr. Luke repeatedly drugged her, with and without her consent, and that his abuse caused her eating disorder. Kesha asked the court to break her contract with Dr. Luke as well. In response, Dr. Luke filed a countersuit against Kesha for defamation, accusing her, her mother, and her management of fabricating the abuse claims in order to break her contract with him. In November, Dr. Luke asked the judge to dismiss Kesha’s allegations of sexually abusing her. In early December, Dr. Luke filed a defamation lawsuit against Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, accusing him of implications that Luke had raped Lady Gaga. Gaga’s team denied any such incident. Later in December, Luke’s defamation lawsuit took a new turn. His lawyers amended the official complaint which now included a handwritten birthday card from Kesha back in 2009. Luke’s attorney claimed the card is several years after Kesha alleges he started abusing her. Other additions included several emails between Luke and Kesha’s mother, where the latter wrote to him ‘You are part of our family.’. Dr. Luke further accused Jack Rovner, president of Vector Management of “longstanding antipathy” towards him, alleging Rovner wants more money and control of Kesha’s career. Source

Kesha Might Be Back To Smoking Fashion Crack

Kesha Shows Off Her Fashion Choices In NYC

We shouldn’t read too much into this outing since she’s currently attending New York Fashion Week. The singer, who recently ditched her more crazy antics that made her famous, is trying to rediscover a new version of herself. I hate underestimating anyone who can jump into a tub of glitter each night before she hits the stage while on a world tour, so I’m gonna assume Kesha can pull it off.

Yup, Kesha is Still Alive & Well; Continues Showing Off Her Legs

Kesha & Brad Ashenfelter Departing On A Flight At LAX

For the record, this is Kesha V-2.-0, so don’t let the cleaned up appearance surprise you. From what we hear, the new Kesha takes a bath a least once a day, combs her hair, puts on normal looking makeup besides just bathing in glitter, and owns a very professional, albeit leggy-friendly, wardrobe.

For those of you who forgot the original Ke$ha, here’s a reminder:


These latest photos were snapped last night as Kesha & boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter were seen departing on a flight from LAX. In recent “noboy-probably-gives-a-shit-but-we’ll-tell-you-anyway” news, Kesha was at the LA Natural History Musuem over the weekend and accidentally walked out with a T-Rex figure from the gift shop. When security stopped her, she said she thought her assistant payed for it but her assistant thought she paid for the figurine. She kindly returned the T-Rex but officials complained that the figurine had glitter all over it and was ruined.

Kesha 2.0 Photographed Arriving At Her NYC Hotel; Is Trashy Ke$ha Gone For Good?

Kesha arrives at her New York hotel

What kind of career does Kesha plan on having if she can’t be overtly sexualized & trashy? Needless to say, this new cleaned-up version of Kesha will definitely take some time getting used to…

For those of you missed it, earlier this year Kesha not only dropped the dollar sign from her name, but she also changed her Twitter handle from @Ke$haSuxx to the more mature-looking @KeshaRose. We should note that this change stems from an eating disorder! Whatever works, I guess.

Kesha arrives at her New York hotel

WeHo: Kesha Shows Off Her Amazing Legs While Dining At Crossroads Kitchen

Ke$ha Dines Out At Crossroads Kitchen

Ke$ha Dines Out At Crossroads Kitchen

Damn, whatever Kesha & her team are doing behind the scenes, they need to keep it up because she’s looking amazing ever since her big comeback earlier this year after overcoming the eating disorder issues. Judging by she’s showing off her pins, it’s fairly obvious she spends a lot of time on those legs—which is a good thing considering she’s probably not into getting extensive plastic surgery on her face.

As a nod to healthy eating, the “Crazy Kids” singer enjoyed a vegan dinner at Crossroads Kitchen in West Hollywood last night.

And, for those of you who missed the big news, we should mention that Kesha will be one of the “experts” on ABC’s ‘Rising Star’ show. It’s shocking that there’s yet another singing competition reality show, but since people eat this shit up, network execs won’t stop pumping them out!

Here’s more about the new show’s format:

The live talent show for the first time incorporates real-time voting by viewers via an App that is fully integrated into the show. Unlike traditional talent competition series that start off with taped auditions, Rising Star is live from the very beginning, with contestants auditioning with live performances. In every round, viewers vote via the show’s App in real time during the performance, along with the judges, to determine if the singer will advance, which happens if he/she reaches a voting threshold, 70% in Israel. In a twist, the performer is separated from the studio audience and the judges by a translucent floor-to-ceiling LED screen where images of voters at home, taken from their Facebook pages, appear live facing the singer (picture above) who can see how fast the vote tally is growing during the performance for an immediate feedback, making result shows feel “antiquated,” as a person close to Rising Star put it. You can watch how this works below in the performance of one of Rising Star‘s breakout acts, viral stars The Amazing Rabbis. [Source: Deadline]

Ke$ha Dines Out At Crossroads Kitchen

NYC: Kesha Photographed Going Down Curb Near The Bowery Hotel!

Kesha seen leaving The Bowery Hotel in New York City

For those of you who aren’t keeping up Kesha news (we’re guilty of this), we should mention that the 27-year-old singer dropped the dollar sign from her name and also changed her KESHASUXX Twitter handle after her month-long stint in rehab to get treatment for her eating disorder. Here’s more juice from her Wiki:

Kesha’s mother Pebe Sebert confirmed in an interview that the eating disorder Kesha was suffering with is bulimia nervosa and that she had been struggling with it ever since she was signed. She also claimed that Dr. Luke was partly the reason behind the development of Kesha’s eating disorder, saying that he had told her to lose weight after he signed her and allegedly compared the shape of her body to a refrigerator, which caused Kesha’s disorder to worsen.[80] On January 15, Sebert explained to People magazine that Kesha’s disorder was possibly fatal and that her doctor called it “a miracle” that she survived after starving herself.

How convenient! Just put all the blame somewhere else because let’s face it, people prone to eating disorders are perfect!

And, for those of you tired of looking at celebs walking on the grass, why not quench your thirst of seeing pics of celebs performing monotonous tasks by seeing photos of them going up & down curbs? Believe it or not, but we actually have an entire category packed full of ‘Curb Watch’ photos ready for your consumption.

Kesha seen leaving The Bowery Hotel in New York City

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