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Lana Del Rey Performs at the Glastonbury Festival 2014; Hangs In Portofino, Italy With Her New Man

Glastonbury Festival 2014

Pictured: Lana Del Rey with Vogue Photographer Francesco Carrozzini in Portofino, Italy

There were doubts about Lana Del Rey’s breakup with Barrie-James O’Neill, but Lana’s recent cozy outing in Portofino, Italy with Vogue photographer Francesco Carrozzini pretty much confirms that the singer is dabbling in new love—this time, it’s Italian-flavored. The duo are spotted enjoying an ice cream cone, shopping and sharing a passionate kiss while watching the USA vs Belgium World Cup match at a bar nearby.

Aside from cruising around town, the couple also enjoyed some kayaking while at the beach. I hate to say this, but Lana definitely needs to work on tightening up her bikini body. The two photos we found show that there’s room for a lot of work.

Lana Del Rey in a Bikini on Vacation in Italy adds---1-12897

Lana enjoying a nice vacation with her new man in Italy.

Glastonbury Festival 2014 - Performances - Day 3

Pictured: Lana performs at the Glastonbury Festival 2014 in the U.K.

Lana Del Rey Has Fun At The Beach On The Set Of Her New Music Video!

EXCLUSIVE: Lana Del Rey gets wet and wild with  some hot young guys as she films her new new music video on the beach in Marina Del Rey

Lana Del Rey had a wet day at the office yesterday afternoon as the 27-year-old singer was seen filming her new music video on the beach in Marina Del Rey. The singer, who hit it big back in 2011 with her single ‘Video Games’, was spotted splashing around wearing ripped jeans, a see-thru white t-shirt and white bra.

Lana appeared to be having a great time while laughing and joking around with her co-stars and crew. For those of you who missed the news, one possible source of her happiness might be linked to her recent announcement that she got engaged to boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill. Once Lana completes her soon-to-be painful trip through married life, look for her to drop another hit album.

EXCLUSIVE: Lana Del Rey gets wet and wild with  some hot young guys as she films her new new music video on the beach in Marina Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Might Need To Do More Than Just Smoke Cigarettes To Maintain Her Figure

Lana Del Rey in shorts visits Bruno Cafe in Los Angeles ADDS-1

Granted, she’s obviously very confident seeing how she can catwalk around wearing short-shorts, so maybe L.A.’s superficiality hasn’t completely rotted her brain and she doesn’t feel the need to jump on a 250 calorie per day diet (just yet). These were snapped earlier this week as singer Lana Del Rey was spotted enjoying a smoke as she left a Bruno Cafe location in Los Angeles.

So, what do you guys think? Does Lana need to compliment her smoking habit with some dieting and excising or is she just fine the way she is? I’m kinda diggin’ the squishiness, but maybe I need to chug a few more cups of coffee…

Lana Del Rey Gives Mickey Mouse A Shoutout in L.A.

**EXCLUSIVE** Lana Del Rey gets in touch with her inner kid with a Mickey Mouse shirt and backwards hat as she heads to a friends house in Los Angeles

Lana Del Rey, who wrapped her Paradise Tour back in June, is currently holed up in Santa Monica working on her third album (more on that below). These latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as the ‘Young & Beautiful’ singer was seen rocking a backwards hat, Mickey Mouse top, short-shorts & black boots as she walked over to a friend’s house in Los Angeles. The last time we posted her, Lana was house hunting, but we don’t know how that search ended. We’re assuming she has the money to find a sweet spot in Los Angeles.

As for her upcoming third album, Lana dropped hints in a BBC interview earlier this year (via her Wiki):

“It’s a little more stripped down but still cinematic and dark. I’ve been working on it really slowly but I love everything I’ve done. I’ve been writing in Santa Monica and I know what the record sounds like. Now I just have to finish it. Musically I’ve worked with the same three guys,” she said. She mentioned that one of the songs off the album would be called “Black Beauty”, and she already knows what the music video for it is going to look like.

Lana Del Rey Nearly Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction While House Hunting!

Lana Del Rey Goes House Hunting-Nearly Suffers Upskirt Wardrobe Malfunction 1

Singer Lana Del Rey was spotted wearing very little, if any, makeup while out house hunting in Los Angeles over the weekend. We’re used to seeing her cruising around various parts of Europe, but I guess she finally earned enough cash so that she can bag a sweet spot in Los Angeles.

Completely unrelated, here’s the leaked Lana Del Rey track “So Legit” that’s making the rounds around the net in which she apparently disses Lady Gaga. The track leaked on July 23, but was made sometime in either 2009 or 2010. Centering around Gaga’s runaway success in 2008/2009, Lana makes reference to the Gaga’s birth name Stefani in the track, singing: “Stefani, you suck, I know you’re selling 20 million/ Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg.” Listen to the track directly below…

L.A.: Lana Del Ray Films Music Video; Shows Off Regrettable Tats

Lana Del Ray Films a Music Video in Skimpy Clothing

Lana Del Ray Films a Music Video in Skimpy Clothing

Considering she’s been hopping around Europe for the past year, I’m pretty surprised to see Lana Del Ray actually filming her new music video in Los Angeles. The “Video Games” singer rocked daisy dukes, showing off her full body and exposing a couple tats including a handgun on the left side of her torso & a large tattoo under her bellybutton that reads “Trust No Bitch.” I’m hoping the latter tat is a fake one they drew in just for the music video.

