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Olga Kurylenko & Others at Paris Fashion Week, Haute Couture S/S 2017

Diane Kruger, Thandie Newton and Olga KurylenkoPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Diane Kruger, Thandie Newton and Olga Kurylenko

We were supposed to run with these yesterday, but time ran out unfortunately. As if the regular Paris Fashion Week wasn’t exclusive enough, Haute Couture Week is in full swing during which tip-top designers showcase their latest styles for uber rich. We’re talking $50K dresses, $10K shoes and bling’d-out handbags for God-knows-how-much. Some designers think Haute Couture is more art than functional clothes that you can actually wear, but I guess that’s open to interpretation.

Olga Kurylenko was definitely a standout during the arrivals at various fashion shows, but I think that’s mainly because we know its her. Thandie Newton was another person whom we liked! For those of you who haven’t seen Thandie on HBO’s “Westworld,” you need to set aside 10 hours this weekend to watch that series.

Fashion shows from which we grabbed the photos include Christian Dior, Schiaparelli, Chanel & Giorgio Armani Prive.

Olga Kurylenko and Melissa GeorgePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Olga Kurylenko and Melissa George

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Olga At Chanel and Giorgio Armani Prive

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Melissa George at CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Melissa George

Melissa George grabbed out attention with this braless number at the 11th annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards at Spring Studios in New York City. Stella McCartney delivered the keynote while Paul Andrew took home the top prize. The runners-up prizes went to Eva Fehren jeweler Eva Zuckerman and knitwear designer Ryan Roche. Check out full coverage from the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards at Style.com.

MILAN: Lana Del Rey & Melissa George – Both Very Sexy at the Versace Fashion Show

Milan Fashion Week - Versace Show

Pictured: Lana Del Rey & Melissa George

For all you poor robots out there, Milan Fashion Week is going down right now in Italy, so naturally, a lot of deep pockets are catwalking through various fashion shows at all times of the day. Of course, yesterday’s Versace show was no exception as it is always one of the highlights of any Fashion Week. Aside from fashion industry big-doggs like Anna Wintour meticulously analyzing each dress from her spot in the front row, singer Lana Del Rey & model Melissa George caught our eye as two of the sexiest ladies in attendance. What’s up with Lana these days anyway? Did she relocate from the U.S. to Europe or what? And, does she have a follow-up hit to ‘Video Games’.

Oh yeah, Janet Jackson was also there w/ her billionaire sugar daddy, Wissam Al Mana.

Milan Fashion Week - Versace Show

Pictured: Wissam Al Mana & Janet Jackson. We should note that these two have a $20 million wedding planned for this spring and rumor has it that Janet would receive $500 million if the couple ever divorced after five years, as apart of prenuptial agreements. I think that might be a better deal than Beyonce’s prenup w/ Jay-Z.

Beautiful White Women & Hot Black Chicks: Russell Simmons Is Single Again.

Photo Credit: WENN

The King Sugar Daddy of all King Sugar Daddies is once again single after declaring his long distance relationship with hottie Melissa George was impossible to maintain. In a recent Tweet, Uncle Rush writes, “Long distance relationships are to say the least difficult. For me & Melissa a few weeks ago… We agreed impossible.”

Google Sugar Daddy Translation: “Long distance relationships don’t allow me to have sex on my schedule. I must have sex when I’m feelin’ it b/c let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. For instance, when I need a blowjob, I needed to fricking wait for one of my private jets to either transport me to Melissa’s location or pick up Melissa from her location & that’s not right for someone who’s worth upwards of $340 million. For me & Melissa (yes, I can speak for her), we both agree that long distance relationships are impossible & finding hot women locally in the New Jersey, NYC area is in the best interest of my aging, Viagra-induced penis. Please don’t Tweet me for sex or wanting to become my girlfriend. Contact my agent and/or PR personnel.”

Joking aside, for Melissa’s sake, let’s hope it was mutual since having sex with w/ the hip hop mogul will undoubtedly open doors to opportunities galore in the near future. As for Russ, I’m sure chicks are already lining up outside his agent’s office to audition for the “Russell Simmons’s Sex Toy” position, so I’m sure his PR people are gonna have some great sex for the foreseeable future. Bastards.

