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Bella Thorne Catwalks Thru JFK Airport Pimping A Chanel Handbag

Bella Thorne seen arriving at JFK Airport

We were gonna comment on her F-Me boots, but she’s only 17. On that note, why’s a 17-year-old even wearing F-Me boots?! Not Cool, Bella!

These were snapped yesterday as Bella Throne arrived in JFK to kick off her promo tour in NYC. Bella Thorne first stop was at ‘The View’ earlier this morning to promote her role as the voice of Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) for Radio City’s New York Spring Spectacular kicking off tonight.

Here’s a clip of Bella’s appearance on ‘The View':

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Gwen Stefani Is Today’s Parking Lot Catwalker!

Gwen Stefani Visits An Acupuncture Clinic

Yup, it’s Gwen Stefani hitting up one of her appointments at the local acupuncture clinic again! The singer, fashionista & TV personality was wearing an all-denim getup.

Unlike most days, Gwen was seen accompanied by a bodyguard after allegedly receiving threatening messages from an ‘obsessed’ fan sometime last week. Gwen called the police after the mystery horndogg sent the singer a stream of messages saying that he’d be waiting for her at her acupuncture clinic.

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Brenda Song Rocks Ray-Ban Aviators & Chucks In L.A.

EXCLUSIVE: Brenda Song seen getting lunch with some friends at Aroma Cafe in LA

Brenda Song, who keeps creeping into the C-list celeb news (the type of news we mostly cover) from time to time when she changes the status on her relationship with Miley’s brother Trace Cyrus. With career prospects looking fairly dim, Brenda needs to either shack up with a high-powered producer/director/actor or marry into the Cyrus family for a few years until she can pop out a couple paycheck-babies (assuming Trace has his hands in the family cookie jar).

Here are new photos of Brenda as she was spotted getting lunch with friends at Aroma Cafe in LA. Her hipster-getup included Ray-Bans, a pair of Chucks, a graphic tee coupled with her usual barely-there short-shorts.

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BREAKING! Kaley Cuoco Walks On Grass After Her Yoga Class!

Kaley Cuoco Leaves Her Yoga Class

Earlier today, “The Big Bang Theory” hottie Kaley Cuoco was spotted leaving her yoga class at CorePower Yoga on in Sherman Oaks. Kaley recently denied rumors that she is expecting a child with husband Ryan Sweeting saying, “Not yet, no.” Since the papz wanted a little something more provocative, Kaley slipped in, “You never know. We’re practicing a lot, so you never know!”

Kaley Cuoco Leaves Her Yoga Class

Kelly Brook Still Searching For L.A. Sugar Daddy; Anyone Interested?

EXCLUSIVE: Kelly brook returning home from the grocery store after some shopping in LA

These new photos feature Kelly making a leggy return to her L.A. home following a grocery run at Trader Joe’s.

Let’s face it, taking into consideration the amount of time Kelly Brook has spent in L.A. and still hasn’t bagged herself a man, I think it’s safe to say that she’ll need to start thinking outside the box.

A combination of multiple factors, particularly age & fitness, might be keeping Kelly from her desired luxurious lifestyle that’s fully funded by one (or more) of Hollywood’s many bigwigs. Any of you Sugar-Daddy/Sugar-Baby relationship gurus out there have helpful tips for Kelly?

EXCLUSIVE: Kelly brook returning home from the grocery store after some shopping in LA

Vanessa Hudgens Covering Her Face: Is She Annoying, Have Acne or Simply Really Cold?

Vanessa Hudgens Treats Herself To A Manicure

I’m gonna have to go with a combination of annoying & cold (although it’s a 80/20 split). I get it, you’re a celeb who doesn’t want papz profiting from your photo, but what happened to embracing your fortunate circumstances in a classy fashion and not acting like an immature 14-year-old? Vanessa pulls this type of stuff whens he’s cruising around L.A., so it’s not like we haven’t seen it before.

Anyway, as some of you guys know, the 26-year-old beatufy is currently in the big city for her new musical “Gigi,” which is currently in preview at the Niel Simon Theater on W. 52nd. You can visit the musical’s official website for ticketing info.

More about “Gigi”:

Set in the magical world of La Belle Epoque Paris, where fashion, glamour and passion prevail, Lerner and Loewe’s celebrated musical is a romantic comedy about one young woman’s journey to find her true self… and her true love.

