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NBA Pimp Joakim Noah Flexes His King Sugar Daddy Muscles In Ibiza

Joakim Noah Packs On The PDA In IbizaPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

As most of you NBA fans know, the Knicks are reinventing themselves again (this comes after multiple reinvention efforts over the past 15 or so years), but maybe the combination of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah can finally make the difference if—and that’s a really, really BIG IF—the pair can remain healthy. That’s obviously a NYC billboard-sized “IF” because let’s face it, the odds are stacked against the Knicks that Derrick Rose and others on the roster will be healthy come playoffs next season.

Having said that, if Joakim Noah happens to get injured, I have a feeling he won’t mind chilling inside his NYC sweet-spot in the company of his supermodel girlfriend—assuming the chick in the photos isn’t simply one of those temporary yacht-fueled flings. The dude was spotted having a great time while on board a luxury yacht with friends in Ibiza, Spain earlier today. Judging by the photos, Joakim looks completely unfazed by his recent trade, but then again, he didn’t exactly get traded to Charlotte or Oklahoma! It’s NYC and I’m sure he’ll have a field day nibbling away on all the supermodels in the city. That bastard.

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LeBron James will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers


The NBA free agency is always an interesting one. Unlike the NFL and MLB (somewhat), pro basketball teams actually make trades and the possibility of a big name changing teams is likely. That’s what we’ve gotten so far this season. Most of the world is focused on the tournament down in Brazil but here in the United States, the sports world was waiting for something to happen. Because this off season, LeBron James was going to make a move. There were other big names out there like Carmelo Anthony, who could very well leave New York, but the entire league took a step back and waited for LeBron to make a move. It’s hard to imagine a time when one single player could affect the process of an entire league but that’s what we got. Social media networks sprouted rumors and statements with “sources say” from people around the NBA but nothing was set in stone. I had a feeling that only LeBron, and whoever was going to break the story, knew exactly what he was going to do. That part of this process was one that I liked. While ESPN and other sports networks built the story up with random developments, Sports Illustrated did the actual reporting. LeBron James will opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat and return to the Cavaliers; in a simple message he simply stated “I’m coming home” to all of his Instagram followers.

We can go on and on about the Miami Heat and their fan base, always putting quotation marks when referring to them. And as much as I dislike the Heat, let’s not make it about them. This is about Cleveland now. This is about a city that has had their heart broken and about a player trying to mend whatever wounds he caused. Things ended very salty between LeBron and the city of Cleveland but now he’s trying to fix that while adding something else to his legacy. Let’s not forget that he was emphatically boo’ed when he first returned to play in the Cavaliers arena while wearing a different team’s uniform. Those same fans will now have to support James as both sides try and leave the past where it is. LeBron stated that he talked to Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert “face-to face and man-to-man” and by all accounts they’re on good terms now. It’s interesting but at the same time, what other narrative is there to take? But wait, shouldn’t we be talking about this from a basketball standpoint?

LeBron was never going to leave the eastern conference. Why would he? The conference is in such bad shape that just by him moving to the Cavaliers, they’re automatically the favorites to win the east. Several teams are on the rise (Raptors, Hawks, Wizards and Hornets) while no one knows what’s going to happen with the Pacers. Let’s also add that reports indicate that Chris Bosh will end up in Houston, so who’s left to represent the conference in the Finals? Unless Melo decides to join the Bulls, the Cavs are the de facto best team in the eastern conference. The Bulls are also a candidate but i’m waiting to see how Derrick Rose recovers and how they fix their scoring issues. So right now the Cavaliers starting five consists of Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins in the backcourt, LeBron, Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao in the frontcourt. Not exactly world-beaters and they still have some chemistry issues but with LeBron, anything really is possible. LeBron’s future is with the Cavaliers remains with a bit of mystery but he’s made his decision and the sports world must accept it, for better or worse.

