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Kristen Stewart Hits The Cover of Entertainment Weekly Mag

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Stephenie Meyer: Inside the ‘Twilight’ Saga

During one mad summer, while her husband and three young boys slept, Stephenie Meyer wrote a mountain of pages about a heady romance between a smart 17-year-old girl and a handsome god of a vampire. Mystified as to how a nice housewife living in Phoenix goes about cracking the New York publishing world, she joined a small writers’ group of cozy, supportive women who were working on trivia books, Hallmark cards, and song lyrics. On a lark, she’d gotten up the nerve to contact a handful of literary agents whose names she’d found online, sending them each a tease about Twilight. [EW.com]

Kristen Stewart @ 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Twilight Teaser Trailer: starring Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

The story behind Twilight is about 17-year-old Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart, who has to move with her father to Forks, Washington. When the teen moves to this small town she finds herself drawn to Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson. The young lad is a very mysterious and pale classmate who just pushes Bella away, but neither of them can deny that they both have an attraction for each other which eventually ends up bringing them together. Source


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