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Nicki Minaj’s Pink Lamborghini Aventador To Appear At L.A. Auto Show

Nicki Minaj's Pink Lamborghini Aventador

You could spot this thing from miles away, but we figured we’d give a heads up anyway to those of you planning to hit up the Los Angeles Auto Show this weekend.. With her hot pink Bentley, Nicki Minaj is certainly working on quite a collection. Which luxury car will she going to shit on next? With a reported net worth of roughly $45 million, the sky is the limit…
Nicki Minaj's Pink BentleyCLICK TO SEE MORE PICS!

Kanye Unfazed By Racial Profiling At Barneys NY; Hits Store Wearing Jeezus Jacket With Confederate Flag Patch!

Kanye West leaving Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, wearing his Yeezus Tour flight jacket and driving away in his Lamborghini Aventador

You’d think Kanye of all people would temporarily blacklist Barneys New York from his list of high-end stores where he shops following recent allegations of racial profiling, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as he was seen stepping out of the luxury department store & getting into his Lamborghini Aventador.

Kanye can be seen doing some self-promotion as he pimps his Yeezus Tour, which is currently rolling through various US & Canadian cities. The tour kicked off in Seattle on October 19 & ends December 13 in Anaheim.

Kanye West leaving Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, wearing his Yeezus Tour flight jacket and driving away in his Lamborghini Aventador

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Kanye Hits Cruises Around L.A. With His Dad Ray West In His Lamborghini Aventador

Kanye West At A Business Meeting In Beverly Hills

God damn, how awesome is that ride? I don’t know if it’s worth $750K, but it looks pretty damn sweet nonetheless.

Kanye was seen stopping off Luckman Plaza in West Hollywood over the weekend (Saturday, Oct. 12) for what appears to be a business meeting with none other than his dad Ray West. We’re not exactly sure, but I think it’s safe to assume the two were headed to chill at the members-only Soho House, which is located in the top two floors of the building.

Kanye West At A Business Meeting In Beverly Hills

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Rapper Tyga Flexes His Pimp Muscles & Cruises Around In A White Lambo

**EXCLUSIVE** Rapper Tyga fills up his Lamborghini at a gas station in Calabasas

Aside from cruising around in his sweet-ass Lambo, it also appears as if Tyga, who’s real name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, gets his bodyguard/friend to fill the tank for him. I guess that’s one of the conditions if you wanna roll with the guy. I don’t know, I feel like I’d be down simply because it definitely beats filling up a 2007 Honda Fit and cruising around by myself. Plus, just think about all the dirty seconds that will get thrown in your direction, even though Tyga is a temporarily engaged man. We’re assuming rappers are like basketball players when it comes to relationships, right?

These pics were snapped yesterday in Calabasas, where the 23-year-old rapper owns a $6.5 million pad that he shares with his fiance Blac Chyna & their one-year-old son King Cairo Stevenson. Yes, that’s the little dude’s actual name—how frickin’ pimp is that? My only question is whether he’ll go by just King or King Cairo? Both sound pretty damn awesome, to say the least.

**EXCLUSIVE** Rapper Tyga fills up his Lamborghini at a gas station in Calabasas

Game Films “All That” Music Video, Sponsored by Hennessy, Stelle Audio Couture, PresidentialRX

game-jeremih-music-video-070213 (1)
Photos courtesy of SunOfHollywood.com

Sponsored by PresidentialRX, Hennessy and The Pillar By STELLÉ Audio Couture, Game filmed the music video for his new single “All That (Lady)” which samples D’Angelo’s “Lady”. The song also features Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous and Jeremih. In these shots, we show Game along with Big Sean and Jeremih; Lil Wayne and Fabolous are filming their segments on a later date. In addition Stat Quo makes an apperance in the video too. By the way, the female love interest in the video (wearing the red top) is Christina Santini.

A few things you’ll notice as you flip through the Gallery is that the PresidentialRX Pre-Roll joint is seen in Game’s hands, and their Hash Oil Infused Marijuana Rolled in Keef also shows itself on a table. Also, what better way to get a party going than with some bottles of Hennessy seen at the party. In addition, you’ll see The Pillar by STELLÉ Audio Couture, one of each nightstand by Game in bed.

Directed by Ben Griffin, Produced by Jay Tauzin, the video will also will be Edited by Vinnie Hobbs who just finished editing Ace Hood and Lil Wayne’s “We Outcha”.

game-jeremih-music-video-070213 (2)
Photos courtesy of SunOfHollywood.com

And since we’re in the business of pointing out the details, we gotta give some love to Game for rocking his Jordan V “Grapes” and his Jordan XI Low White/Black-True Red. Also, check out the rides they got for the shoot, a couple Lamborghinis, a Fisker Karma, Rolls Royce, and a Mercedes-Benz to top it off. And finally, what better way for Game to refresh his thirst during these long shoots than by having a cool beverage by Coca-Cola. Product placements galore, that’s the business end of your favorite Hip Hop music videos!

