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Nicki Minaj Rocks Adidas Track Pants As She Touches Down in Tokyo!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Yesterday it was Katy Perry who got mobbed in London, today it was hip hop sensation Nicki Minaj who was swarmed by fans when she touched down in Tokyo. While we don’t doubt for a minute that their admirers’ enthusiasm is genuine, we think it might also help that so many of these pop stars are sporting neon pompadours. After all, nothing attracts attention like a chartreuse version of “The Farrah”.

Wesley Snipes Makes Mistrial Claim After Tax-Evasion Sentence!

Blade Man – Wants a Retrial!

Actor WESLEY SNIPES has pleaded for a Retrail after a case that has been dragging on over his 3-year jail sentence, which was first given to him in April 2008 over claims of Tax Evasion.

The ‘Blade’ star who was said to have “wilfully neglected” the filing of his income-tax said that some of the jury were being prejudice against him!

Apparently, emails were sent to his defence team which claimed that three jurers “told us Snipes was guilty before they even heard the first piece of evidence.” So this is enough to postpone a trial that’s 3 YEARS OLD, even more.

Snipes also wants to bring his old accountant into shit. KENNETH STARR was one of the main men talking against his former client in the trial, but at the time he was also under investigation himself for engaging in “criminal activities of conspiring to evade income taxes” with another separate client. Fair enough, maybe?

They’ll set a new date for yet another new trial on the case when/after it gets voted on.

I’m not about to jump ship and say that Snipes did do it, especially after all’a this! But if it is true, why the fuck don’t the richest mo’fos in the World just pay their taxes and move on? And avoid the bad-press, keep up their clean-reps etc? Like an extra $25,000 will deeply hurt your millions!?
Perhaps Wes needed a new idea on a film! But what a way to keep yourself in the spotlight when your agent doesn’t have any good news…

Beckham Family’s Day Out Not Spoiled By Flat Tyre!

David Beckham enjoying some fun in the sun with Posh and son Romeo!

Soccer-legend and LA Galaxy winger DAVID BECKHAM took his family out in the LA sun, and had to get his car towed home because of a punctured tyre!

That didn’t matter much though. Victoria took her three boys, two of which were modelling dad’s old-teams shirts, to the beach. (Romeo in the AC Milan, Cruz = Madrid!) In the mean time, East-Londoner Dave chilled at a mates house in nearby Malibu.

There was even time for famlly friend and celeb chef GORDON RAMSAY to meet up and hang out, as the famous couple looked loved-up on the beach.

Some people have the life, don’t they!?

Real v AC: Posh takes the kids out!

Even a flat tyre on a Range Rover didn’t screw up their day! If only every Londoner got this lucky

P.S. – We want you back in the England National Squad Becks! So don’t pull a hammy having all that beach fun!

UK: “Cheryl and Derek Are FAKE!” – Amir Khan.

Cheryl Cole with ‘pal’ Derek Hough

Don’t worry, guys! Our favourite European chick CHERYL COLE isn’t actually dating DEREK HOUGH – but that’s according to big-mouth boxer AMIR KHAN. The man who clearly wants headlines while he’s outta the ring, claims that it is all a clever facade by Cole and Hough to keep the paparazzi occupied, while they both get on with their lives. Amir said:

I had dinner with Cheryl and Derek in LA last week.

“He’s not her boyfriend. They’re not going out. It’s all just a cover-up to keep photographers at bay.”

Derek Hough was made popular by helping Cheryl through her sick malaria battle just last month, which was thought to have been enough to convince most people that something was going on between them. But – they’ve never been spotted having an intimate moment or even holding hands together in public. The news will be celebrated by Black Eyed Peas-star Will.I.Am – one of Cheryl’s closest pals, who claimed that Derek is a player and is no better than her love-rat ex, Ashley Cole.

Also, Derek will not play any role in Cheryl’s move to L.A. That will only happen if she lands the job of X-Factor judge with SIMON COWELL, according to Khan.

