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Kristen Stewart Jets From LAX Without Her Scissor-Buddy

Kristen Stewart Catches A Flight At LAX

We should note that Alicia Cargile is Kristen Stewart’s rumored scissor-buddy, so it’s not something that’s confirmed or anything. Certain sources are even going as far as to say that Kristen recently (and very secretly) married Alicia in response to Robert Pattinson’s wedding plans with fiance FKA twigs (also known as Tahliah Debrett Barnett).

The dude has been this chick for about eight months and already wants to get married—what the fuck is wrong him? I’m sorry, but you don’t marry chicks named FKA twigs. You don’t marry chicks like Kristen Stewart, either. Then again, if you’re a dude in Robert Pattinson’s blessed position, marriage shouldn’t be in the cards at least until you’re in your late 70s or early 80s.

Kristen Stewart & Scissor-Buddy Alicia Cargile Take A Coffee Break

Exclusive... Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Get A Morning Coffee

Wait a minute, I thought the bisexual rumors were just?!? So this chick actually swings both ways or is this simply an act/temporary phase/something to do until Robert Pattinson comes back to her? It’s Hollywood, so I guess from a career standpoint, it can’t possibly hurt Kirsten.

Whatever the case, actress Kristen Stewart was seen cruising around with her rumored girlfriend Alicia Cargile in L.A. yesterday afternoon. As if the scissoring rumors aren’t enough, there are also rumors that Kristen & Alicia recently got hitched after Kristen couldn’t convince her ex Robert Pattinson to come back to her. Oh boy, sounds like someone’s having a hard time moving on…

Exclusive... Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Get A Morning Coffee

Kristen Stewart Takes A Shot At MoeJackson While Out For Coffee

Kristen Stewart steps out in LA to get some coffee

These were snapped earlier today as Kristen Stewart was seen hitting up a coffee joint with a friend in L.A.

Since we live inside a bubble where we have no idea what’s going on in the celebrity world, over the next few posts we’ll make the safe assumption that celebs are also concerned about the dire state of our site. We’re officially roaming around Planet Desperate, but hopefully we can work through some of the major bugs this weekend be up & running by Monday.

As always, keep us in your prayers.

Androgynous Kristen Stewart Channels Her Inner Edward Furlong in NYC

Kristen Stewart wears all white while arriving at the Greenwich Hotel, after making an appearance at The Today Show, in New York City

What’s up with K-Stew rocking such an androgynous look lately? When I first saw the pics, I really thought it was Edward Furlong a la ‘Terminator 2′ days (before he went crazy), but I guess if you stare long enough, you can also see glimmers of Justin Bieber.

These new photos were snapped earlier this morning as Kristen catwalked her way back to the Greenwich Hotel after making an an appearance on NBC’s ‘Today’ to discuss her role in the new film “Still Alice.” Her co-star Julianne Moore scored an Oscar nomination in the Best Actress category for her role as a Columbia linguistics professor diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Kristen Stewart wears all white while arriving at the Greenwich Hotel, after making an appearance at The Today Show, in New York City

Kristen Stewart Lives On The Wild Side; Cuts Through Grass In Los Feliz!

Exclusive... Kristen Stewart Makes A Morning Coffee Run

Apologies to all you lovers of our Celebrity Grass Watch category, but it appears our frequent posts featuring celebs walking on dying L.A. grass was actually keeping celebs OFF the grass (feel free to Paypal “thank you” money, property owners!). With the recent record rains, I think we might see a resurgence of celebs taking to cutting corners while going about their daily affairs. Time will tell.

So yeah, the latest rumors are that Kristen Stewart might be bisexual because she’s been spending a lot of time with BFF Alicia Cargile. Why dig deep into a friendship between two chicks when you can simply play the lesbo card? Kristen is reportedly still smitten with her ex Robert Pattinson and doesn’t believe his new relationship with FKA Twigs will last. A snitchy-friend close to Kristen claims that she “is convinced this is just a fling. [FKA Twigs] will grow tired of Rob within half-a-year.”

Robert Pattinson needs to screw this FKA Twigs chick and sleep with Kristen’s BFF Alicia Cargile. Now that would be a great way to get revenge…

Kristen Stewart at “Still Alice” Audi Special Screening

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was amongst the celebrities attending AFI FEST 2014 Presented By Audi Special Screening Of “Still Alice” at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The film is based on Lisa Genova’s 2007 bestselling novel of the same name and stars Julianne Moore as Alice, a Columbia cognitive psychologist diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Alec Baldwin plays her husband John. Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and Hunter Parrish play her children Lydia, Anna, and Tom. Look for wide-release in theaters on January 16, 2015.

BREAKING!! Kristen Stewart Buys TWO Packs Of Smokes!

Exclusive... Kristen Stewart Stops To Grab Some Smokes

Is it just a style thing or is Kristen just go from casual smoker to straight-up chain smoker within a few weeks?

I feel like the habit kicked into high gear earlier in the month as more & more news released about Robert Patinnson’s happy-go-lucky relationship with 26-year-old singer FKA Twigs.

So yeah, we Wiki’d FKA Twigs and learned that her actual name is Tahliah Barnett, so I wonder what Robert calls her? ‘F’ or maybe ‘KA’ or ‘Twiggie’ or “Tahl”? Anyone want to take a guess?

Kristen, who recently revealed that she wants to take a break from acting to focus on other art forms, can be seen with some paint stains on her hands. It looks like Kristen has already begun to make some art!

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Kristen Stewart Ups Her Coolness Factor By Smoking A Cigarette

Exclusive... Kristen Stewart Enjoys A Smoke Break

Kristen is just a tear-drop face tat away from completing her edgy/grunge-when-I-feel-like-it, ultra-emo look. It’s just nice to know that Kristen’s keepin’ it real & has yet to jump on the e-cig bandwagon.

These photos were snapped yesterday afternoon before the actress headed into a studio in Los Angeles.

In other Kristen news, the 24-year-old addressed some of her haters in a recent interview saying, “I’m sure there are a ton of people out there who would hate [all] my movies. Just as I’m sure there are people out there who are obsessed with Twilight and say, ‘I watched the series, and she completely let me down, and then I watched every one of her other movies, and I fucking hate her!’ And that’s cool! Just don’t watch my movies.”

So, does that mean Kristen Stewart thinks she’ll one day win an Academy Award for Best Actress? Let’s hope that’s not the case.

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