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Somebody Wants Rick Ross Dead; Car Was Shot Up in FL

Last shots of Rick Ross and his girl Shateria Moragne-el in NYC before their Rolls Royce got shot up in Ft. Lauderdale today

As some of you know, Rick Ross’s Rolls Royce was shot up earlier today in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, so let’s hope he quickly gets a hit on whoever wants him dead before they have a chance to strike again. The shots weren’t exactly fired at him, but the dude apparently heard gunshots when he was cruising in his pimp-mobile & then proceeded to drive off the road. It seems he needs to invest in bulletproofing his Double-R, hire a driver & a security detail that follows him around 24/7.

These photos were the last pics of Rick Ross & his woman Shateria Morgane-el snapped recently as they left their NYC hotel.

Here’s more from Fox News (since they’re the #1 source for rapper shootings):

Police in South Florida say rapper Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce into a building after hearing shots fired nearby.

Fort Lauderdale police say Ross and his companion, fashion designer Shateria L. Moragne-el, reported hearing multiple shots fired in their direction at around 5:00 a.m. Monday. Police say Ross lost control of the silver Rolls and crashed into an apartment building.

Neither Ross nor his passenger was injured and police say it did not appear that any bullets struck the Rolls.

The police report uses Ross’s real name, William L. Roberts. Ross turned 37 years old Monday.

Authorities say unknown suspects fled before police arrived. TV news footage showed a bullet hole in the window of a nearby restaurant.

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COMPLEX: Rick Ross & Andy Samberg Cover June/July 2011 Issue

Photo Credit: Complex Magazine

Most recently we saw Rick Ross workin’ his mojo on various hotties attending the Cannes Film Festival, which ended this past weekend. During one of the nights during of his luxurious stay, the “Teflon Don” rapper hit the famous V.I.P. Nightclub & partied it up w/ Kanye.

Recently, he took time out of his extremely busy music career to have a few words w/ Complex. As random as this may sound, Rick Ross was interviewed alongside SNL comedian Andy Samberg. Here’s an excerpt:

Complex: What’s a lazy Sunday for Rick Ross?

Rick Ross: Lounging in my Jordan shorts, my Gucci sandals, an ounce of weed, and a real thin Polo tee. And make sure it’s Polo because those T-shirts are real thin. You feel like you’re naked.

Complex: Andy, what’s a lazy Sunday for you?
Andy Samberg:: Exactly like the song we do. Get some cupcakes, go see Chronicles of Narnia. If it’s not in theaters, watch it athome.

Complex: It’s safe to say you guys might not hang out on Sundays.
Rick Ross: It’s a possibility. If I get stoned enough I could watch the shit he’s talking about.
Andy Samberg:: That’s true. And I could easily wear a T-shirt that is very thin.
Rick Ross: With some Jordan shorts.
Andy Samberg:: With some Jordan shorts! See, we’re both super open-minded! [Read more]

Check the video!

Rick Ross Hit Cannes! It’s Not Just For Rich White People Anymore!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Just like any other hotshot A-List celebrity, Rick Ross & Flo Rida are holed up the luxuriously exclusive Eden Rock Hotel in Antibes. The hotel apparently just re-opened its golden doors last month to the rich & famous after a four-year restoration hiatus. Brad Pitt & Angelina stay there when they hit Cannes, so how bad can it possibly be, right?

Anyway, these pics were snapped as Rick Ross & Flo Rida left the hotel a couple days back & went for a pimp-ride around the Mediterranean coast. I guess Eden Rock is so well positioned that you gotta take a boat out of the joint! How absolutely pimp is that?!

Besides cruising the pristine Mediterranean waters, the two rappers also took time to hit VIP nightclub, one of the hottest clubs in Cannes. Kanye West was also at the club picking up gold digging hotties the same night…
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News