Rumours have also been circulating that Cheryl has been seeing a ‘backing dancer’ from the Black Eyed Peas. The unnamed bloke met her while she was helping out the band earlier this year – around the time she’d decided to give up on Cashley. Apparently, they’ll be seen together in a tour of Ibiza in September when she’ll be helping out B.E.P. again….I doubt that. I think Derek has more of a chance.

Well boys, unless anything is confirmed anytime soon, Cheryl has got loads’a boy-mates, but not an official, steady partner yet. Result!

Big Mouth: Boxer Amir Khan

Another Night, Another Waster…Wayne Rooney!

Hood-rat. Rooney partied hard and got pissed a week before the season starts. Nice!

Now, I’m not trying to call people out for wanting to have a good time. But when you’re a role-model to kids, you get paid a whooping £140,000 a week, (or £36 million over 4 years, which ever you prefer) and your job which requires physical and mental sharpness starts in a week, the last thing I’d be doing is getting plastered to the extent that I’m pissing on a wall in a night out. But then again, I didn’t just let my country down in a failed FIFA World Cup!

Wayne Rooney took shit a bit too far. With his season starting on Sunday in that mouth-watering FA Community Shield tie against Chelsea at Wembley, ‘Wazza’ decided that a heavy night out was on the cards. If pissing on a wall near a recycling bottle-bank wasn’t enough, he also smoked a few rounds, a great way to keep those lungs pumping for that rigourous up-and-coming league campaign! Basically, drunken-singing was his smallest sin. But I’m saying that having been spared of his voice.

Some of his team-mates are still completing pre-season training, day and night gym work out sessions, friendly matches – they’re preety much earning their stripes and being focused for the coming weeks. Our man Wayne here was given extra leave for that oh-so-exhausting World Cup campaign in which he stared so prominently, only to use that time to leave the ‘Panacea Bar’ in Manchester at 5:30am. And that’s when the singing just started. Wife Coleen looked annoyed, if that’s any sort of a consolation?

Sort it out if you want that title back, fat-boy…

BREAKING! Manchester United Star Anderson Cheats Death in Vicious Car Accident!

Anderson with Audi R8 – Involved in a nasty-ass collision

Manchester United & Brazil midfielder Anderson all but escaped death yesterday in a Final Destination-style road accident.

He was pulled out of his Audi R8 model unconcious after driving into a wall in Braga, Portugal. Seconds after being taken out, the car exploded and burst into flames! He was said to have been suffering from “concussion, whiplash and shock.” Anderson is now also having to nurse a knee injury to add to his woes after missing almost the whole of the last season due to injury.

There were two other people with him in the car, a Brazilian man and a woman, who were reportedly unhurt.

Talk about getting yourself back into the firing-line after a long injury lay-off!

Close shave, mo’fo!

Source: The Sun


shania twain black dress
shania twain black dress
shania twain black dress
shania twain black dress

Someone is NEWLY single but, sadly, not ready to mingle! Our girl Shania Twain is officially divorced from douche bag husband Robert “Mutt” Lange. Apparently he left her for her best friend….WHAT A SHITTY ASS FRIEND. I wonder if they were friends before the husband met Shania or after…because that could help explain a couple of things. Our main girl, Shania, was able to have her strike at revenge when she radiantly showed up the Swiss Red Cross Ball and danced the night away with here ex-bestfriends hubby! What comes around goes around (cough cough). MORAL OF THE STORY: DON’T FUCKING CHEAT OR BLOGS LIKE THIS WILL HUMILIATE YOUR ASS. SO NONE OF YOU GUYS BETTER BE HITTING UP AshleyMadison.

Fergalicious: It’s kind of hot.

It’s nice that to know I can pick up a pair of Fergie’s sunglasses in order to achieve this seasons look: THE UNIBROW. Seeing as her sunglasses costs more than my savings and checking combined…I might just decide to get this seasons look by going “au natural” (AKA grow my eyebrows out. Holla at me fellas).

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