NY Knicks Player Jeremy Tyler Vacations In Maui With Girlfriend Sukey Rowan

Exclusive... Jeremy Tyler & Sukey Rowan Vacation In Maui

I’ll be honest, I had no idea who Jeremy Tyler was when starting this post, so naturally, I looked up the guy on Wikipedia and saw that even though he’s only 23, the length of his Wiki entry might makes him seem like an aging veteran getting ready to throw in the towel. Check this out…

2009–2010 Maccabi Haifa (Israel)
2010–2011 Tokyo Apache (Japan)
20112013 Golden State Warriors
2012 Dakota Wizards (D-League)
2012–2013 Santa Cruz Warriors (D-League)
2013 Atlanta Hawks
2013 Santa Cruz Warriors (D-League)
2013 Erie BayHawks (D-League)
2013–present New York Knicks

Let’s just say that Jeremy Tyler is very lucky that he has a hot girlfriend! Anyone know more about her, by chance?

The temporary lovebirds were seen having a nice time relaxing on the beach in Maui. Jeremy was caught cruising around with an open bottle of Jim Bean Rye Whiskey, so it appears somebody might have a drinking problem!

Exclusive... Jeremy Tyler & Sukey Rowan Vacation In Maui

Exclusive... Jeremy Tyler & Sukey Rowan Vacation In Maui

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are free agents. What happens now?

Miami Heat v New York Knicks

We already knew that Carmelo Anthony was a free agent. The former Knicks forward decided a few days ago that he would not continue with his current contract and would test out the free agency market. Now, according to reports, fellow eastern conference all-star forward LeBron James will be doing the same thing. Before we get going, let’s all remember that just because a player opts out of their current contract, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re going to sign for a different team. But since we’re in the business of discussing the most exciting possibilities, let’s just assume that both players will not stay with their current teams. If we’re going to get out of the way, i’ll go ahead and say that I think it’s MUCH more likely for LeBron to return to Miami rather than Melo to New York. It’s mostly because Anthony does not have much to want to go back to in New York. Phil Jackson and a new coach are there but if you’re Melo, don’t you want to win, right now? The eastern conference is really open and there are a few logical destinations. The biggest and most obvious destination for Carmelo to land is Chicago. It just makes sense. They can make the right moves, create the right space and be the best destination for a new title contender in the eastern conference. What better way to ease Derrick Rose back into his role? Melo would take a massive scoring load off Rose’s back and would provide some much-needed offense on a Bulls team that struggled to score throughout the regular season and especially during the playoffs. Where else can Anthony land? The Lakers because they have a great pick, will have Kobe returning and because they’re the Lakers. A further long shot includes my Mavericks, who will have the room and are still able to provide a stable organization with top-tier teammates and coaching. Personally, i’d rather Dallas not acquire Melo because the Mavs had no trouble scoring last season and would rather they focus on getting defense along the perimeter and in the paint. The Knicks are still a solid contender simply because they’re in New York and would provide the biggest contract.

There is also a strong possibility that Melo just scratches all of his previous plays and decides to jump on whatever team LeBron is joining. I’m more interested in what LeBron does simply because he’s the best player in the league and any slight movement will cause tidal waves in the basketball world. We need to prepare for the barrage of “sources confirm” tweets and stories popping up on the sports tickers while we continue to watch the World Cup. Is there a better chance for a up-and-coming reporter to gamble on a “source story” than right now? Whatever the lead may be, anything that involves James will be an interesting read. Just for the record: if LeBron happens to join a team in the western conference, they should just designate the eastern conference as “the other d-league” or something along those lines. If LeBron only cares about winning, he could beat Melo to the punch and join the Bulls. An easy path to Finals makes it most likely that LeBron stays in the same conference, which is why even a return to Cleveland is now in play. But can James really put away all the bad blood between himself, the fans and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert? Cleveland’s first pick in this year’s draft sweetens up the pot and makes it seem like a much more enticing location. It’s just that the Cavaliers are such a mess right now and I don’t think throwing LeBron at the situation will fix their problems. There’s also the possibility that James just heads to the Lakers and tries to stay in the biggest spotlight possible. Or what about their same-city rivals the Clippers? My mind is racing with the possibilities that can happen for the best basketball player on the planet. LeBron, for the love of everything that you’re trying to represent, please don’t make another “The Decision” mistake again. That’s honestly my only request.