Vanessa Hudgens (Disney’s High School Musical) leads a sensational cast featuring Corey Cott (Newsies), Tony Award® winner Victoria Clark (Light in the Piazza) and Tony nominees Dee Hoty (Mamma Mia) and Howard McGillin (Phantom of the Opera) in this Tony and Academy Award®-winning musical with glorious songs such as “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” “I Remember It Well” and “The Night They Invented Champagne.” Following its run at the Kennedy Center, this glistening production, with a new book by Heidi Thomas (PBS’s “Call the Midwife”) and direction by Eric Schaeffer (Follies), brings the City of Light to Broadway. Source

For those of you who forgot, here’s a photo of Vanessa Hudgens when she’s not covering up:

Exclusive... Vanessa Hudgens Out With Her Dog In NYC

What The Hell Did AnnaLynne McCord Wear While Biking Around?

EXCLUSIVE: AnnaLynne McCord rides her bicycle through Venice after having lunch at Urth Cafe

Aside from the dress, does AnnaLynne always make orgasm-faces when eating in public? It seems like someone is slowly getting desperate for another jackpot gig like ‘90210’.

Let’s face it, she can’t be content doing TV flicks & making occasional appearances on various cable series. Just like we’ve counseled countless female celebs to do over the years, we’ll have to do the same for Annalynne. Difficult times require difficult decisions. With that said, she needs to ditch her longtime 45-year-old boyfriend Dominic Purcell and use the “Ok-I’ll-have-sex-with-you” card to bag someone who’s more capable of pulling strings for her in Hollywood—and while she’s at it, let’s her new guy’s a little younger. If she’s gonna bang a 45-year-old dude, he better be a bigwig director or producer who’s capable of scoring her a summer blockbuster. She’s only 27 right now, so there’s still time for magic! Chop-Chop, Annalynne!

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the actress was seen biking through Venice after having lunch at Urth Cafe. Judging by the faces she made, it appears she really enjoyed her meal.

EXCLUSIVE: AnnaLynne McCord rides her bicycle through Venice after having lunch at Urth Cafe

EXCLUSIVE: AnnaLynne McCord rides her bicycle through Venice after having lunch at Urth Cafe

EXCLUSIVE: AnnaLynne McCord rides her bicycle through Venice after having lunch at Urth Cafe

EXCLUSIVE: AnnaLynne McCord rides her bicycle through Venice after having lunch at Urth Cafe

Gemma Arterton Shops At Whole Foods in London

Gemma Arterton Shops At Whole Foods

“The Voices” actress Gemma Arterton picks up some healthy groceries at Whole Foods in London, England on on March 18, 2015.

Gemma recently talked to Digital Spy about her mixed feelings towards the blockbuster movies she’s made. “I can say that now that they’ve happened, and I’m grateful for the various things that they’ve brought into my life, but it’s not the work that I enjoy doing.” We’d like to see where she’d be shopping if she didn’t do those blockbuster films…

Gemma Arterton Shops At Whole Foods

Alessandra Ambrosio Is Today’s Parking Lot Catwalker!

Alessandra Ambrosio Drops By The Brentwood Country Mart

Here’s our longtime obsession Ms. Alessandra Ambrosio catwalking through a parking lot after grabbing breakfast at the Brentwood Country Mart (which is pretty much a place where the ultra rich grab coffee, do a little shopping & also grab an occasional bite to eat).

And for those of you missed it, Ale will be gracing the cover of Turkey’s Vogue magazine as it celebrates its 5th anniversary. If you’re flying through Istanbul an any point over the next month or so, make sure you grab a copy! OW!

Alessandra Ambrosio Drops By The Brentwood Country Mart

Was Bella Thorne Desperate For Attention Or…

EXCLUSIVE: Bella Thorne shops for some cute outfits with puppy Kingston!

…Maybe she loves making guys feel really creepy? Who knows.

The 17-year-old actress was seen hitting up stores in L.A. with her pooch Kingston. While out & about, the former Disney star was seen trying on several outfits one of the stores.

Bella’s next big film is going to be ‘Perfect High’, which might sound like some useless teen flick about high school, but it’s far darker. It’s very interesting how Bella wants to be a serious actress. Good for her! Here’s some plot-action from IMDb:

Sweet suburban teen Amanda is introduced by her new friends to prescription drug-sharing, but the recreational fun soon leads her to a life-altering heroin addiction.

Rihanna Works Her Classy Style For “Good Morning America”

Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"

For the amount of Fashion Crack that Rihanna typically smokes, I’m shocked she had it in herself to pull off such a look. The singer looked like she got someone to help her get dressed as she showed up at “Good Morning America” earlier today to promote the new new animated film “Home,” which also stars voices by Steve Martin, Jim Parsons and Jennifer Lopez. The $132 million film will hit theaters later this month on March 27.

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