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Elizabeth Berkley Can Still Afford To Shop At Rag & Bone! Good For Her!

Exclusive... Elizabeth Berkley Out Shopping In West Hollywood

It’s always nice to see celebrities who made sure to spend within their limits while making the big bucks because that’s usually not the case. We tend to always hear about once-high-flying athletes and celebs who refused to change their lifestyles when the big checks stopped rolling in and ultimately faced a painful bankruptcy.

Elizabeth Berkley made most of her cash while starring on “Saved By The Bell,” as well as a few features, most notably “Showgirls” in which she played the role of an exotic dancer. She’s obviously still comfortable seeing how she was spotted out & about L.A. yesterday afternoon carrying a Stella McCartney handbag and leaving the Rag & Bone store with a small purchase. Again, good for her!!

Considering she’s financially stable, I’m sure Elizabeth can throw a few bucks at solving her no-booty problem—or at least invest in a pair of more flattering jeans…

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Kesha Rocks Rag & Bone On Her Catwalk Through JFK Airport

Kesha (Ke$ha) wears Rag & Bone Rani Print pants and jacket featuring a two-tone chevron print, a fedora hat with pink flower accessory, a vintage floral print blouse and black and white leopard print shoes as she arrives at JFK Airport in NYC.

Following a big night at the 2012 American Music Awards in Los Angeles this past Sunday, Kesha is back to promoting her second studio album “Warrior,” which drops at he end of month (November 30).

The Nashville-born pop star fashionably made her way to NYC yesterday so she could perform on NBC’s “Today” earlier this morning. She was spotted arriving into JFK airport dressed to the nines, rocking Rag & Bone Rani Print pants and jacket, a vintage floral print blouse, a trendy hat, and black and white leopard print shoes. God damn, talk about dressing the parts!!

Did a search for “#Today Kesha” on Twitter (people weren’t too happy):
Twitter search for #Today Kesha

Since the “Today” show performance isn’t available, here’s Ke$ha performing “Die Young” on the AMAs: