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DAMN! A Sweaty Adriana Lima Rocks New Balance Shoes During Her Intense Workout!

A sweaty Adriana Lima is spotted after an intense workout in Miami Beach

DAAAYUM! Looks like somebody needs a shoe deal with New Balance!!

These were snapped yesterday afternoon (Sunday, Jan. 12) as a sweat-drenched Adriana Lima was seen leaving a gym following what appears to be an extremely intense workout. The Victoria’s Secret model & mother of two daughters is known for her crazy workouts, so this isn’t anything new.

Although doubtful, it’s possible Adriana lived on the high calorie side of life during the holidays and she’s merely playing catchup these days as she gets into tip-top shape for upcoming shoots for Victoria’s Secret. Or who knows, maybe this is just the way she looks following every workout—something we wouldn’t doubt considering she’s extremely dedicated to her craft (i.e. looking very sexy wearing minimal clothing).

A sweaty Adriana Lima is spotted after an intense workout in Miami Beach

Ellen Page Continues To Rock Her “Just Don’t Give A Sh*T” Collection

Ellen Page Out And About In Studio City

We’re allotting ourselves about 30 seconds for this post (for obvious reasons), so we’ll make this quick. Ellen Page either needs to get laid real badly (in order to feel sexy) or we need to pool together some money & send her a Lululemon gift card for the holidays. Judging strictly by the way she dresses, we have to assume her poor & lonely vagina is covered with cobwebs & that’s never a good thing…

And, timessss-up!

Ellen Page Out And About In Studio City

SYDNEY: Samara Weaving Rocks New Balance Kicks On Her Bondi Beach Jog!

**EXCLUSIVE** Australian actress Samara Weaving goes for a jog at Bondi Beach in Sydney

The sexy 21-year-old Australian actress was seen going for a healthy jog at Bondi Beach in Sydney yesterday afternoon. I have a feeling Hollywood producers are waiting for the right role for Samara Weaving before bringing her over b/c this chick has “bankable” written all over her! Currently she stars on the Aussie soap opera “Home And Away,” not that any of you guys actually care. For more info, hit up Samara’s Wiki page >>>

**EXCLUSIVE** Australian actress Samara Weaving goes for a jog at Bondi Beach in Sydney

NYC: Behati Prinsloo & Fiance Adam Levine Cruise Around SoHo

Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo and boyfriend Adam Levine seen walking hand-in-hand day after a Victoria Secret show in Soho, New York City

Behati Prinsloo & fiance Adam Levine looked like they were drowning in love as they laughed & talked while taking a stroll around SoHo in NYC. Just in case some of you guys missed the big news, yesterday People magazine leaked that their Sexiest Man Alive for 2013 will be none other than Adam Levine. Let’s hope this new honor doesn’t force Adam to backtrack on his wedding vows w/ Behati & go back to enjoying the single life!

Adam spent Wednesday night cheering on his woman as she catwalked down the runway at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Check out Behati’s pics below…

Amy Markham Workout Sponsored By Reebok & New Balance!

Amy Markham

Photos courtesy of SunOfHollywood.com

Amy Markham continues to cause a buzz following her most recent appearance on the site where he showed-off her dynamic curves at the “Who’s Your Papa” event from last week. Wonder how FHM’s Most Wanted keep herself in rockin’ form? Well, the Sexy Amy was seen here working out near the Santa Monica Pier. As you can see, squats are definitely a must to keep the backside looking round and firm! OW!! Need Reebok and New Balance to be hooking her up with some endorsement deals!

Want more Amy? Vist the Amy Markham official website and be sure to follow Amy on Twitter and Instagram along with her official Facebook page!

For more photos, visit Garry Prophecy Sun at SunOfHollywood.com. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his latest celebrity exclusives!!

Ellen Page Really Needs To Cover Up During Her Grocery Runs

Exclusive... Ellen Page Shops At Whole Foods

Ya, I get it that she hits up her local Whole Foods following the gym, but can’t she wear a tracksuit or something to help dim the brightness level of those ultra-pasty legs? Hopefully Ellen’s agent will see these pics and buy his client a week supply of Lululemon Yoga-wear as a Christmas gift in an attempt to help not only cover things up a bit, but also *possibly* add a lil’ sex appeal to Ellen’s boyish figure.

Also, as a plug for Ellen, make sure you checkout her new PS3 video game ‘Beyond Two Souls‘, which is an upcoming interactive drama action-adventure set for release on October 8. The game is a product of a 2000 page script, so for the amount of hard work that went into its production, I’m sure it’s definitely worth taking for a test-drive. Ellen, along with her video game co-star Willem Dafoe, were in Paris last week at the official premiere for the game. See those pics here >>>

Taylor Swift Rocks Victoria’s Secret Sport As She Continues Her Search For A New Heartbreak Single

**EXCLUSIVE** Taylor Swift sports an all black outfit as she heads out of a gym in Los Angeles

Looks like somebody’s in the product placement biz and the only reason we speculate is because I don’t recall ever seeing Taylor Swift hitting up the gym in the past. Is she getting desperate these days or what? Who knows, maybe she finally figured out there’s potential value in seemingly unintended “Oh, you workout here, as well?!” meetings at the gym.

Hey, it’s worth a try, especially considering that it’s no longer a big secret that Taylor Swift won’t put until she has her fairytale wedding and the only reason she wants to date famous dudes is so that she can A) remain relevant in the media and in the eyes of her fans and B) she needs inspiration for new music—which in turn circles back to A.

So, what’s everyone’s take? Is Taylor getting desperate or what?

**EXCLUSIVE** Taylor Swift sports an all black outfit as she heads out of a gym in Los Angeles

SoHo, NYC: Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Enjoy The Nice Weather

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in Soho

Mila Kutcher—oops, I mean, Mila Kunis looked somewhat presentable as she was spotted going for a casual stroll in SoHo earlier today with her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

The 30-year-old actress hid behind a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators and wore a flowery light sweater top with a pair of skinny jeans, while Ashton wore a grandpa sweater and a Chicago Bears hat. Just like every other time they bump into the papz, the couple looked pretty pissed off.

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WeHo: Sofia Vergara Rocks New Balance Sneakers! Any Truth To Nick Loeb Breakup Rumors?

Sofia Vergara Goes Shopping At Between The Sheets

Damn, does this woman love to shop or what? I guess when you’re swimming is so much money, why not schedule in a daily shopping trip (or two), right? ‘Modern Family’ star Sofia Vergara was all smiles as she hit grabbed a few items from luxury home goods retailer ‘Between The Sheets’ in West Hollywood. The rumor mill is humming along with fresh gossip that Sofia’s fiance Nick Loeb is cheating on her, but judging by Sofia’s appearance, she doesn’t seem all that concerned.

I feel like it’s a ploy to kick the poor guy out of the picture simply because why the hell would a dude like Nick Loeb want to breakup with his cash-cow cougar fiance?!?! The guy has to be crack-smoking dumbass to cheat on Sofia right now. It’s very likely the cheating rumors were planted by a deep-pocketed Hollywood bigwig who wants to not only see a single Sofia Vergara, but also has the natural desire to sip a little bit of the Colombian beauty’s expresso.

Sofia Vergara Goes Shopping At Between The Sheets

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