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Rihanna Kicks Off New Trend Of Wearing Sexy Nightgowns in Public! OW!

Rihanna Leaving A Studio In NYC 3-18297

Leave it to trendsetting Rihanna to kick off a hot new summer look! You get to stay cool in the summer heat & give off that sometimes-elusive-Let’s-Go-Back-To-My-Place-and-Have-Tantric-Sex vibe! Hey, when you’re Rihanna, nothing is off limits, but if you’re some average chick trying to play copycat, we should mention that being crazy-hot is a prereqisite for walking around in public weaering silky sleepwear.

The photos with RiRi in the full-length dress were snapped yesterday as the singer left a studio in NYC. Rihanna walked around in the nipple-revealing red slip earlier in the week when she was seen leaving Hooray Henry’s in West Hollywood.

Rihanna Wears A Pink Slip Dress & Converse Sneakers-1kjha

Bikini-Clad Balcony Trend: Rita Ora Chats On Her Phone in Miami

Rita Ora in a bikini in Miami, days after collapsing on a photo shoot

For the record, we’re not a big fan of this latest trend of celebs appearing in their bikinis while chilling on their hotel balcony. These latest pics feature Rita Ora (previously: Katy Perry) chilling on the balcony of her luxury Miami Beach hotel.

This just comes a couple days after Rita collapsed during a photo shoot & was subsequently hospitalized for exhaustion. Judging by those boney hips, it looks like somebody’s skipping one too many meals! Regardless of what’s going on, we wish Rita all the best!

Anne Hathaway Sweats It Up on a Hike in the Hollywood Hills!

Semi-Exclusive... Anne Hathaway Goes For A Hike

After seeing Ashley Benson’s workin’ her camel toe earlier in the week and now Anne Hathaway showing off hers as she enjoyed a sweaty morning hike in the Hollywood Hills with girlfriends, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this might develop into a new Hollywood trend. For it to be considered a true trend, we need to hit the magic number of five within a two-week period. Let’s hope Julianne Hough, Adriana Lima & Miley Cyrus follow suit.

Anne Hathaway is taking somewhat of a break from the big screen in 2013, but she’ll be back in full force come 2014! She’ll make a cameo appearance as herself in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut ‘Don Jon, along with cameos by Channing Tatum, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Meagan Good, also appearing as themselves. The upcoming comedy, which is set to release on September 27, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Glenne Headly, Brie Larson, and Tony Danza.

Here’s some plot action:

Jon Martello is a modern day Don Juan who objectifies everything in his life, especially women. His friends call him Don Jon because of his ability to pull “10s” every weekend without fail. But his addiction to porn has made him dissatisfied with life and he sets out on a journey to find a more gratifying sex life. He ends up seeing the bigger picture and learning more about life and love through two different women.[Source]

Semi-Exclusive... Anne Hathaway Goes For A Hike

BREAKING!! Shenae Grimes Gets Piggy Back Ride After Leaving Pink Taco!

Shenae Grimes Gets A Piggy Back Ride!Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Let’s hope she didn’t eat a bean & cheese burrito while dining @ Pink Taco for obvious reasons. These were snapped on Saturday as the “90210” star was seen getting a piggy back ride from her model boyfriend Josh Beech after leaving Pink Taco in Hollywood. More celebrities need to get piggy back rides while wearing short shorts! Let’s hope this is the start of a New Hollywood Trend! OW!!

Did Amanda Bynes Drive Around With A Scarf On Her Head?

Amanda Bynes Covers Up in West HollywoodPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Considering she got shitted on by the gossip community following her previous two appearances, hasbeen actress Amanda Bynes was spotted covering up her face using a scarf after leaving a Coffee Bean location in West Hollywood. It appears she’s in the news at least once a week for a driving related infraction, so it’s probably only a matter of time until we hear about her driving off the Pacific Coast Highway b/c of texting. For the sake of innocent bystanders, let’s hope she takes the suicide plunge all alone…

Here’s one of the last two appearances:
Amanda BynesPhoto Credit: INF Photo; See more photos

Pete Wentz Models The Latest In Douche Bag Fashion Trends

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

All you haters who love to hate, this is your chance to shine…

I guess when you have millions in the bank & routinely bang a new hottie every other day, you start think you’re capable of pretty much anything. Or, maybe you’re just a fucking douche bag?

These were snapped yesterday as former Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz was seen grabbing a couple iced-coffees from Starbucks while looking like he’s smoking too much fashion crack.

Shemar Moore Kicks Off New Trend: Sugar Baby Piggyback Rides At The Beach!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

We’re known for reporting news that nobody gives a shit about, so let’s file this in the same category. As we mentioned a couple days ago, “Criminal Minds” star Shemar Moore is currently workin’ the sugar daddy mojo in South Beach with his friends & their respective sugar babies. The other day we already saw him giving his girl a piggyback ride at the beach, so yesterday it wasn’t a surprise to see one of Shemar’s friends doing the same thing. How’s that for breaking news?
Photo Credit: Splash News Online

MIAMI: Claudia Romani Kicks Off Summer By Catwalking Around in Bikini Lingerie

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Let’s hope this bikini lingerie trend catches on this summer with A thru C-List celebrities!

Major props to Claudia Romani for keeping things on the juicier end & only making public appearances in her bikini while she vacations in Miami Beach. Previously, Claudia cat-walked around in an Italy soccer jersey over a white bikini & before that, she rocked leopard print. Needless to say, this woman definitely came to South Beach with the right attitude.

Anyway, here’s more juice about the Italian beauty (hat tip: Wiki):

Claudia Romani (born April 14, 1982 in L’Aquila, Italy) is an international model and actress as well as a beauty pageant winner. In 2006 she has been voted one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM Denmark, she won the title of Miss Internet by Clarence as well as “Danmark flotteste ben” (“Denmark most beautiful legs”) by Q magazine and Areets Side 9 pige (“Page 9 Miss of the year”) by Ekstra Bladet. She has been featured in magazines such as FHM Denmark, Turkey and Slovenia, Maxim Italy and Greece, Cosmopolitan UK, More!, as well as having appeared on commercials for Samsung, Toyota, and Ford. [Source]

Adoption Super Lottery Winner Matchup: Charlize Theron’s Jackson vs Sandra Bullock’s Louise

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

While it’s more convenient to write-off these adoptions as two lonely celebrities attempting to fill a void in their respective lives when buying a cute pet or finding true love & getting pregnant weren’t viable options, but both ladies deserve far more love & respect.

Sandra Bullock’s adoption news broke soon after she won the Oscar for “The Blind Side” in which her character took in a troubled foster child in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Everyone knows about the tsunami of drama that hit Sandra around that time, but to adopt a baby from New Orleans is a very kind gesture. She spends more time with Louise than celebrities who’ve popped out their own kids.

As for Charlize, news of her adopted son dropped back in March, roughly two years after she separated from longtime partner, Irish actor Stuart Townsend, whom she dated for nine years. I guess she was through with men & just wanted to raise her own kid. Following a troubled past in post-Apartheid South Africa, which included her father getting shot dead by her mom after he threatened them while drunk, Charlize’s decision to adopt an African-American baby obviously came after much thought. Just like Sandra, she too has an amazing character & will undoubtedly make a great mother.

I know this will sound cheesy, but it would be awesome if either of these two kids grows up to do something that truly changes the world seeing how they’re being raised by two extremely strong women.

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