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Kendall Screwed The VMAs; Chills In NYC By Herself

Kendall Jenner Stops By Best Buy In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Reality star Kendall Jenner was seen catwalking inside a Manhattan Best Buy (probably a scheduled photo-op with Kardashian-family photogs) where she was aimlessly pretending to buy something.

As you guys know, the rest of the Kardashian Klan was busy camera-whoring at the annual MTV VMAs last night (more on them in a bit). Anyway, we’ve reached our 15-second limit on all Kardashian family posts…

Stylish Amber Heard Catwalks SoHo; Looks Pissed About Recent Margot Robbie Matchup

Amber Heard seen out and about in Soho, NYC

When you live in a bubble, it’s fun to believe things that might not be true. It’s possible, albeit very, very unlikely, that during one of her daily self-Googling sessions (everyone in Hollywood does it!), Amber Heard spotted the matchup post featuring the poll. If you want to give Amber a pity vote, please do so below:

Anyway, these latest photos were snapped just yesterday as Amber Heard was seen cruising around SoHo while doing her best to keep a low profile.

You guys have any other ideas for potential matchups? Maybe that’s an area we can explore further…

Jamie Chung Buys Gain Laundry Detergent & Duct Tape

Jamie ChungPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Jamie Chung was spotted out running some solo errands in Studio City. Jamie recently attended a garden themed bridal shower thrown by her friends. Jamie who’s engaged to Bryan Greenberg says they haven’t set a location for their upcoming wedding but it will be “somewhere in the woods”. Look for Jamie in the upcoming film “A Year and Change” which stars fiance Bryan. Show some love and check out Jamie’s website What The Chung?

Hailey Baldwin Seen Out & About Tribeca With Her Mom

Hailey Baldwin and mother Kennya Baldwin seen out and about in TribecaPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Hailey Baldwin is currently living the supermodel life in NYC (thanks to her dad’s deep pockets—nothing wrong with that!!) and as part of A-list modeling agency FORD Models NY, she seems to be doing pretty good for herself.

On the other hand, her cousin Ireland (Alec Baldwin’s daughter) also tried the modeling gig for bit but things doing seem to be going as well for her as of late (drugs, booze & trashy boyfriend aren’t helping).

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as Hailey was spotted doing some shopping with her mom Kennya Baldwin near her NYC digs in Tribeca.

Cara Delevingne Corners Margot Robbie at the ‘Suicide Squad’ Wrap Party in Toronto!

EXCLUSIVE: Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie, Jai Courney, Jay Hernandez and Joel Kinnaman attend a wrap party of 'Suicide Squad' in TorontoPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Although we aren’t 100% positive their convo revolved around scissoring, but I think it’s a somewhat safe assumption when you consider that world-renowned-celeb-scissoring-champ Cara Delevingne was in the mix.

“Suicide Squad” has been filming in Toronto since April, so they’re finally wrapping up principal photography (finishes later this week) with a big party which included the cast & crew heading to The Ballroom, followed by drinks at BarChef in The Thompson hotel, and finally to a private party to finish off the night!

Here’s the trailer they showed at Comic-Con in San Diego last month:

Damn, looks pretty sweet.

Alessandra Ambrosio Takes Anja To Tulileries Fair in Paris

Exclusive... Alessandra Ambrosio Takes Anja To Tulileries FairPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

This is simply just one of the countless delicious fruits you get to enjoy if you happen to be the daughter of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel! Alessandra Ambrosio was seen treating her daughter Anja to Tuileries fair in Paris, France yesterday afternoon.

The mom-daughter duo appeared to be having a great time by enjoying cotton candy, playing fun little games and even taking rides together! If you’re in the area, the fair runs through the weekend, so don’t miss it!

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Are Divorced & Happy

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner take their children for a walk with the family dogPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Good for them!

Although, I feel like the relationship Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner currently share is a very unique one. For a couple who are willing to compromise on so much following their divorce, it makes you wonder why they didn’t do the same when they were married?! I don’t get it. On the bright side, they’re both still wearing their wedding rings, so it’s possible, albeit unlikely, that might reconcile.

Needless to say, when there are kids in the mix, you’re always hopeful for the least painful outcome, so let’s hope Ben & Jen can keep this up. Their trek through these coming years will be more like a double marathon through dark, dense forests littered with painful booby traps. I wanna say they can pull it off, but with the media’s constant scrutiny, it’s looking all that promising.

These latest photos were snapped earlier today in Atlanta, Georgia as the family is currently over there so that Jen can continue filming the upcoming “Miracles from Heaven.” The family appeared happy and relaxed on their walk. At one point Ben dropped the pink leash while handing his coffee to Jennifer, which sent her running alongside Seraphina.

BREAKING! Dianna Agron Photographed Walking Down L.A. Curb & Opening Car Door!

Exclusive... Dianna Agron Shopping In West HollywoodPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Here’s former ‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron doing some shopping in West Hollywood while wearing a dress with covered with hummingbirds. The 29-year-old actress was cruising in what appears to be an Audi A8?!? Dianna, live a little! You’re not 65 retired corporate executive—but rather, a hot Hollywood actress! You should be driving a Porsche 911 Cabriolet or something equally sexy! Chop-chop!

Exclusive... Dianna Agron Shopping In West HollywoodPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

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