My BOLD prediction: LeBron James shocks the world and decides to sign for the Dallas Cowboys.

2014 NBA Finals: Spurs eliminate Heat to win 5th title in franchise history


It’s said that to truly enjoy a certain achievement or title, one must first learn to lose. To lose means that it’s going to make that final victory that much sweeter. Interesting that it’s topic for the San Antonio because this is a franchise with plenty of history that involves winning and when it comes down to it, the Spurs are the staple franchise in the NBA. Sure, they’re in one of the smaller markets and not the big, flashy destination for free agents but that doesn’t matter. The Spurs win in a more traditional way, sort of the way a team is “supposed” to win. But since the 2007 sweep of the Cavaliers, the Spurs had not tasted ultimate success. They were always around as a perennial contender but that final step was lacking. No more. The Spurs are once again NBA champions, finishing off the Heat last night (4-1) to capture their fifth title. Kawhi Leonard, who is only 22 years old, was named the Finals MVP and is the youngest to do so since, guess who? That’s right, his teammate Tim Duncan was about the same age when the Spurs won their first title back in ’99. Speaking of Tim Duncan, he’s the only player in history to win a championship in three (3!) different decades. Incredible to think that it’s been a 15 year gap since the Gregg Popovich/Tim Duncan duo won their five titles. Will we ever see that again? I’d find it VERY hard to believe but who knows, maybe Leonard does it again? Anyways, all the Spurs players deserve praise. Because as we’ve known for years and years, it’s not about the individual player achievements for them. They continued to stress team play and team efficiency. And it’s what we saw last night as the Spurs absorbed the Heat’s best shot in the 1st quarter and then went on to dominate the game.

Just about the only thing that LeBron James could do was say “man, screw this, i’m winning this” and for a while, it looked like LeBron was going to score 70 points in the game to keep Miami alive. 17 in the first quarter but even the best player on the planet isn’t a match for the best team on the planet. Miami controlled the first quarter but fizzled away quickly after that. The difference was, and has been, in the supporting cast. Since the beginning of the series, Kawhi Leonard played much, much better but so did the less-known players on San Antonio. Where was the Heat’s lesser known staff? You know what, not just the lesser known staff. How about the non-LeBron players? LeBron (31 pts, 10 reb, 5 ast) but no one else contributed meaningful minutes. Not even the other “big 3” players Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. What now for them? They made history by reaching four straight finals but because they didn’t hoist the trophy, it’s labeled as a failure. LeBron didn’t answer questions about his offseason but at the very least, we’re having discussions about whether or not he’s going to stay or opt out of his contract. The Heat’s biggest weapon during their two-year dominance was their ability to step their game up to a level that no other team could reach. This year it didn’t happen and it’s unknown if they can even do it again with this cast. We’ll just have to wait and see. Hey, at least this video is funny again! Enough about the Heat.

This season was and will be known as the Spurs’ season. The redemption happened, and after such a heartbreaking loss last year, it’s all good. Take it from a lifelong Mavericks fan. The demons from ’06/’07 were still with Dirk and the franchise until 2011, when the final winner was Dallas and all was forgotten. The same goes for San Antonio, who tasted the sweetest of victories last night exactly one season later. Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili (four titles each now) all claimed that this is the title that feels the best. Not because they took down the league’s biggest foe, but for themselves and for the franchise and for their fans and for the city of San Antonio. The one thing that surprised me the most was how much better, for most of the series, the Spurs looked. When you take a closer look at the series, it mirrors the postseason in one neat package. Just like the opening rounds of the playoffs, the first two games of the Finals were chaotic and unpredictable. Either team could’ve taken the opening games. But as the series went on, order was restored; much like the playoffs after the first two rounds. The team that “deserved” to win, did in fact win. It’s a rare thing to see in sports. The “good guys” coming out on top. Last night was a win a team basketball and even if you’re a disgruntled Heat fan right now, one has to appreciate what the Spurs did to the fullest. The Spurs are the kings of basketball and we should all take a moment to appreciate how they did it.

