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Bastardly Fashion Rating: Maggie Grace @ Premiere’s Best Performances of 2006

These photos of Maggie Grace are from Premiere’s Best Performances of 2006.

From the Wikipedia:

Margaret Grace Denig (born September 21, 1983) is an American actress, who, under the stage name Maggie Grace, is best known for her work as Shannon Rutherford on the television series Lost.

Grace’s big break came when she landed the role of the lazy and self-centered Shannon Rutherford in the critically-acclaimed TV series Lost. Her latest project, released in late 2005, was the nearly universally-panned remake of the John Carpenter film, The Fog, co-starring Tom Welling of Smallville.

It has been rumored that Maggie will be starting a singing career.

Maggie Grace: The Whitest White Person. Ever.

This has to be one of the most underrated B-list hotties in the biz. If M.Rods wasn’t such a freaky alcoholic, then Maggs might have better luck in getting her name out there.

In other Maggie Grace news, according to IMDb, she’s set to star alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar & Alec Baldwin in The Girls’ Guide to Hunting & Fishing. You can bet your ass that Alec Baldwin will happily slurp on some naked Maggie during the filming—if, that is, the bastardwhorebag hasn’t done so already (the flick is currently filming & set to release sometime in 2007).

Here are a couple more photos of Maggie Grace @ the Project Front Row Fashion Show from last week. Enjoy.

ABC's Lost: Maggie Grace's Hairy Encounter!

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia enjoying the time of his life @ the Golden Globes. Damn him.

Dude, I wonder if Maggie Grace had stub-wounds after Jorge Garcia’s bear hug? Damn guy is getting more action than me. I seriously have gain 200lbs & be more aggressive with women. Ok-ok, I’m being mean.

But it doesn’t hurt to speculate, right? This affection could be because….

1. Jorge has an abnormally large penis
2. He has lots of money on the side
3. Maggie whores herself (after all, it’s Hollywooood, baby!)
4. Maggie was piss drunk
5. Jorge is gay & Maggie’s comfortable being bear hugged

Anyway, if you guys don’t know, these two are on ABC’s Lost. I have yet to watch a single episode, but that doesn’t mean it sucks ass or anything.

A couple more photos to follow. No yacking, please.

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