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Broncos take care of Raiders; preparing for week 14


Most people were preparing last night’s game to be a blowout and that is pretty much what happened. From the first quarter, it was all Denver and even when it looked like the Raiders were going to make some sort of comeback it was stalled. The past few weeks Peyton Manning carried the offense but this week RB Knowshon Moreno contributed a solid running performance as the Broncos cruised to a 26-13 victory over the Raiders. It wasn’t a memorable performance by Manning but it did have a significance as he completed his 5,000th pass in his NFL career. Quite the milestone, second all-time but it’s going to be tough to catch Favre’s record of 6,300 completions. As for the Raiders, well they kept the game close for a few minutes after a touchdown catch by RB McFadden but every time they had some sort of momentum there was a costly penalty of turnover.

Best/worst games of this weekend: I’m going to leave out the obvious choice of the mammoth Monday night game. I’m looking at the Bears-Vikings game closely as Chicago is in a bit of a rut and Minnesota is a team desperately trying to save their playoff hopes alive. It’s a similar scenario in the Ravens-Redskins game plus, I would like to see how RG3 does against that defense. I’d also keep a close eye on Saints-Giants and Lions-Packers, both with shootout potential. Game to avoid all costs: initially it was clearly Chiefs at Browns but I feel that those two teams will give it some heart. So we’re going with the Jets visiting the Jaguars as the game to avoid at all costs.

Quick NBA tangent: Alright Moe, your Knicks are a top 5 team in the NBA right now. The way the 3s are falling for New York, they’re practically unbeatable and they looked the part last night as they routed the Heat in Miami. Consequently, Bryan’s Lakers are still in a tailspin out west but only time will tell if they can get it together because the Thunder and Grizzlies look like the absolute class of the western conference.