2014 NBA Finals: Spurs take commanding lead


For the first time in the NBA Finals, one team has looked completely dominant over the other for an entire game. The Spurs were masterful against Miami last night, dominating early and often to put themselves only one victory away from once again, capturing basketball glory. I can’t stress how much better, free and clear, the Spurs were than the Heat during most of the last night’s game. Is it too much to say that Miami looked slightly like the the 2007 Cavs? Only in the sense that LeBron James was doing everything possible (mostly in the 3rd) to get his team back into the game, only to be answered by more excellent basketball by San Antonio. Remember game 4, when the Spurs were scorching hot from the field? Well, i’d argue that they played even better than that last night. Their shooting wasn’t as great from a pure statistical point of view, but they played more effectively as they created better looks, spaced the floor at their will and had the entire squad in sync. Did anyone else realize that the Heat’s only lead of the night was at 2-0? From that point on, it was all Spurs. Kawhi Leonard continues to make leaps and bounds in his young career. The Spurs forward once again was the best player on the court last night, showing what he can do on the court while continuing to keep his stoic, professional demeanor off the court. Even as a Mavs fan, it’s hard to dislike the guy. And while I don’t want to discredit anything that Leonard did last night, the #1 reason the Spurs were so much better is an obvious one: all-around team basketball. Since the start of the series, Gregg Popovich has maintained the same philosophy and in the last two games it’s clear that Miami has no answer. It was also a record night for Tim Duncan but everyone on the Spurs deserves just as much credit for reaching such a high level last night. Can the Heat find some way to stay alive?

There have to be some pretty drastic changes in Miami’s performance for me, and anyone else, to believe that they’re going to make this a series. The record for teams down 1-3 in the NBA Finals spell absolute doom for LeBron and co. The biggest reason for Miami’s demise? Their supporting cast. While the Spurs supporting cast has gotten better as the series matures, the Heat’s non-existent “non-Big 3” players have continued to disappear more and more. And I don’t want to hear any of this fatigue nonsense. Yes, I brought up the point nearly a month ago about Miami’s grueling four year stretch but it’s not like San Antonio has been sitting on their couches for that same period. Only the 2011 postseason was a short one for them but for the past three seasons, the Spurs have played nearly as many games as the Heat. Sure, Dwyane Wade’s older now but i’m sure Duncan and Manu Ginobili would love to hear just how “old” Wade (10 pts last night) and knees feel right now. The excuses can keep mounting for Miami but the simply response is that the Spurs have outworked, outsmarted and ultimately, outplayed the Heat in pretty much every aspect of the game. I’ve never been big on numbers but even if Miami were to somehow climb back into this series, nothing from last night indicated that they will do so. Maybe if they showed some competitive fire. Maybe if a massive LeBron, Wade AND Bosh game happens. Maybe if the Spurs decide that they want to win on the road instead in front of their home crowd. It’s going to take some extreme circumstances for this series to go back to Miami and I don’t see it happening. The Spurs have been on a mission since their heart-breaking loss to the Heat in last year’s Finals and finally, after such a long journey, they have the chance to redeem themselves. Some might call it destiny or fate but i’d like to call it the will of champions. There’s is no reason to doubt that the Spurs will once again don the word “champions” after Sunday night’s (8pm ET on ABC) game ends.

