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Pixie Lott Flashes Upskirt Leaving Mahiki Nightclub in London

Last time we posted Pixie Lott, she succesfully avoiding giving the photographers an upskirt shot. However, this time she didn’t avoid giving a flash of her white panties.

Pixie is set to release her album, “Turn It Up”, but doesn’t expect to top the charts while going against the new Muse album and Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint 3″.

“Obviously I want another number one single, and for the album to do the same but I think Muse will beat me next week.” Source

Breaking! Pixie Lott Owns A Blackberry!!!

Want to get up close and personal with Pixie Lott? Close enough to see her acne? Well, for the launch of her album, “Turn It Up”, she’s having a contest where a lucky winner will fly on Pixie’s private jet with her to Berlin to attend her European launch party. The winner will attend a lunchtime performance in Berlin and then you’ll fly back with Pixie to London for a nighttime performance. Wanna enter? Click here for more details!

Pixie Lott: FHM UK Magazine, October 2009

If the airbrushing of FHM photos aren’t your style, then check out Pixie Lott close up. Remember, she’s only 18 years old so she’s going to have acne… and unfortunately she’s got a crush on Zac Efron too.

“I have a huge crush on Zac Efron. But he seems to be distracted by Vanessa Hudgens at the moment. Zac could do with being a bit scruffier though. I could roll him around in a bush or something – then he’d be perfect.” Source

Breaking! Pixie Lott Signed Autographs Outside Her Hotel!

These were snapped a couple days back as Pixie left the Liner Hotel in Liverpool.

So, is this chick actually for real?

Granted, I have yet to actually listened to her sing, but judging by the way she dresses, it doesn’t look like she’s marketing her vocal abilities (not that we have a problem with that).

Anyway, can some of you British bastards shed some light on her current fame?

Lady GaGa Copycat Pixie Lott Has Got Our Attention! OW!

Since this is the first time we’re posting her up, here’s a quick briefer:

Pixie Lott (born Victoria Lott on 12 January 1991), is an English singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. Signed to Mercury Records in the UK, and Interscope in the US, her first single “Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)”, was released for download on 7 June 2009 and officially on 8 June,[1] going straight to Number 1 in the UK on 14 June.[2] She is scheduled to release an album Turn It Up on 7 September 2009; and is set to release an album with Electronic Arts in simlish for The Sims 3. [Source]

Watch her debut video “Mama Do”
Her MySpace

And, remember what the G-Shock party we reported about last week? Well, Pixie Lott was also at the event & she seriously dressed to impress:

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