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Aged Butta Lisa Rinna Bikini Pics From Malibu Beach!

Remember the book of hotties we mentioned yesterday in the post with Marisa Miller & Jessica Stam, well Lisa Rinna also got a few pages of love in the upcoming book which hits shelves on August 20th. Apparently her entire Playboy layout will be among the 384 pages.

Here are some of the other highlights we gathered from around the net:
– Mini Driver and Zuleika Robinson are topless
– Cindy Crawford in ultra sexy almost nude poses
– Few more of Marisa Miller naked but covered in the bath
Amanda Scoledes shows her butt
Annalise Vandenberg also has a lot of nudes.

Lisa Rinna @ LG Rumorous Night with Heidi Klum

Previously, Lisa Rinna was trying to get herself cast for the new Melrose Place but has since changed her mind about it completely.

“I don’t think I wanna go back anymore,” admits the actress, who played Taylor McBride from 1996-98. “Seriously, I watched some old tapes recently — Harry [Hamlin, her husband] and I were going through stuff. It doesn’t feel right! It feels weird. I’ve changed my mind. You can’t go back!” Source

Lisa Rinna @ TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars Party

As a former star on the hit TV series “Melrose Place,” Lisa Rinna is desperate to land a role in the remake of the 80s classic (Heather Locklear has already declined to reprise her role). Here’s more on Lisa’s apparent desperation:

Meanwhile, another former “Melrose Place” star, Lisa Rinna, is going to extremes to land a role in the beloved TV series’ remake. She’s even hitting the streets of Los Angeles to drum up support.

The actress-turned-reality TV star recently confessed she’d do anything to appear on the new show, and proved it on Wednesday by urging motorists to “honk” for her.

Rinna, who played Taylor McBride on the original series, worked the corner of Melrose Avenue and Melrose Place with placards stating, “Honk for Lisa Rinna on the new Melrose Place.”

The actress will be baring all for Playboy this summer in another attempt to boost her appeal and land a “Melrose Place” return. [SF Chronicle]

The remake will air on the CW Network.

Lisa Rinna Lookin’ Buttaliciously Hot @ 2009 Grammy Awards

You guys remember the last time we saw Lisa Rinna? Well, if you don’t know, she attend the 15th Annual SAG Awards a couple weeks back in a dress which actually forced us to dust off the Bastardly Cooter Cam!

Anyway, this dress didn’t really go as far, but it does prove that even though most of your body parts are fake, you can still look extremely bangable @ 45! Go Lisa!!

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