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Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Make A Starbucks Run

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Make A Morning Coffee Run

Starbucks needs to hookup whoever convinced Eddie to change up his coffee joint with a fat check seeing how the company will get countless free plugs as Eddie & his longtime girlfriend Aussie model Paige Butcher make their daily coffee runs. Previously these two were very loyal Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf customers, but more recently they’ve been hitting up a Starbucks in Bel-Air.

Any guesses as to what they did with the rest of their day following the coffee run?

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Eddie Murphy & Paige Butler Have Seriously Ditched Coffee Bean For Starbucks

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Like we said the last time we posted these two, they must have scored a sweet deal with Starbucks because they pretty much swore by Coffee Bean as their go-to, pre-let’s-have-sex-all-day coffee joint. The only other theory is that they received very shitty service at Coffee Bean and Eddie decided to try something else or who knows, it’s possible that Paige initiated the change? Needless to say, if you’re currently reading this and actually give a shit, don’t forget to click on a few ads & leave comments!

If changing up cafes took this long, don’t expect Eddie to do the same in the sugar baby department anytime soon. Eddie continues to stick with Aussie-flavored model girlfriend, Paige Butcher. You’d think he’d experiment with other chicks like every other high-powered Hollywood big, but I guess Paige & him have worked out very agreeable terms with respect to their relationship so there’s no point in screwing shit up (i.e. Eddie snaps, Paige arrives, Eddie pops, Paige leaves). In exchange for having annoying kids and living a cookie-cutter family life, Paige is opting for life as “Eddie’s Trophy Girlfriend,” who gets to enjoy all the luxuries of that life has to offer, which apparently includes a lot of free frappuccinos and lattes.

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher at SNL 40th Anniversary Gala in NYC

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy was accompanied by his Paige Butcher at the SNL 40th Anniversary Gala at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. During the night, there was a tribute to Eddie who was presented to the audience by Chris Rock. Eddie didn’t make any jokes but just thanked everyone. The big event was attended by many including the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Bradley Cooper, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Keith Richards, Chris Rock and Dakota Johnson. Check out a full guest list of those who appeared on the SNL 40 special. For complete coverage and video exclusives, visit Saturday Night Live on NBC.

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Still Together; Make Another Coffee Run

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Stop For Coffee

I know some of you haters out there think that Paige Butcher is simply Eddie Murphy’s glorified beard he wears while on his frequent coffee runs, but I feel like this woman really keeps this man happy. She can’t be a muse because Eddie hasn’t done any major comedy work in years, so we’re going to assume she’s contributing to keeping the guy happy behind closed doors. Since we’re close followers of the pair, we say with confidence that Eddie’s always happy when he’s around her—almost as if they’re gonna finish up their coffees and go back to having crazy amounts of sex at his Beverly Hills mansion.

Oh yeah, while we’re discussing Eddie, we should mention some big news! It was recently reported that the seemingly ageless actor will reprise his role as police detective Axel Foley in ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4′. Oh man, I don’t even know what movie I saw last, but this one already has me excited.

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Stop For Coffee

Eddie Murphy Took His Longtime Sugar Baby Paige Butcher To The Coffee Bean

EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend Paige Butcher seen leaving a coffee bean store in Studio City

As we’ve seen him do on numerous occasions, full-time pimp & sugar daddy Eddie Murphy was seen walking back to his waiting Rolls-Royce following a coffee run at a Coffee Bean in Studio City yesterday afternoon.

So, aside from lounging around poolside at his palatial Beverly Hills mansion, having endless amounts of sex & making daily coffee runs in his various luxury cars, does Eddie Murphy do anything else? Now that’s what I call a retirement! OW!

EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend Paige Butcher seen leaving a coffee bean store in Studio City

Eddie Murphy’s Sugar Baby Paige Butcher Shows Off Her Sexy Bikini Body In Maui

Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy’s girlfriend, model Paige Butcher showing off her sexy bikini body on the beach while on vacation in Maui. While we haven’t seen Eddie, we’ve already seen his daughter Bria in her bikini soaking up the sun and enjoying the sand. Needless to say, Eddie is also picking up the tab for Paige to enjoy a Hawaiian vacation. Who’s diggin; that toned/ripped body of Paige? Now that bikini body is definitely ready for Summer.

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Greeted By Trannies During Daily Coffee Run

Eddie Murphy Loves Transvestites

Sandwiched between their tight lovemaking schedule, Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher try their best to make a coffee run to their local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf establishment. The only difference yesterday afternoon was the fact that they were both approached by a couple of Eddie’s transvestite fans, one of whom gifted Eddie’s trophy sugar baby a rose.

Normally, their coffee runs are very systematic: Eddie pulls up in his sweet-ass the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT, walks around to Paige’s side of the car & opens the door for her. The couple catwalk inside the cafe, only to emerge a few minutes later holding their respective drinks. Once by they arrive back at the car, Eddie, being a real gentleman, opens the Lambo-style doors on his pimp-mobile to let Paige inside and then minutes later they drive back home to continue having sex in different parts of Eddie’s palatial Beverly Hills mansion. How sweet is that life?

Eddie Murphy & Sugar Baby Paige Butcher Make A Coffee Run in his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

Eddie Murphy & Paige Make A Coffee Run

Normally when we see Eddie Murphy and his longtime play-thing Paige Butcher make a coffee run, we see pics of the lovebirds going in & out of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf location, but earlier today we got inside access of how these two are all over each other while inside the coffee joint order their usual cup of joe. You’d think these two get enough of each other when they’re running around naked back inside Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills pimp pad, but apparently that’s not the case.

Both Eddie & his sugar baby Paige had their hands around each other at different times while inside the cafe. Once outside, Eddie, who normally is decked out in Adidas gear from head-to-toe, opted for a trendier look with a black ‘Paperback Writer’ t-shirt (apparently a reference to the Beatles song?) and a pair of Air Jordans (they’re probably extremely limited editions he bought right after Michael Jordan wiped his ass with the tongue).

Eddie Murphy & Paige Make A Coffee Run

I guess Eddie’s getting a little bored sitting at home having sex with Paige all day (with the occasional coffee break, of course) because news recently broke that he’s working on the third installment of his ‘Nutty Professor’ series of films. The last film ‘Nutty Professor II: The Klumps’ released back in 2000 and made a killing at the box office, so look for ‘Nutty Professor III’ to do the same.

Eddie Murphy & Paige Make A Coffee Run

Eddie Murphy & Paige Make A Coffee Run

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