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye Apparently Had A Big Fight During V-Day Dinner

Exclusive - Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Out on Valentine's Dinner Date

Since the couple love their steaks & ribs, they hit up Lawry’s in Beverly Hills to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner. So much for that idea b/c it’s rumored that just 50 minutes into their dinner, guests heard some bickering at their table & then a few minutes later both Kim & Kanye were out the restaurant getting into their waiting Lambo.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Kanye performs during the pregnancy since he’s used to doing whatever the fuck he wants and not taking shit from anybody. Let’s face it, right when Kim got knocked up, the relationship dynamics shifted & Kim officially holds all the cards. All you single guys who think they’re experts in “pulling out” better keep that in mind.

As for the Kim & Kanye’s ride of choice. They can kiss the Lamborghini in a month or so when Kim will find it impossible to fit all her bumps (baby, booty & boobies) inside such a small space. Maybe they should invest in one of those Mercedes-Benz vans that Beyonce rolls around in when she’s with her baby-doll?

Exclusive - Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Out on Valentine's Dinner Date

VS Photo Shoot Matchup: Black Lambo vs Behati Prinsloo vs Candice Swanpoel

Candice Swanepoel & Behati Prinsloo

So any of you gear heads out there know what kind of Lamborghini’s burning rubber behind Candice? All photos were snapped on the set of a new Victoria’s Secret shoot on Friday afternoon on the streets of Miami Beach. If I haven’t said it before, I really think South Beach is the place to be if you’re extremely rich & single. God damn!

And of course, in case you missed our earlier post: Candice, Alessandra, & Lais Filming Sexy Victoria’s Secret Commercial

Chris Brown Took His Rented Lamborghini Aventador For A Spin in Paris

Troubled singer Chris Brown leaves his hotel in Paris, France and drives to his concert venue in a white Lamborghini.

Camera-whore-extraordinaire Chris Brown was potted leaving his Paris hotel & driving off in a sweet-ass Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 to his concert venue earlier today. The dude actually owns one of these $750K bad-boys back home in Los Angeles, so when he’s not boning Rihanna or that other chick, you can bet your ass that he has a line of chicks waiting impatiently for a quick ride…

A seemingly bullshit report on HollywoodLife.com states that Chris Brown is set to wed his on/off girlfriend Rihanna this New Year’s Eve! We’re pretty sure it’s another one of those crazy publicity stunts or maybe Rihanna is truly smoking crack? Who knows?! Then again, this is the same chick who recently asked her record company for time off so she could have a baby, so anything is possible. I guess she needs to really get beaten up to the point of no-return (God forbid) in order for her to realize that Chris Brown is still the same guy he was a few years ago.
Chris Brown Heads To His Concert In Style

Rice Chaser Ron Artest Shows Off His Girlfriend Shin Shin & His Lambo! OW!

Rice Chaser Ron Artest Shows Off His Girlfriend Shin Shin & His Lambo! OW!Photo Credit: WENN

Who would’ve guessed that Ron Artest of all people had a thing for Asian chicks?! I’m happy for the guy and I know he has a mental condition for which he’s getting treated, but nonetheless, he’s a crazy-ass mother fucker on & off the court.

Having said that, this Shin Shin chick is obviously really smart b/c why the hell wouldn’t you want to frickin’ date an NBA basketball player—especially someone like Ron Artest?!? Judging by his passion level, he probably treats her like a frickin’ queen and showers her with cash, gifts & exotic vacations, but we’re pretty sure Shin Shin pays for it behind closed doors. Knowing how Ron Artest ticks, we’re pretty sure he’s freakishly kinky in the sack—yes, he’s probably into exactly what you’re thinking! If white dudes with Asian fetishes are kinky beyond explanation, just think about a 6’7″ black dude! I gotta admit, all this speculation makes me very curious. OW!

These latest photos were snapped earlier in the week as Ron & Shin Shin (real name: Gao Xinxin) were spotted leaving Toast Bakery in West Hollywood after having lunch. Ron, who was wearing a Mr. Pink Energy Drink shirt, packed his woman into his sweet-ass Lamborghini & jetted away! I know he made around $7 million last year, so let’s hope he’s saving some of it for retirement in a few years b/c Los Angeles can be an very evil when it comes to stealing away millions from not-so-bright NBA stars.
Rice Chaser Ron Artest Shows Off His Girlfriend Shin Shin & His Lambo! OW!Photo Credit: WENN

AnnaLynne McCord & Shenae Grimes on location for “90210” in Santa Monica

AnnaLynne McCord, Shenae GrimesPhoto Credit: WENN, FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: AnnaLynne McCord, Shenae Grimes

The sexy ladies of 90210 were spotted on location in Santa Monica. AnnaLynne McCord, Shenae Gimes, and Jessica Lowndes were filming some scene where AnnaLynne bends over showing off that flat round rear end, if such a thing can exist. Sorry but Jessica got no love in this post; guess the paparazzi didn’t think she was doing anything noteworthy enough to get their attention. Well, and Shenae was just being Shenae but atleast we got some decent shots of her legs. Obviously, as with the direction of the show, it’s all about AnnaLynne and why not? Even with those skin and bones she still finds a way to ooze some sex appeal, the type that makes you assume that her bedroom antics are beyond your imagination. The new season of 90210 premieres on October 8th at 8/7c on CW.

AnnaLynne McCord, Shenae GrimesPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: AnnaLynne McCord Bending Over a Lamborghini

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