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BREAKING!! Rob Kardashian Leaves The Gym Late At Night In L.A.! Good For Him!

Exclusive - Rob Kardashian Leaves The Gym In LA

Our 15-second Kardashian-family writeup starts now…

Here’s an example of why pride can be just like carrying a 3-ton deadweight on your back 24/7. This dude presumably has a lifestyle that any dude out there would kill for, but Rob Kardashian went from looking like your average chubby dude to a complete fatass, all because he couldn’t except the lottery-winning reality of his situation.

He was put into this world to enjoy the fruits of his family’s labor, but he insists on forcing his hand by taking up odd gigs like starting a high-end sock collection (WTF?!). He could’ve used that start-up money to buy shares of Facebook, Apple or Google, but he started a sock company. Really? Come on, Rob! You should be setting up shop the Maldives surrounded by hot models, not sitting inside your room pounding burgers!

Exclusive - Rob Kardashian Leaves The Gym In LA

Exclusive - Rob Kardashian Leaves The Gym In LA

Rob Kardashian Found Himself A Hot New Girlfriend (Naza Jafarian)

Exclusive... Rob Kardashian & New Girlfriend Naza Jafarian Go Shopping With Kris Jenner

First of all, I know he probably paid like $1200 for that sweatshirt, but seriously dude…Then again, it simply proves for the millionth time that when you’re filthy rich and famous, even if it’s purely by association, you can sleep with really hot chicks.

These were snapped earlier today in London as Rob & his new girlfriend Naza Jafarian left the Mayfair Hotel with his evil mom Kris Jenner and hit up a few stores on South Molton Street before catching the Eurostar to Paris.

Rob Kardashian Needs To Use Some Of This Sock Money To Hire A Personal Trainer

Rob Kardashian & Kim

Hopefully most of you bastards missed this news from yesterday, so we’ll quickly cover it so that you bastards can proceed with low blows. The Kardashian Klan was seen picking up a somewhat chubby-looking Rob Kardashian from the SLS hotel in Miami’s South Beach to hit lunch at Italian joint Serafina before heading to Rob’s big launch event for his new sock line, Arthur George. The launch was held at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour yesterday afternoon.

It’s nice to know that he finally has some cash flow of his own, but socks?! Then again, I guess releasing a sex tape wasn’t an option & since he’s a fat dude, letting his pimp mom whore him out to the fashion industry was also out of the question, so socks it is! Who knew there was market for luxury socks—especially from a newbie designer? I guess I’m in the category of “Not that fucking rich (yet)” where I’m more concerned with my jeans & leather jacket as opposed to socks & underwear. I guess when you have millions to blow, why not pick up a few pairs of $30 socks designed by the brother of that porn star chick who hit it big on TV?

Anyway, here’s a sampling of Rob’s offering at Neiman Marcus:
Rob Kardashian's Arthur George Brand Socks @ Neiman Marcus