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Luisana Lopilato & Hottie: Halloween Lesbian Sex Fantasy Special

These were snapped @ 2007 Premios MTV Latin America

Who’s the other hottie? I’m pretty sure we’ve posted her before…

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When Did Luisana Lopilato Go From Child Star to Slutty Whore?

Source: Gabo Magazine

God damn.

Here’s what the Wiki says…

Luisana Loreley Lopilato (born May 18, 1987) is a well known Argentine actress.
Luisana Lopilato is a native of Buenos Aires.
Lopilato, who lists Andrea Del Boca among her career influences, made her television acting debut at the age of twelve, in 1999. She was chosen to play Luisana Maza in “Chiquititas”(known in English as Tiny Angels). She joined “Chiquititas” in its fifth season and stayed with the show until the very end, three years later. She also had a role in the movie of the aforementioned series.
She continued her acting career as Mia Colucci in “Rebelde Way”, and she began her career as a musician, in a group named Erreway. In 2002 Luisana Lopilato became a well-known teenage celebrity in Argentina thanks to her role in Rebelde Way. For three years she was one of the leads of Rebelde Way and core-member of Erreway. [Wiki]

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Luisana Lopilato in Rolling Stone magazine

If you aren’t familiar with Luisana Lopilato all I can say is that this chick has some of the most diehard fans in the world. Previous posts of hers have accumulated comments in the 600 range… unbelievable. There was the post where she modeled the latex gortex and her fake ass reply to the fans we made up… she truly is Argentina’s version of crack cocaine.

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Luisana Lopilato – Bastardly Sexiest Women 2006 – #88

Along with Aaron Carter, Richard Sandrak, and Seal & Heidi Klum, Luisana Lopilato has to have one of the biggest followings on the site…she’s Argentina’s version of crack cocaine….but why did Luisana only come in at #88 for Bastardly Sexiest Women?

Now I’m sure these pictures aren’t very current of Luisana but don’t feel like a sicko looking at them, I’m sure she was legal when she posed for these pictures.

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Luisana! I Want To Meet You!!!

Usually we here at The Bastardly get pics from girls saying that “I look like so-and-so” or “I’m hotter than so-and-so” etc…

However, here’s a new one…

Kesar writes:

Hi! I think that I look like a certain celeb! I am in centre.

I want to meet with Luisana Lopilato.

So first:

Which celeb is Kesar talking about?

Tom Cruise? A young David Hasselhoff? Goran Ivanesivic? We have no frickin clue…maybe you all could help us out here?!?!


Okay buddy, good luck meeting Luisana. I’d like make babies with meet Jessica Alba but chances are slim to none that’d ever happen. I swear, if a lame ass post with a plea like this gets Kesar some Luisana lovin then you most definitely will see a post in the future titled, “Jessica Alba! I Want To Meet You!”

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Luisana Lopilato & Her Mysterious, Horny Greek Connection

Perverted connection would also work. Luisana has won the hearts of every male under the age of 14 in Greece. They apparently want to rip her clothes off and do very naughty things to her.

We will review a few comments on our other Luisana posts that you can find here, here, and also here.

But before I plug a few horny comments by Greek nationals, check out this comment by a confused & concerned (about Luisana) visitor.

Ok, I first came across the Bastardly 3 months ago and have been irritated by the stupidity of many people on here… however, this is the first time I couldn’t resist commenting, and I apologize if this gets lengthy. First of all, where do you greeks learn your english??? Jeez, and I thought asians were bad. Why don’t you just stick to your native tongue? I understand that English is difficult to learn, but I’ve met 5-year old autistic kids that make more sense than all of you. Secondly, are there no therapists in Greece for you little perverts to go see about your sick and unnnatural obsession with this poor girl? IT’S CREEPY. I hope none of you are visiting the USA anytime soon… but if you are please let me know so I can starve my Rottweiler for a couple days in case you creeps come around with your unrealistic infatuations and peek in my windows. Maybe I’m being an ignorant American but if I was this “Louisianaâ€? chick (or whatever her name is… I’ve never heard of her) I would definitely NEVER visit Greece, despite it’s beauty, for fear that a bunch of 16-year old boys with multiple STDs would chase me down and rape me… all while stuffing Spanakopeta down my throat. [Original Doll]

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Luisana Lopilato: Argentina's Version Of Crack Cocaine

There’s just no way those things are real!

There’s definitely something about this girl that causes people to go crrrazy.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s Mia’s comment on another post.

hey lu, i just have few words for u:
you are wonderfull,very beautiful …there are many nice words that i have for u but i think that i wrote enough!
for the end i just describe myself:i’m totaly like you,everybody who now me,tell me that i’m like u,at first i didn’t thought that i can be like you, but then i saw that it’s totaly crazy but just to see me,you’ll think that i’m the other you!
bye bye and enjoy!!

Is it just me or is this chick suffering from an identity crisis?

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