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Miley Cyrus is Today’s Parking Lot Catwalker

Exclusive... Miley Cyrus & A Friend Spotted Out In CalabasasPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Here’s Miley cruising around with her dog in Calabasas following a workout session. The 22-year-old former Disney star continues to use shock & tactics in what appears to be a desperate attempt to keep herself in the limelight (did you see her new shoot for W magazine?). I thought Miley could do some damage to Taylor Swift by now, but unfortunately Taylor’s looking unstoppable these days.

Miley Cyrus Rocks VS Sport & Nike Workout Gear

Miley CyrusPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Miley Cyrus was seen leaving Hugo’s restaurant after having lunch with her friends in Studio City. Not there was girlfriend Stella Maxwell who was in New York City as part of the “Body by Victoria’s Secret” launch. Rumors are that the two could do something crazy like elope in Vegas. There’s no concrete evidence to it but since it was published on the internet, we might as well take notice. Miley will be hosting this year’s MTV VMAs on August 30 and you can expect Stella will be there by her side.

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Made A Coffee Bean Run!

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Stop By Coffee BeanPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Following a brief stint at Starbucks Coffee, it appears that longtime couple Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher have officially kissed & made up with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The lovebirds haven’t been spotted at a Starbucks location for their past few coffee runs. Was it Paige who forced the change or is Starbucks refusing to meet Eddie’s Product Placement fees?

And, in other news, as you guys probably heard, Eddie’s long awaited “Beverly Hills Cop 4” film will be waiting a little longer, as it was recently taken off of Paramount’s release schedule. I have nothing against the “Beverly Hills Cop” series, but Eddie needs to screw sequels and work on something completely new. Not to knock on today’s comedians, but I think Eddie’s still probably in the Top 5 when it comes to standup acts (assuming he’s still doing them).

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Stop By Coffee BeanPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

NYC: Queen Candice Gets Her Workout On! Rocks Nike, Supra & Under Armour

Candice Swanepoel seen out and about in Soho, NYCPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Normally Candice is kind enough to pimp at least one Victoria’s Secret item, so I almost thought she strapped on her lingerie life jacket & jumped off the VS cruise ship (she’s still an Angel!) like a couple other models in the past year (i.e. Doutzen & Karlie).

I feel like Candice is a more loyal breed—kind of like Alessandra Ambrosio & Adriana Lima. She’s truly passionate about what she does & as an added bonus, she loves the people she works with, so why change it all up for a few extra bucks?

BREAKING! Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Go Back To Coffee Bean!!

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Grabbing A Coffee In Studio CityPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

And finally, in developing celebrity coffee establishment news, it appears Eddie & his trophy girlfriend Paige Butcher have decided to ditch Starbucks go back to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Damn, did their contract with Starbucks run out or what? It seemed like Eddie & Paige were newly reformed members of the Church of Starbucks for a few months. I think Starbucks will need to start slipping fatter checks to Paige in order to woo Eddie back to their cafes.

Miley Cyrus Didn’t Eat Much At Lunch With Patrick Schwarzenegger

Exclusive... Miley Cyrus Heads Home After Lunch With Patrick Schwarzenegger

I guess when you’re somebody like Miley Cyrus, your dating pool automatically shrinks—even more so considering she’s limiting herself to L.A.-based guys—so that explains why she’s dating Patrick Schwarzenegger.

With that said, Miley should consider disappearing for three to six months & backpacking around remote destinations where they don’t have photogs on her ass 24/7. Aside from simply meeting new people & having new experiences, Miley might also get new ideas during her travels on what to do with her growing stash of cash. It’ll probably be over the next 10 years when she’ll either blow it all completely or multiply it substantially. I guess time will tell…

These photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as Miley got dropped off by her on/off boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger after the couple enjoyed lunch together at Hugo’s in L.A..

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Veronica Dunne Went For A Jog Around Her Neighborhood

EXCLUSIVE: Actress Veronica Dunn seen jogging around her neighborhood in LA

Looks like Disney has unleashed another one of it’s starlets onto the wild streets of Hollywood. Say hello to Veronica Dunne. The 19-year-old is most famous for her lead role of Marisa in the Disney Channel series “K.C.Undercover” opposite Disney veteran Zendaya. Here’s more about Veronica from her bio on IMDb:

Dunne holds her own as Zendaya’s on-screen best friend; the outgoing life of the party,and free spirit. Dunne, who began performing at the age of four, has acting in her blood; her father is Murphy Dunne (“The Blues Brothers”). She has grown up to stand on her own two feet with Musical Theater and stage as a foundation for her own acting career.

Dunne got her first taste of professional theater when she starred as Cinderella in the Lythgoe Family Production of “Cinderella”with Hollywood veterans Jennifer Leigh Warren(Broadway’s “Little Shop of Horrors”) and Freddie Stroma (“Harry Potter”) for co-stars. She went to star in the stage production of “Into the Woods,” “Chicago,” “Cabaret,” and eventually “The Black Suits” written by Joe Iconis (Broadway’s “Smash”) which let her to New York. there she auditioned and was offered the lead role of ‘Sophie’ in Broadway’s “Mama Mia,” ultimately taking the role of ‘Marisa’ in “K.C. Undercover” instead.

Dunne, now nineteen years old, offers a unique point of view to fans that often look to her younger peers for guidance, setting apart in the industry and providing a different type of work ethic and determination. She aspires to be a strong role model and inspiration to fans of the channel. Dunne loves to be able to tell a story and take her audience on a journey, often performing for the simple act of making people laugh and bringing them joy; considering being a comic relief as a blessing. She looks up to Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chasten and Lucille Ball for their versatility. professionalism , and dedication to the craft of acting. In her spare time, Dunne enjoys singing, dancing, Ballet (point) musical theater, spending time at the Beach and an overall movie buff.

EXCLUSIVE: Actress Veronica Dunn seen jogging around her neighborhood in LA

Princess Katherine Schwarzenegger Ponders What She Wants For Christmas

Exclusive... Katherine Schwarzenegger Stops By A Gym In Brentwood

Exclusive... Katherine Schwarzenegger Stops By A Gym In Brentwood

Wouldn’t it be cool to make a list of top 10 (or 20) things you want for Christmas knowing that you’d get all the items on the list? Well, that’s probably one of the many perks that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine probably gets to enjoy.

The Hollywood socialite was seen leaving a gym in Brentwood wearing bright pair of Nike running shoes. Katherine has stayed quiet about her brother Patrick’s rumored relationship with former Disney starlet-turned-music-industry-skanky-ho Miley Cyrus. Not surprisingly, their mom Maria Shriver isn’t too happy about the relationship.

Exclusive... Katherine Schwarzenegger Stops By A Gym In Brentwood

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