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Megan Joy & Anoop Dogg @ Gen Arts 12th Annual Fresh Faces in Fashion

These were snapped at a few days back in L.A.

This girl had a chance at success if she wasn’t so damn cracked-out and learned to use her assets more strategically. Like for instance her choice of attire at this particular event: She should’ve ho’d it up considerably more. And, what the fuck is up with that hair? Anyway, Megan definitely looked much hotter when on American Idol last season…

Megan Joy Still Needs Some Music Producer Love!

Almost a couple weeks after getting kicked off “American Idol,” Megan Joy is still desperately in search of a record deal & her 15-minutes of fame dims minute-by-minute. Obviously, the time for action is now & that’s why we’re about 95% convinced her agents are negotiating terms with multiple music houses at this very moment. If Mariah Carey can sleep her way to stardom, why can’t someone like Megan Joy do the same thing? We’re pulling for you, Megan!

Megan Joy Was Voted Off “Idol” Last Night. What’s Next For Her?

As some of you watched, the slightly over-hyped & undoubtedly sexy Megan Joy was voted off the show last night. Unfortunately her exit was slightly awkward with Megan making freaky bird sounds as she ran across stage. And, that came AFTER she dissed Simon & the show by saying she doesn’t care what the judges think. I don’t know about you guys, but Megan’s overall wacky personality last night made it seem like she was either drunk or on anti-depressants—or a cheerful combination of both.

Here’s Megan making the bird sounds:

Anyone get the joke?

Here’s more from Yahoo:

Megan Joy says she was just being goofy and showing her love of birds when she flapped her way across the “American Idol” stage. “I love birds and bird noises,” said Joy, who was eliminated from the TV show Wednesday. “I just decided that if I’m goin’ out, I’m goin’ out with a bang and I’m just going to be myself. So I … flew the whole time.”

Joy created the most bizarre moment of the night — if not the season — with her flapping and squawking.

She told a teleconference on Thursday that fellow low-ranking contestants Anoop Desai and Allison Iraheta had promised to make birdlike sounds for her if she were voted off.

“I’m always just making noises and animal noises and they were like, `Meg, if you go tonight, we’re going to caw for you and support you.’ So I was like, `Don’t you forget to caw, Anoop.'” [AP via Yahoo]

So, What’s Next?
What always comes next when a hot chick with some talent gets booted out of a competition? The hot chick in question needs to sleep with a powerful member of the industry that she’s trying to attack (in Megan’s case, a producer or reputable musician) and proceed to create a career in that fashion. Megan’s too good to fail in our opinion, so we wish her luck!


Megan Joy Corkrey Might Get Booted From “Idol” Tonight!

Tune into “American Idol” tonight to see who gets voted out!

Megan Joy‘s song choice wasn’t the only thing that was hurting last night! The borderline mom-jeans didn’t really please her fan base either, so we wish her luck! You’d think she’d bust out in a slightly more scandalous outfit each week, but she’s getting too complacent with her position.

Anyway, if it weren’t for her boobies, she’d definitely be voted after dishing out a boring, played-out performance of Bob Marley’s “Turn the Lights Down Low” last night. Megan, trust us on this: Choose safer songs & most importantly, dress in more tight dresses that show off your legs & boobies. The results will surprise you!

Here are more pics from last night performance.

Megan Joy Corkrey Might Win “American Idol”

Assuming she can play her hotness cards correctly, I really think Megan Joy can pull off an upset and win “American Idol” this season. She just needs to show off the rack a little more & the votes will come pouring. Plus, she kills it with her unique vocals, so that only helps her chances!

Here’s Megan singing “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder last night:

The Girls of “American Idol” Season 8’s Final 13

And, here’s a useless Bastardly poll:

All in all, a very pathetic batch from a hotness-marketability standpoint. Megan Joy stands out, but those tats make her look like a crack-whore. Nevertheless, setting hotness aside, I’m still pulling for Lil’ Rounds! You go girl!

Anyway, to get the latest news on anything & everything “American Idol,” hit up the show’s official website.

Just in case you missed it last night, here’s a look at the top 13:
Photo Credit: INFphoto.com