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Karlie Kloss Smiles For The Papz in NYC

Karlie Kloss Out Shopping In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Judging by the fact that Karlie hasn’t been spotted out & about with Taylor Swift, I think it’s safe to assume that Taylor doesn’t have any thing to promote this holiday season. Don’t you love those cherished friends who only come around when they need something from you?

The 23-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model was working her near-perfect style while out & about shopping in NYC yesterday afternoon. She carried a little bag from the Joanna Vargas spa & salon as she made her way home.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Today’s Parking Lot Catwalker

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Hits The GymPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Here’s supermodel-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hitting up the gym in West Hollywood with her stylish glass bottle (can you get any more high maintenance than a glass gym bottle?!). Anyway, you’d think she’d be busy doing fashion show stuff at the London Fashion Week going down right now, but it appears Rosie’s taking a pass this year.

Behati Prinsloo Photographed Going Up Curb in NYC!

Behati Prinsloo Out Running Errands In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Now, here’s someone we haven’t seen in a while! We’re assuming she was locked inside some studio getting her photos taken in countless lingerie, so don’t be surprised if Behati is all over the upcoming VS catalogs.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the young model & wife of rocker Adam Levine was in a flowery mood as she catwalked around carrying flowers while also wearing flower-printed pants.

Behati Prinsloo Out Running Errands In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

BREAKING! Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Go Back To Coffee Bean!!

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Grabbing A Coffee In Studio CityPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

And finally, in developing celebrity coffee establishment news, it appears Eddie & his trophy girlfriend Paige Butcher have decided to ditch Starbucks go back to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Damn, did their contract with Starbucks run out or what? It seemed like Eddie & Paige were newly reformed members of the Church of Starbucks for a few months. I think Starbucks will need to start slipping fatter checks to Paige in order to woo Eddie back to their cafes.

Kate Upton’s Latest Catwalk Thru Heathrow Looks Much Better

Kate Upton Catches A Flight Out Of London

I think it’s safe to say that Kate Upton looked 100x better walking through Heathrow Airport earlier today than she did on her arrival into London this past Saturday. It seems like she took a little time to shower & put on some makeup before she left the hotel room.

As most of you know, the 22-year-old supermodel is getting a lot of flack online for failing to live up to everyone’s expectations. Kate expressed her discontent with her various social media accounts in a recent interview with London Evening Standard saying, “I fantasize about deleting my social media accounts. But I can’t.”

We’re going to assume the reason she can’t is because that will substantially lower the amount of cash that flows into her supermodel coffers. She currently has a net worth of $20 million. Who the hell cares how many people are calling you fat & manly when you’re literally getting paid millions to smile at a camera? Life couldn’t get any easier or better, especially when you have world-class stylists by your side.

Behati Prinsloo Catwalks Through Paris Airport

Exclusive... Behati Prinsloo Lands In Paris

Here’s the always happy-go-lucky, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo arriving on a flight at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris yesterday afternoon. The 25-year-old Namibian beauty might get more love from VS now that fellow models Doutzen Kroes & Karlie Kloss have jumped ship after choosing to not renew their contracts.

And just in case you forgot, we should note that Behati struck the Supermodel Super Lottery last summer when she married rocker Adam Levine. In case she gets bored from model, she can always follow another passion with the help of her hubby’s millions.

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BREAKING!! Eva Longoria Chats On Her Phone While Jaywalking In L.A.!

Eva Longoria stops by the CAA office ADDS---KLJSHDKJAH

Apparently, the actress was stopping by the CAA office (Creative Artists Agency) for some biz. Eva Longoria was looking awfully stylish as she rocked a pair of sexy skinny jeans & a simple grey shirt top while catwalking around.

So, now that Eva has officially missed the Clooney train, who will she pursue next? Sean Penn is off the market seeing how he has (unfortunate) long-term plans with Charlize Theron, so options available in the Exclusive Aging Bachelor Pool is definitely dwindling. Keanu Reeves is always available, but Eva doesn’t seem like a good match. She needs a hot-shot—someone with a little ooompf in the ego department (whatever that means).

Eva Longoria stops by the CAA office ADDS----1FSAFSA

Emma Roberts Is Today’s Parking Lot Catwalker

Emma Roberts exits the Nine Zero One salon

Here’s Emma Roberts seen leaving the Nine Zero One salon wearing a “More Boys” sleeveless shirt. Considering her tendency to beat up dudes, I’m not too sure whether guys would wanna a piece of Emma given all the other pretty fish swimming around.

Regardless, I don’t think we’ve featured her before, so maybe some of you guys who dig chicks who like it rough will enjoy these pics…

Emma Roberts exits the Nine Zero One salon

BREAKING! Minka Kelly Shamelessly Shows Off Her Cankles While Exiting Her SUV!

Minka Kelly departs her gym

Hey, it’s nice to see that Minka Kelly is doing her best to get to the bones of her cankles problems by meeting with different L.A.-based physical therapists specializing in cankle removal—or at least that’s what we’re going to assume by looking at these pics.

These new photos were snapped earlier this afternoon as 34-year-old actress Minka Kelly was seen leaving a gym in Hollywood for her daily workout.

With respect to upcoming projects, Minka (somehow) scored the lead on the drama titled “The World Made Straight,” which will hit theaters in February, 2015. We’ll let the film’s film’s release date do all the talking, but hey, there’s always a chance it’ll be 2015’s sleeper hit. Don’t bet on it. While we await the release, here’s some plot action:

In a rural Appalachian community haunted by the legacy of a Civil War massacre, a rebellious young man struggles to escape the violence that would bind him to the past. IMDb

Minka Kelly departs her gymham

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