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Beverly Hills: Mark Wahlberg Photographed Getting Into His New Bentley

Exclusive... Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His New Ride In Beverly Hills

It’s only fitting that Mark Wahlberg, who has a reported net worth of $200 million & will soon move into a newly constructed 30,000-square-foot French manor home designed by architect Richard Landry, cruise around town in a sparkling new Bentley. These new photos were snapped yesterday as the 42-year-old actor was spotted grabbing breakfast with a friend in Beverly Hills.

As if his various coffers weren’t already flush with cash, Mark is set to star in the new ‘Transformers’ flick, ‘Age Of Extinction’. So does ‘Extinction’ in the tile mean that this is the final film in the series?! If box-office earnings has anything to do with prospects of future releases, I’m pretty sure this series will go on for years & years to come, especially considering the main actors are computer-generated.

Exclusive... Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His New Ride In Beverly Hills

Exclusive... Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His New Ride In Beverly Hills


Maria Menounos Filming Interviews For “Extra TV”

Maria Menounos

Back from her sexy bikini vacation in Cabo, Maria Menounos was back to work at Universal Studios filming interview segments for Extra. Maria had two outfits for two different interviews, first with The Bachelor Juan Pablo and second iwth Mark Wahlberg, out to promote his film Lone Survivor. While Maria impressed in both outfits we’re gonna have to go with that tight red booty-fitting dress as our favorite of the afternoon.

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Mark Wahlberg Brings The Morning Links!

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‘2 Guns’ Star Mark Wahlberg & Son Both Rock Air Jordans To Confession

Mark Wahlberg is seen leaving church with his son Brendan in Los Angeles

The father-son duo, Mark Wahlberg & son Brendan, were spotted leaving a church in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. The 42-year-old actor, who’s set to release his latest action flick ‘2 Guns’ next week, was reportedly attending confession at church with his son. His son didn’t look like the happiest person in the photos, so we’re assuming Mark took him to church to teach him a lesson as opposed to coming clean about his various extramarital affairs with Hollywood hotties.

‘2 Guns’ is an upcoming action comedy film directed by Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur and actually based on a comic series of the same name by Boom! Studios. Mark will appear alongside Denzel Washington. Here’s some plot action:

An elaborate scam has a DEA agent and an NCIS agent investigating one another in belief that they are stealing money from the mob. But when they realize that they were set up by the CIA, they must work together to return the money and stay alive. Source

Mark Wahlberg is seen leaving church with his son Brendan in Los Angeles

FOR THE LADIES: Fashionable Sugar Daddies On The Prowl

Bradley Cooper seen leaving BBC Radio 1 studios in London

Pictured: Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Andrew Garfield, Mark Wahlberg

We don’t show you ladies out there enough love, so we figured we’d dish it out now. Let’s review where each Sugar Daddy was cruising around before we hit you guys with a poll.

Mr. Muscle, Mark Wahlberg, was seen leaving Bristol Farms market in West Hollywood. God dam, this guy has to be be juicing on the side…right?

On Wednesday evening (May 22), George Clooney looked a little tipsy as he stepped out of Nobu-Berkeley St in London. He was complaining about the flashing lights making it difficult for him to see properly—-riiiight.

Earlier that same day, actor Andrew Garfield was seen walking his dog around NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood. As you guys know, the dude is currently holed up in the city filming the ‘Spiderman’ sequel. He could be making great movies that actually mean something, but I guess it all comes down to the paycheck these days.

And finally, Bradley Cooper seen leaving BBC Radio 1 studios in London after doing some promotional work for his latest film “Hangover 3,” which hit theaters yesterday.

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Mark Wahlberg & His “Broken City” Hottie Natalie Martinez In Miami

Mark Wahlberg and Natalie Martinez

As with previous years, since it’s January, it’s time for Mark Wahlberg to entertain his macho fan base with another one of his action flicks. Luckily, his latest film stars the delicious Natalie Martinez who came dressed to impress at last night’s red carpet premiere For “Broken City” held in Miami. If these premiere photos of Natalie simply proves that the 28-year-old Cuban-American actress knows how to get straight dudes rushing to the box-office.

Aside from Mr. Wahlberg & his sex co-star, the film also stars Russell Crowe & Catherine Zeta-Jones. Here’s some plot action from the film’s Wiki: “Former cop Billy Taggart begins following the wife of the New York City mayor, Emily Barlow and uncovers a much bigger scandal.” Check it out in theaters on January 18.

Mark Wahlberg Enjoyed His Wife More Than His Son’s Football Game

A scruffy Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham get close as they watch their son Michael's football game in Los Angeles. Wahlberg, who posed up with his son's squad for their team photo, also chatted with fellow actor and friend Michael Rapaport.

The somewhat homeless-looking Mark Wahlberg was seen with his wife & kids at his son Michael’s football over the weekend in Los Angeles. Judging by the pics, it appeared as if he was enjoying his wife’s company a little more than watching his son’s game. Seeing how they already have four kids, we’re gonna assume that Mark Wahlberg f’d-up in some way over the past week & is simply doing his best to make up for it by making his wife feel special in front of the papz.

The shitty movie season is almost upon us (we’re talking about January – March, where Hollywood studios dump their losers in hopes of hitting the jackpot), so this year’s Mark Wahlberg offering is “Broken City,” which hits theaters on January 18. The film also stars Russell Crowe & Catherine Zeta-Jones, with the story revolving around former cop named Billy Taggart, who begins following the wife of the New York City mayor, Emily Barlow and uncovers a much bigger scandal. Let me guess, Mark Wahlberg plays the cop, Russell Crowe is the mayor & Catherine Zeta-Jones is the wifie. Now, how wants to take a shot at guessing the full story?

Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His Freaky-Looking Nike Kicks In New Orleans

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

“Ted” star Mark Wahlberg was seen rockin’ a funky pair of Nikes as he was seen going for a morning walk in New Orleans. He’s currently in town shooting his new action flick “2 Guns,” which also stars Denzel Washington & James Marsden. Here’s some plot action:

A DEA agent and an undercover Naval Intelligence officer who have been tasked with investigating one another find they have been set up by the mob — the very organization the two men believe they have been stealing money from. [Source]

Mark Wahlberg Continious Hilarious Streak on “Pain & Gain” Movie Set

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

“Pain & Gain” co-stars Mark Wahlberg & The Rock continued work on their upcoming comedy in Miami. The photos off the film set features Mark Wahlberg cruising around in a pastel-green Vespa while rocking a half unzipped Guess? vest & a classic pair of acid-washed jeans! I can’t say anything about the first two items, but anyone born in the 70s owns at least one pair of acid-washed jeans—right?!

With a cast that includes Mark Wahlberg channeling his usually buff & unusually gay side, The Rock, Ken Jeong (Asian dude from “Hangover”) & Ed Harris, did I mention that I’m really looking forward to this flick? It hits theaters sometime in 2013.

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