We should note that the music video director on the set was Anthony Mandler, who’s a frequent collaborator with Rihanna, so the risque nature of the video shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Lana Del Ray Films a Music Video in Skimpy Clothing 2A

66th Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony & ‘The Great Gatsby’ Screening

 Catherine Martin, Elizabeth Debicki, Baz Luhrmann, Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amitabh Bachchan, and Isla Fisher

Pictured: Catherine Martin, Elizabeth Debicki, Baz Luhrmann, Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amitabh Bachchan, and Isla Fisher

As we mentioned earlier in the afternoon, the famous red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival was rolled out ahead of tonight’s big opening ceremony. Walking on the red carpet were A-list members of the jury which included names like Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, & Christoph Waltz. Before the opening ceremony festivities went down, all jury members & guests were treated to a screening of ‘The Great Gatsby’, which already had a very successful opening last weekend at the box-office.

Below are a selection of our favorite fashionable ladies on the red carpet. It’s nice to see singer Lana Del Rey, who’s behind the film’s hit single ‘Young & Beautiful’, made a rare red carpet appearance. For those of you who haven’t done so already, make sure you check out the film’s soundtrack, which features tunes by Jay-Z, will.i.am, Kanye & others. It’s definitely one of the better soundtracks in a while.

Isla Fisher, Tanya Dziahileva, Nicole Kidman, Lana Del Rey, Bai Ling & Freida Pinto

Pictured: Isla Fisher, Tanya Dziahileva, Nicole Kidman, Lana Del Rey, Bai Ling & Freida Pinto

Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young & Beautiful':

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MILAN: Lana Del Rey & Melissa George – Both Very Sexy at the Versace Fashion Show

Milan Fashion Week - Versace Show

Milan Fashion Week - Versace Show

Pictured: Lana Del Rey & Melissa George

For all you poor robots out there, Milan Fashion Week is going down right now in Italy, so naturally, a lot of deep pockets are catwalking through various fashion shows at all times of the day. Of course, yesterday’s Versace show was no exception as it is always one of the highlights of any Fashion Week. Aside from fashion industry big-doggs like Anna Wintour meticulously analyzing each dress from her spot in the front row, singer Lana Del Rey & model Melissa George caught our eye as two of the sexiest ladies in attendance. What’s up with Lana these days anyway? Did she relocate from the U.S. to Europe or what? And, does she have a follow-up hit to ‘Video Games’.

Oh yeah, Janet Jackson was also there w/ her billionaire sugar daddy, Wissam Al Mana.

Milan Fashion Week - Versace Show

Pictured: Wissam Al Mana & Janet Jackson. We should note that these two have a $20 million wedding planned for this spring and rumor has it that Janet would receive $500 million if the couple ever divorced after five years, as apart of prenuptial agreements. I think that might be a better deal than Beyonce’s prenup w/ Jay-Z.

BREAKING!! Lana Del Rey Avoids Puddle As She Goes Up London Curb!

Cute American singer Lana Del Rey seen taking time to greet her fans many of whom brought flowers and gifts while arriving to the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London

Lana Del Rey was seen showing her fans some love as she arrived at the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London for an interview. She was greeted with loyal fans who brought flowers & gifts for the New York City-born 26-year-old, up & coming singer. Lana was wearing blue jeans & showed off two regrettable tattoos on her hands (not pictured), one reading “Trust no one” and the other saying “Paradise,” which is the name of her new album.

So, who the hell banished this chick to Europe b/c I haven’t seen her doing much promotional work on this side of the pond for a while now. I guess it’s easier for Lana to strike lucrative marketing deals over in Europe than it is in the US. Earlier this summer she modeled & recorded a cover version of the popular 195s anthem “Blue Velvet” for H&M’s 2012 Autumn Campaign. A couple months back, Jaguar execs announced that the singer would endorse their new F-Type coupe, which she unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September. Jaguar’s marketing exec explained that Lana had a “unique blend of authenticity and modernity” and that was the reason behind choosing her. At first I thought she was all music, all the time, but judging by these marketing deals, that’s obviously not the case.

Fashionable Red Carpet @ 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards

Alicia Keys, Carly Rae Jepsen, Heidi Klum, Isabeli Fontana

(L>R): Alicia Keys, Carly Rae Jepsen, Heidi Klum, Isabeli Fontana

Following up on the previous post where we successfully analyzed the preferred first step of Louise Roe, Heidi Klum, and Carly Rae Jepsen, in addition to their mic holding technique, here’s some of the red carpet from the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. As we already noted, everyone’s favorite Taylor Swift won three awards while Carly Rae Jepsen took home two awards. Click here for a list of all the winners. For more info, visit the 2012 MTV EMA website.

Kim Kardashian, Lana Del Rey, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift

(L>R): Kim Kardashian, Lana Del Rey, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift

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Santa Monica: Jaime King Was The Hottest Attendee At Lana Del Rey’s Music Video Premiere

 Jaime King Was The Hottest Attendee At Lana Del Rey's Music Video PremierePhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

God, it’s shocking to me how Jaime King can be so beautiful, yet she’s not cast in every summer blockbuster. Maybe she has standards in the films she makes or it’s possible she has an ego & she’s unwilling to play along with Hollywood’s dirty games when it comes to scoring the big roles. Whatever the case, Jaime you’re 33 & look like a really beautiful 25-year-old, so suck it up & get those roles!!

Anyway, these were snapped on Wednesday during the premiere for Lana Del Rey’s new music video for her single “Ride” in Santa Monica. You can watch the video below:

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