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Looks Like Zac Efron’s Freaky Girlfriend Went Commando To “Kimmel”

Zac Efron arrives at Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio in LAPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

For all we know, his girlfriend could be wearing a pair of those dangerously short short-shorts, but there’s also the possibility that she’s a total freak & hence opts for the more daring option of going commando. Either way, it looks like Zac got himself another really freaky girlfriend.

Of course, we use the word “girlfriend” under the assumption that this chick isn’t some sort of hired beard used as a marketing chess piece by an enterprising member of Zac’s inner circle of suits.

Anyway, the dude was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote the first of his many releases scheduled for this year. “Dirty Grandpa,” which currently has an 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, also stars Robert DeNiro. Check below for a clip from the Kimmel appearance (other clips here, here & here), as well as the movie trailer.

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Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

[PHOTOS REMOVED UPON REQUEST]Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

There are multiple scenarios playing out behind the scenes after seeing these latest photos of Miranda Kerr and her boyfriend Evan Spiegel visiting a ‘Color Me Mine’ store in Calabasas with her son Flynn, so we’ll go ahead and list them below:

1. Miranda’s vetting Evan as a future father figure to her son Flynn
2. Miranda’s playing hard to get in the bedroom and forcing Evan to jump through hoops
3. Things are going really well on the relationship front, so Evan is finally opening up to Miranda’s son
4. This visit took place either right before sex or after (odds favor the former).

Regardless of what’s going on, according to the papz, all three had a blast and were all smiles as they made their way out of the store.

And, since it was the weekend, we missed these photos of Miranda taking her dog for a walk with a friend & her son Flynn:

[PHOTOS REMOVED UPON REQUEST]Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Russell Simmons Unwinds From RushCard Drama With Hot Girlfriend

Russell Simmons and girlfriend seen outside of Craig's in West HollywoodPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Russell Simmon’s RushCard appears to be working just fine seeing how he was out enjoying a nice dinner at Craig’s in West Hollywood with his latest play-thing.

You can’t say the same about all his RushCard customers. As some of you guys may have heard, Russell Simmons was recently caught in a tornado of drama when his payment services company RushCard suffered a prolonged outage, which forced its customers, mainly comprising of the low-wage earners who don’t have (or can’t get) a bank account, to go without having access to their hard-earned money. Here’s more about RushCard’s customer base (as well as the outage):

RushCard caters to customers who either don’t use banks (the “unbanked”), or who use banks in conjunction with nonbank financial services such as payday loans or check-cashing companies (the “underbanked”).

These consumers are disproportionately poor — a 2013 FDIC report found that half of households making less than $15,000 were either unbanked or underbanked, compared with 7% of American households overall.

As such, prepaid debit customers likely have little to no savings cushion, and immediately faced financial consequences from not being able to access their paychecks. We’re talking losing electricity, missing car payments or facing eviction. (Source: Bankrate.com)

BREAKING!! Eddie Murphy Makes A Solo Coffee Bean Run!

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy Stops For CoffeePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

We’re big Eddie fans, so we go out of our way to make sure we don’t miss any of his coffee runs—even when he leaves his girlfriend Paige Butcher at home. The actor & comedian was spotted hitting up a Coffee Bean in Studio City for his daily pick-me-up.

Here’s a video of Eddie receiving some award & making fun of Bill Cosby in his speech. I forgot that Eddie does a great Cosby!

Here’s an old audio clip of Eddie making fun of Bill Cosby during one of his stand-up shows:

Newly Single Olivier Martinez Went On A Sugar-Baby Prowl On His Motorcycle

Exclusive... Newly Single Olivier Martinez Out For A CruisePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

We’re going to assume Olivier Martinez will shoot for a sugar baby requiring far lower maintenance costs than somebody like Halle Berry, but it’s really up in the air at the moment. We should note that his relationship history is littered with A-list names, so who wants to take a guess?

These were snapped yesterday as the newly single actor went out for a cruise on his motorcycle. In impending-divorce-related news, Halle’s PR peeps are trying to sell the story that the breakup was rooted by Olivier’s explosive temper and poor Halle is the victim in all this drama (again). All this time, I thought Halle was the crazy & angry one, but then again, to Halle’s credit, Olivier did punch-out Halle’s ex-sugar babybaby-baby-daddy a couple years ago during Thanksgiving.

Pimp Daddy Floyd Mayweather Chills Poolside In A Versace Robe in Miami

EXCLUSIVE: Floyd Mayweather eats Twizzlers while wrapped in a bright red and gold Versace robe poolside in MiamiPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Whenever I see Floyd Mayweather working his mojo, Dave Chappelle’s famous quote, “I’M RICH, BIIIATCH!” plays on repeat in my head. I gotta admit, a Floyd Mayweather reality TV show would kick some serious ass! Here’s a clip from one of the “Chappelle Show” episodes:

These latest photos were snapped over the weekend as world-famous boxer Floyd Mayweather was seen nibbling on Twizzlers while wrapped in a bright red & gold Versace-printed robe at his Miami hotel. The retired boxing star had a captive audience this afternoon at the ultra-luxurious Fontainebleau hotel as he munched on red licorice and hung out with his huge entourage of security and friends. And, as expected, he later appeared with a wad of cash from his private cabana. And finally, in somewhat sad news, Floyd reportedly lost some luxury cars last week to a fire as they were being transported from Las Vegas to Miami, Bentley, they included a customized jeep, and 2 Rolls Royce cars.

Leonardo DiCaprio Bikes Around NYC With A Mystery Girl

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardo DiCaprio spotted out riding Citi bikes with a mystery girl and other friends in NYCPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Accompanying Leo were his entourage of buddies. The 40-year-old actor seems to be taking it easy during New York Fashion Week as he was spotted cruising around on a Citi Bike with friends. We’re pretty sure Leo’s nights are packed as he sits holed up in random VIP rooms across lower Manhattan vetting prospective girlfriend candidates for the coming fall/winter season.

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardo DiCaprio spotted out riding Citi bikes with a mystery girl and other friends in NYC

Nikki Sixx Hits Miami Beach w/ Sugar Baby Courtney Bingham

Nikki Sixx & Courtney Bingham Enjoy A Beach Day In MiamiPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

56-year-old ‘Motley Crue’ rocker Nikki Sixx appears to be still living it up with his 29-year-old wife Courtney Bingham. The happy couple (for now) were seen enjoying a nice day at the beach in Miami yesterday afternoon.

After dating for a few years, they tied the knot last year in March. Even though the guy already has four children with two previous marriages with former Playboy Playmates, he still wants to have more kids. Who knows, maybe he loves writing alimony checks?!

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