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Mischa Barton Shows Off Her Full-Figured Body

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is seen stopping by a friends house in Beverly Hills. Remember back in the days when Mischa was on The O.C. and her stick figure body would be photographed in a bikini? Well, here we have Mischa today, who’s battled weight problems for years looking to be happy with her new fuller figure. And better yet, she’ll appear in the upcoming film Beyond Justice which also stars Timothy Woodward Jr., Vinnie Jones and Danny Trejo. Check out the trailer below!

Meat vs Bones Matchup: Plus Model Jolena Forde vs Skinny Sharni Vinson

Plus model Jolena Forde busts out of her Baywatch babe red one-piece bathing suit as she rescues Russian rapper GeeGun Denis Ustimenko-Vainstein filming his new music video in Miami Beach, Florida

Plus model Jolena Forde busts out of her Baywatch babe red one-piece bathing suit as she rescues Russian rapper GeeGun Denis Ustimenko-Vainstein filming his new music video in Miami Beach, Florida

Pictured: Jolena Forde

It’s one of our classic matchups that we’ve done on numerous occasions over the past TEN YEARS (yup, as sad as it might sound, we’ve been writing horndogg gossip for 10-frickin’-years!), but the Meaty vs Boney matchup is one our favorites!

In the meaty corner, we have deliciously plump plus-size model Jolena Forde. She was spotted on the set of a music video for Russian rapper GeeGun Denis Ustimenko-Vainstein in Miami Beach.

In the boney corner, we have Australia’s thinnest actress, Ms. Sharni Vinson. The 30-year-old showed off her boney body as she was seen going paddle boarding with friends at Cronulla Beach in Sydney over the weekend.

So, who’s it gonna be?

Sharni Vinson Paddle Boarding In Sydney

Pictured: Sharni Vinson

Chanelle Hayes Displays Her Curvy Full-Figured Bikini Body!

Chanelle Hayes

Chanelle Hayes and her size 14 curves rocked a tiny bikini while on a short break in Tenerife, Spain. Chanelle has openly admitted with her weight gain that she’s struggled to lose the weight after her pregnancy which has led to her comfort eating. She gave birth to her son back in 2010 and according to her Wiki page runs a cake-making business. At only 26 years old, Chanelle is definitely due for a bounceback so we wish her well and direct folks to check out some of Chanelle’s juicier moments.

Bastardly Style Tip: Kelly Clarkson Needs To Cover Up Those Legs

Kelly Clarkson In Concert

No worries, we’re filing this in our new “We’re Probably Going To Hell” category.

I’m sorry, but that dress isn’t made for chicks like Kelly Clarkson. If you want to stuff yourself into something like that and show off your legs, you gotta put in the work at the gym.

These were snapped last night during her performance at the People Like Us Fair Trade concert at Highline Ballroom.

Mean & Tasteless, But It Was Calling Us Out: Sophie Simmons & Nick Marshall Get Playful in Hawaii

Gene Simmons' daughter Sophie Simmons displays her curves in thong bikini as she cuddles up to her boyfriend Nick 'Mosh' Marshall in Hawaii

Sophie Simmons isn’t fat or anything, but we would recommend she hook up with a personal trainer for a couple months. She can seriously have a killer body and the fact that she has a lot of family money stashed away, why not put it to use?

She’s the daughter of KISS bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons & Skinemax staple Shannon Tweed and one of the stars of ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’, the A&E reality series which ended August, 2012 after a total of seven seasons on the air.
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Meat Lovers: Angela Simmons Works Her Bikini Booty in Miami!

**EXCLUSIVE** Angela Simmons starts off her birthday celebrations early, showing off her bikini body for a day out on Miami beach

We totally missed these yesterday, but only because she’s the niece of one our role model King Sugar Daddies (Sir Russell Simmons), here’s Angela Simmons strutting her meaty body (at least the lower half) as she and a couple friends celebrated her 26th birthday, which went down yesterday (September 19).

We’re assuming birthday sex was one of the items on the menu, so major props to the dude who made his way around that body! OW!

Hollywood Momma Hilary Duff Showcases Her Meaty Legs at the Park!

Hilary Duff and her family having fun at the Coldwater Canyon Park in LA

Hilary Duff was seen enjoying an afternoon out with her family at the Coldwater Canyon Park as she and hubby Mike Comrie played with their 18-month-old son Luca!

The 25-year-old actress-turned NY Times bestselling author wore bright red lipstick and black cut-off shorts that showed off her meaty thighs.

At one point during the outing, Hilary appeared a little upset at the pesky papz who were getting a too close for comfort as she & her family did their best to have a normal day out in the park. She could be seen walking over to one of the photographers and asking him to keep a nice distance as to not scare her son.

Frankie Essex Shows Off Her Curvaceous Bikini Body In Spain

Frankie Essex

From earlier this month, The Only Way Is Essex star Frankie Essex was seen having fun by the pool at her private villa in Alicante, Spain. Frankie showed off her voluptuous figure as wore a white one-piece swimsuit to catch some rays. A change of pace from the load of Victoria’s Secret supermodel bikini photos we normally post, we’re sure there’s a small contingent of you TOWIE fans that are totally digging this.

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