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Kim Kardashian: Candidate For 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity

Most of you guys will be happy to know that Kim Kardashian has no chance in being named 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity or even being in the top five (unless Kim re-Tweets this post & couple million of her followers hit this post), but that doesn’t mean she has horrible fashion sense! Judging by her various appearances on the red carpet, as well as her more candid outings, Kim knows dress up her gigantic booty in great fitting clothes! Sure, at times she gives off the skanky-ho vibe, but hey, that’s what makes her special, right?

For those of you who haven’t chimed in w/ your vote, choose your top 5 below (see shortlist here):

Jessica Alba: Candidate For 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity

Jessica Alba’s currently in third with 14% of the total votes & she’s sandwiched between Alessandra Ambrosio (15%) & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (12%), so aside from Miranda Kerr who’s currently in the lead with nearly 20% of all votes, let’s see who finishes in second before the top five runoff.

Love her or hate her, Jessica Alba is hands down one of the best dressed ladies in Hollywood—and that’s after popping out two kids! At times I’m shocked she opted to co-found a consumers goods company that sells mainly baby products as opposed to kicking off a fashion house and peddling her threads to the masses via Macy’s like a bunch of other celebs. Then again, if you really think about it, the business of selling diapers, wipes & cleaning supplies is far more sustainable than the somewhat risky, hit or miss fashion business—probably more lucrative, as well.

For those of you bastards who haven’t voted, make sure you submit your top five (remember, you can vote once every 12 hours):

Rihanna: Candidate For 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity

Rihanna: 2012's Most Stylish Celebrity Candidate

I know a lot of you bastards were shocked that Rihanna made our shortlist of 2012 Most Stylish Celebrities, but I gotta admit, she was an obvious choice. Now, somebody like Emma Stone? Not so much. While the 24-year-old pop star isn’t dressed to the nines at all times like, say Miranda Kerr, but the chick certainly has a unique sense of style that is as edgy as it is sexy. I guess it takes an acquired taste, but at least RiRi isn’t gimmicky like Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga, both of whom, as you know, smoke plenty of fashion crack before each public appearance.

Sadly, Rihanna is currently in the #8 position, so she’s gonna need a lot more love in order to break the top 5. Help her out, you bastards.

Rihanna: 2012's Most Stylish Celebrity Candidate

Alessandra Ambrosio: Candidate For 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity

Alessandra Ambrosio—what more can we say? We’re like her free & personal P.R. team (with a hint of creepiness) who works tirelessly to spread only the hottest photos of their client. It’s actually not that difficult when you take into consideration Ale’s natural beauty. She can literally walk around wearing a dirty trash bag & still pull off a certain amount of sexiness, but she opts for impeccable style, regardless of whether she’s picking up her kid from school or going grocery shopping with her hubby.

With all that in hand, make sure you show Ale some love as you continue to vote. Miranda is up by a lot, but it’s a three-way tie between Ale, Jessica Alba & Rosie. Don’t forget that you can vote every 12 hours…

Miranda Kerr: Candidate For 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity

Looking at these pics, there’s no surprise why supermodel mommy, businesswoman, & author Miranda Kerr is leading the 2012 Most Stylish Celebrity poll.

As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, there’s really no outfit this woman can’t pull off—regardless of whether she’s in L.A., Sydney or NYC doin’ the whole supermodel getup, the short-shorts, the summer dress or even winter clothes, she’ll always be the most beautiful person within a 5-10 mile radius. We should also note that this woman can be pushing a stroller, carrying her oversized baby in her hands or catwalking down the runway, Miranda Kerr will look equally beautiful & classy in each setting. That’s not easy for anybody, so props to Miranda for all the time, energy & hard work she puts into looking like she does.

Here’s Miranda dropping a few health & beauty tips during her appearance on Ellen earlier this year:

And, don’t forget to vote (not that Miranda needs any help)! Remember, you can vote for your top five favorite celebs every 12 hours! Chop-chop!

Gwen Stefani: Candidate For 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity

Without a question, the multi-talented Gwen Stefani is top ten most stylish celebrity, so I gotta admit, I’m a little shocked at how poorly she’s currently performing in the polls. Maybe some of you bastards haven’t seen how well this woman can dress herself when she’s out & about running her various errands, which can range from creating her next mulch-platinum album with her group or as a solo artist to taking her kids to soccer practice to putting together her latest collection for the New York or Los Angeles Fashion Week.

If that wasn’t enough, let’s not forget that Gwen’s by far one of the oldest fashionistas on our shortlist at the young age of 43, but looking at these pics, she doesn’t look a day older than 30. I feel like her insanely sharp sense of style is the key to her age-defying tricks b/c let’s face it, a lot of women–even celebrities—who’re a couple years short of 40 would kill to look anything like Gwen. Regardless of whether it’s all natural or plastic surgery, we gotta give Gwen props for keeping her shit together after all these years.

Let’s show Gwen Stefani some love & give her your vote, damn it!

Jessica Hart: Candidate For 2012’s Most Stylish Celebrity

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so even though it’ll take a total miracle, Jessica Hart might still make the top five list of most stylish celebrities from our shortlist. We’re taking a second to shine the spotlight on each candidate, so we figured that Jessica’s great person to start with since she needs the help.

I know she’s not the first person that comes to mind when you think of great style, but hey, each time I see a photo of her catwalking around in SoHo, I’m always taken aback by her fashion sense. Sure she’s a supermodel & probably gets a lot of great designer threads for free, but dressing the parts properly is 98% of the battle when it comes to looking good. If money & expensive designer goods were the only barriers to great style then every filthy rich person in NYC would be stylish, but obviously that’s not the case.

Remember, you can vote once every 12 hours, so show Jessica Hart some love, you bastards!

The Top 10 List: MoeJackson’s Most Stylish Celebrities of 2012

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & RihannaPictured: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Rihanna

I know this might seem a little early in the year for a top 10 list comprising of 2012’s most stylish celebrities, but hey, if you haven’t brought your A-game to the world of candid photography then, we’re pretty sure you don’t have what it takes to be on the list.

We should note that we’re measuring style on the basis of everyday outings as opposed taking into consideration red carpet style, which often involves an entire team of stylists, makeup artists & designers to bring everything together. Since we spend most of our time covering celebrities walking to dinner or coffee joints, into & out of gyms, up & down curbs or feeding parking meters, we figured we’re in a good position to make an accurate assessment of style.

We understand that gauging a given celebrity’s sense of style is a very subjective matter, so naturally everyone will not agree with the list or the eventual winner. On that note, let’s discuss voting. We’re putting up our top ten ten list into one of our polls & let you guys choose your top five (in any order). We’ve included countless photos of each celebrity workin’ their style over the past ten months & since it’s a ton of photos, we’ll shine the spotlight on each set of photos over the next 10 days. Unfortunately, you can only vote once every 12 hours, so don’t forget to vote for your favorites over the next 10 days!!
Alessandra Ambrosio, Emma Stone, Gwen Stefani & Jessica AlbaPictured: Alessandra Ambrosio, Emma Stone, Gwen Stefani & Jessica Alba

Jessica Hart, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr & Olivia PalermoJessica Hart, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr & Olivia Palermo