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Karlie Kloss Seems To Be Doing Just Fine Without Victoria’s Secret

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 - Balmain Dinner

And, all this time we thought Karlie Kloss was going to be part of a new dream team of Angels at Victoria’s Secrets, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. She apparently doesn’t have the time to maintain all her side committments and do the whole VS gig—or the real reason could be simply that she VS wouldn’t cough up the money she wanted in return for her services. We’re going to assume it’s the latter.

For the record, her other commitments include a presumably lucrative gig as the face of Chanel’s iconic Coco Noir fragrance, as well as an official ambassador for L’Oreal Paris. One thing is for sure, she’s certainly building up an amazing resume!

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde: Kanye’s Fantasy or Kim Reinventing Her Image?

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her New Blonde Hair

Sure she can simply go back her old hair at any moment, but earlier today reality TV & world-famous adult film star Kim Kardashian showed off her new platinum blonde hair while leaving the Royal Monceau hotel with Kanye and mother Kris Jenner to attend an event as part of Paris Fashion Week.

This definitely looks like something Kanye told her to do to complete another one of his crazy fantasies behind closed doors. The guy has a big smile on his face (see below), so she’s obviously doing something right…

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 - Balmain Show

Natalie Portman and Elizabeth Olsen @ Christian Dior Show in Paris

Elizabeth Olsen - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring-Summer - Christian Dior - 1-89

I don’t even know the last time we featured both of these ladies, so hope you guys enjoy them, even though we find Natalie Portman on the somewhat pretentious and annoying end of the spectrum. As Elizabeth Olsen, why hasn’t she given Jennifer Lawrence a run for her Oscar nominations yet?! Chop-chop, Liz!

These were snapped yesterday at the Christian Dior show as part of Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture, Spring/Summer 2015.

PARIS: Miranda Kerr Continues Stealing All The Attention, This Time at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Louis Vuitton - Departures

Miranda Kerr is definitely in some sort of fashion zone seeing how she’s stealing a lot of camera time whenever she decides to attend a fashion show. The former VS model made an eye-popping arrival at THE fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week—we’re talking about Louis Vuitton, of course. Miranda wore a dangerously low cut black dress, which made it all but impossible to miss her presence. Let’s just say it sucks to be the woman who arrived right after Miranda…

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Miranda Kerr Getting All The Eyes At Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 - Shiatzy Chen Show

The always-beautiful Miranda Kerr continues to steal the spotlight wherever she goes during Paris Fashion Week. Here’s the sexy supermodel mommy attending the Shiatzy Chen show as part of the Womenswear Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015 going down right now in Paris. We don’t get to see a lot of Miranda these days, so it’s nice to know that she’s still kills it when she steps in front of the camera! OW!

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 - Shiatzy Chen Show

Fashionable Duo Kim and Kanye Are Loving Paris Fashion Week

Kim & Kanye Have A Busy Day In Paris

Kim—or shall we say—Kanye showed off Kim’s high-fashion range taking her from classy to porn-star-prostitute as the couple went from a Balmain (white dress) show to Lanvin (“look at my rack” dress). So, what’s the official take?

For those of you in Paris looking to stalk the couple, head to the ultra-luxurious Royal Monceau hotel. I’m curious whether Kim & Kanye dropped a ton of cash and are staying in one of the hotel’s Presidential Suites—with prices starting at €25,000 (please tell me that’s not nightly!!)

Kim Kardashian Shows off Major Cleavage In Paris With Kanye West

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