2014 NBA Finals: Spurs bounce back in big way

NBA: Finals-San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat

It’s rare to hear him speak much. And if one does happen to hear him speak, it’s only the minimum and don’t hold your breath on hoping for some headline-stealing quote. That’s just the way of Kawhi Leonard. Known for his massive hands, his “silent assassin” style of play and his potential of one day being among the league’s best players. In the first two games of the series, we had seen little of Leonard and many were wondering if last year’s Finals performance was more of a fluke. Enter last night: who knows what exactly triggered Leonard’s (29 pts, 4 reb) big night. I’m sure it was a combination of coach Poppovich’s pulling him to to side, saying “we need you” combined with encouragement from his teammates and finally, Kawhi’s personal want to just be better. Although it doesn’t hurt when his team shoots like they did. San Antonio’s scorching-hot shooting led the way last night, putting them in the lead early and the Heat were never able to recover, resulting in a big Spurs win for a 2-1 series lead. It’s crazy to think that before the game started, all of the pressure was on the Spurs and whether or not they would be back to take back home court advantage. Remember, before last night’s game, Miami had yet to lose at home in this postseason. That’s partly because of how mediocre their competition had been but mostly due to the fact that the Heat are a really good team. Which is what makes the Spurs victory by such a large margin so surprising. I know, San Antonio isn’t going to score over 70 points in one half again in this series and they’re certainly not going to 76% (76!) from the field for an entire half. Miami managed to chip away at the lead, getting to within 7 points during a stretch in the 3rd quarter but the Spurs responded nicely. Credit to the Spurs defense in stepping it up when the pressure was on. Leonard, having his best game in postseason history, played excellent defense on LeBron James as he forced #6 on the Heat into tough situations and seven turnovers. Because the Spurs have a way to neutralize LeBron (somewhat), it makes them that much more dangerous heading forward.

How does the series move on from last night’s game? I said it before and I still feel the same way. The Heat will respond, just as they did in game 2 but will they be able to look as impressive as the Spurs did last night? I didn’t expect either of these teams to win by a large and I don’t expect Miami to duplicate San Antonio’s performance. What I do expect is better overall play. What’s going on with Mario Chalmers? He’s usually sneaky effective but so far in this series, he’s been blatantly ineffective. Should Miami just run the point through LeBron, Wade or even Ray Allen? Just like the Spurs did last night, what kind of adjustments will the Heat make for tomorrow night’s game? Who, aside from Miami’s big 3, step their game up and make an impact? It can’t just be LeBron James, Dwyane Wade with a side of Rashard Lewis for Miami. Let’s see Chris Bosh get some more touches in the paint. I know it’s easier said than done but if Bosh can get going, it really opens things up on offense for the Heat. Now we’re going to see the pressure shift to the Heat’s side of the floor and we’re going to watch San Antonio play with a chance to take complete control of the series. Momentum isn’t a word that hangs heavily over the series but after their performance last night, the Spurs have about as much momentum as we’re going to see between these two teams. I predicted that the series would go the distance and while i’m as confident as I was before last night’s game, I still feel that we’re going to head back to San Antonio with the series tied and massive 5th game looming. I’m ready for action and the drama to unfold because as the series matures and the stakes get higher, the potential for more must-watch basketball increases.

2014 NBA Finals: Heat bounce back and even series up


So much for the LeBron “cramp” jokes, right? Well, at least now we get the “finally took his Midol” or similar style jokes. Miami bounced back in impressive fashion, led by LeBron’s performance, as they win in San Antonio to steal home court and even up the Finals at 1 victory for each team. What was most impressive about the Heat last night? The obvious choice goes to LeBron (35 pts, 10 reb) during his second-half onslaught, who looked like a hybrid of MJ and Kobe for various stretches, hitting shots that ranged from very tough to damn near impossible. I still think we’re going to look at his performance against the Celtics from two years ago or even the one against the Pistons as his all-time greatest playoff performance but during last night’s game, he was even greater than those two nights. After much scrutiny following game 1’s ending, #6 on the Heat wasn’t impressive out of the gate. James’ performance was very pedestrian in the first half but after halftime, something changed and the best basketball player on the planet played like it. But let’s remember that while LeBron’s brilliance will steal the headlines, the players around him stepped it up big time last night. From Wade to Bosh to Birdman and so on. Team basketball was critical and last night, the Heat were just a bit better than San Antonio. What worked best for Miami, aside from LeBron? Their defense during crunch time. Miami’s ability to pressure the Spurs offense into playing Heat-style basketball was the biggest factor down the stretch. Tony Parker was limited in play-making down the stretch because LeBron was guarding him and the rest of the San Antonio cast wasn’t able to produce efficient offense when it needed it the most. It also doesn’t help the Spurs when, a very critical point in the game, something like a four missed free throws in a row happens. But like Miami, I expect San Antonio to bounce back tomorrow night.