So with that in hand, who should Russell Simmons date next? Any ideas?

London: Red Carpet Ladies at Orange BAFTAs at Royal Opera House

Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Bernice Marlohe, Christina Hendricks, Christina Ricci, Elsa Pataky

The 2012 Grammy Awards weren’t the only big event over the weekend. Across the pond in London, the Orange BAFTAs took place and though it doesn’t get coverage like the Grammys, there were a lot of celebs that took to the red carpet. No surprise The Artist took home a bunch of awards: Best Film, Leading Actor, Director, Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Costume Design, and Orignal Music. Check out the complete list of winners here.

Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Gemma Chan, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Melissa George.
Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Michelle Williams, Penelope Cruz, Rebecca Wang, Shailene Woodley

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NYC: Attendees @ Caron Renaissance 3rd Annual Save-A-Life Gala

Photo Credit: Jeff Grossman/WENN.com

Russell Simmons took a break from protesting at Occupy Wall Street HQ in Lower Manhattan & attended last night’s Caron Renaissance 3rd Annual Save-A-Life Gala at Capitale Bowery in NYC. According to the organization’s official website, Caron Renaissance is one of the leading Florida rehab centers in the nation, specializing in alternative and dual diagnosis rehab to help people escape the perils of drug addiction.

The only new addition to the site is Tinamarie Clark. You can find a little info about her @ NY Mag.

“Friends With Benefits” NYC Premiere: Ladies Recap

Photo Credit: Wenn & Fame Pictures

We already did individual posts for the ladies that attended the NYC Premiere of Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake’s Friends With Benefits that it’d only be necessary to have a recap and a poll, right?

Well, below are the individual posts, the formality stuff we need to type again to plug the film, and finally, poll time! Look for it in theaters this Friday, July 22nd. For more info, visit the Friends With Benefits official website.

Mila Kunis @ “Friends With Benefits” NYC Premiere
Irina Shayk @ “Friends With Benefits” NYC Premiere
More Pics of Irina Shayk @ “Friends With Benefits” NYC Premiere
Emmanuelle Chriqui @ “Friends With Benefits” NYC Premiere
Emma Stone @ “Friends With Benefits” NYC Premiere
Red Carpet Ladies @ “Friends With Benefits” NYC Premiere

Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) think it’s going to be easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship, despite what Hollywood romantic comedies would have them believe. They soon discover, however, that getting physical really does always lead to complications. [Wiki]

Red Carpet Ladies @ “Friends With Benefits” NYC Premiere

Photo Credit: Wenn

Look for Friends With Benefits in theaters this Friday, July 22nd. For more info, visit the Friends With Benefits official website.

Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) think it’s going to be easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship, despite what Hollywood romantic comedies would have them believe. They soon discover, however, that getting physical really does always lead to complications. [Wiki]

Megan Gale, Melissa George & Rachael Finch @ Fashion Full Stop

Photo Credit: Wenn
Fashion Full Stop: Decades of Australian Fashion and Music event, as part of the 2011 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Melissa George is currently filming ABC’s The Slap, an adaptation of the Christos Tsiolkas novel. The show will be film as part of 8 episodes with screenings to occur later this year.

The Slap tells the story of a group of people enjoying a backyard barbecue together, who are torn apart when one man slaps the child of another guest.

The boy’s parents are so upset by the assault that they call the police and bring legal action against him, forcing the family and friends to take sides.

Each one-hour episode tells the story from the perspective of one of the main characters. Source

Melissa George @ The ONEXONE Foundation Fundraiser

Melissa George stars with Ed Speelers in the upcoming thriller, A Lonely Place to Die. The film is set for a Januart 2011 release in the UK. Below is a promo behind-the-scenes video.

The film follows five mountaineers who are hiking and climbing in the Scottish Highlands when they discover a young Serbian girl buried in a small chamber in the wilderness. They become caught up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the kidnappers. Source

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