Can the Spurs re-steal home court advantage? It’s impossible to predict anything in this series. If I had one bold prediction to make about this series it’s that we’re just going to see both teams trading blows. One after the other, just like a premier heavyweight title bout. Because these teams are so good, it’s very hard to imagine either of them winning two games in a row. The players and the coaching are at too high of a level for either team to gain a distinct advantage. So the only advantage left is LeBron James and last night proved just that. Can he continue to carry the Heat? Or are we going to see San Antonio force Miami into their style? Those are just a few reason why this series could be an all-time great Finals clash. The adjustments, the big plays, the critical moments, the questionable calls and finally, the potential for another arena malfunction. The story lines are endless but unfortunately for us, the series has to end at some point. All we hope for is that, as they have done so far, both teams leave it all out on the court. But is it a bit too much to ask for another game 7? The people of Miami and San Antonio certainly hope that their respective team finishes the series sooner than that. We’re getting at least a 5th game but this series feels like it almost has to go at least 6 games. It’s too good for quick and quiet ending. It’s been great early and things look like they’re going up from here. The drama continues tomorrow night (9 ET on ABC) so stayed tuned.

2014 NBA Finals: Spurs strike first

NBA: Finals-Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs

Where does one begin to discuss last night’s game between the Spurs and Heat? Emphasis on the word heat, of course. Do we talk about a semi-sloppy, but entertaining first half that consisted of several lead changes? There’s no doubt that the Heat “heat” jokes are in full swing right now, so i’ll spare everyone that forced laughter. But when I think about it, there’s no doubt that it was the biggest x-factor from last night’s game. LeBron cramp jokes aside, I didn’t think something like a broken AC system would be such a big factor in last night’s game. Did anyone? More than bench production, spacing or the health of Tony Parker. Nope, it all came down to the fact that because of a hot and humid atmosphere, LeBron James couldn’t play during crunch time and the Spurs took advantage of the situation, turning the game into a lopsided win. The Spurs were dealing with the same conditions and were able to avoid setbacks, enabling them to finish the game nicely, with a barrage of 3-pointers that put the game out of reach. It’s actually a shame that something “silly” like cramps kept LeBron out of the game. I’ve dealt with cramps when playing sports and while they’re no joke, I think LeBron can handle everyone making fun of his for it. It’s just an unorthodox reason to miss the final minutes. Up to that point of the game, it was a complete toss up for either team. Yes, the game was a bit sloppy (41 total turnovers) but despite the uncanny turnovers by both teams, last night’s game was more or less what we expected from these teams. Match up problems were clear for both teams but like any great team does, they were able to make adjustments and better their situation. I enjoyed how well both teams played; from Tim Duncan’s paint control (almost getting a triple-double) to Chris Bosh’s effective shooting night, it was overall a very enjoyable game.

Much like this past Super Bowl between the Broncos and Seahawks, it’s obvious that the Heat and Spurs are the two teams that belong here. But unlike the Super Bowl, this series will be competitive. Miami, for many stretches of the game, looked like the better team. The biggest concern that i’d have if I were a Heat fan is, first of all, will the Spurs fix their AC system. Second, i’m hoping that the starting five can continue to carry the lead. Because of the Spurs big line up, the Heat started Rashard Lewis at PF and while the stats don’t stick out, Lewis did a nice job with the heavy minutes. Ray Allen was the only player that did well (circa early-2000s) off the bench and it’s worrisome heading forward. What do the Spurs need to do if they want to get a good grip in the series? Well, the obvious answer is to limit their turnovers. Luckily for San Antonio, the Heat were just as careless with the ball. The Spurs just need to keep playing their style and force the Heat to keep their big line up on the floor. In typical Spurs fashion, they controlled the paint, out-rebounding the Heat by 10. Couple that with their effective shooting from beyond-the-arc (52%) and San Antonio is going to be very, very difficult to beat over a 7-game series. Do I expect Miami to bounce back and tie the series? It’s tough to say. As I stated before the series began, every game is going to be impossible to predict and last night’s game epitomized that. If LeBron is in the game during crunch time, do the Heat come out on top? It’s one of the many questions that I expect will arise as the series develops. For those reasons alone, there’s a feeling that we’re in store for an all-time classic NBA Finals.

Previewing the 2014 NBA Finals

2013 NBA Finals - Game Three

Anyone else really excited for round two of Spurs-Heat? Normally it doesn’t matter, but this feels like the right Finals match up. The NBA season had plenty of headlines throughout the season but which teams were under the radar for most of the season? That’s right, the two teams that are left standing. The Heat, surprisingly enough, weren’t discussed as much as they have been for the past three seasons. The spotlight was on the Pacers, Knicks, Nets and generally how terrible the eastern conference was. Miami was dealing with injuries and generally had a quiet season, for their standards. And well, for the Spurs, it’s just another typical regular season for them. Top seeded in a brutal western conference but receiving the least attention of all the contenders. Even though, from the start of the season, San Antonio should’ve been the team everyone was was talking about. But like i’ve stated in the past, NBA circles tend to talk more about how the Spurs aren’t talked about rather than actually discussing Spurs basketball. There isn’t a need to remind these teams though, they’re focused on the prize that’s at hand.

The Stakes: Is there any reason to stress how massive and monumental this year’s NBA Finals are? After last year’s thrilling 7-game series between these two teams, it’s no wonder people are excited to see what’s going to happen one year later. The biggest difference between this year and last? Not a whole lot in terms of personnel but San Antonio’s home court advantage, teamed with the 2-2-1-1-1 format is a huge shift for the series. The Spurs have looked nearly immortal at home this postseason and their home crowd will continue to play a huge part in their success. Especially early on, where the Spurs have been able to jump on opponents for an early series lead. Can San Antonio achieve their fifth title in franchise history? They’ll be within one of the Bulls. The only difference is that the Spurs will have been able to do it throughout a 15 year gap. And a 7 year gap since their last title. Impressive for the likes for Gregg Poppovich (among all-time best) and Tim Duncan (GOAT power forward) as they ink their legacy into the basketball record books. What about Miami? Well, they’ve already joined some elite company just by making it this far in four straight years. Now it’s time to see if the infamous Heat squad can make it a three-peat. Hasn’t been done since the Lakers of the early-2000s and it’s something that engraves their name into basketball royalty. Does Miami have enough left in the tank to lift the trophy?

X-Factors: As it is with any other championship level game/series, any little thing can be considered an x-factor to some degree and the same holds true for Spurs-Heat. Let’s start with San Antonio. I’ve considered only two things that are REALLY going to affect how successful or unsuccessful these Finals will be for them. The first is their shooting from beyond-the-arc. I know, great find, right? But in all of the series, the Spurs 3-point shooting have been the difference between blowing a team out and squeaking out a win or losing the game. The second, and biggest factor for the Spurs is the health of Tony Parker. Before last year’s series, Parker was dealing with ankle issues and this year it seems to be hamstring issues. The San Antonio PG is a huge match up problem for Miami and his level play dictates how the Spurs go. Now, for the Heat, it’s a bit tougher to figure out. Can the Heat turn up the defense to another level as they have in the playoffs so far? Miami hasn’t faced a team that’s the level of the Spurs so far. I’m looking at the Miami bench to make a difference in this series. The Spurs are a very deep team but can the Heat counter with effective play from their own bench? What happens when the “big 3” aren’t very big for Miami? Someone on the bench needs to step it up and make a difference.

Prediction: Even now, as i’m writing this out, i’m still having a hard time trying to predict what’s going to happen between these two teams. In all honesty, i’m just excited to watch the series as we watch these two teams compete at the highest of level. Let’s just hope for excellent, competitive basketball, right? That’s the weak and typical answer. On one hand we have Miami, who have the best player in the world and have also had the easier road to get here. They’re the two-time defending champions with pretty much the same team. To some degree. But I can’t help but shake the fact that the Spurs were SO close to winning the title last year and they’re a better team this year. While Miami has regressed. Even if it worries me to go against LeBron James, I just feel that the Spurs are the better team. The playoffs have had a chaotic start but as teams were eliminated, more and more order was restored. And there’s no bigger indicator of order than the San Antonio Spurs. Spurs in 7.

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