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Selena Gomez Trying To Strike A Comeback With A Woody Allen Film

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

After battling through her share of personal issues mainly fueled by her fame, Selena Gomez is doing her best to refocus on her acting career. She got a little derailed for a few years after leaving Disney with a squeaky clean image. The 25-year-old actress and singer decided to spice up her image by starring alongside Vanessa Hudgens in the horndogg-community-hit film “Spring Breakers” and trying to maintain a stable relationship with Super Man-Whore Justin Bieber. I think it’s safe to say that Selena’s latter decision was the source of much anguish from a mental health standpoint.

Long story short, judging by the fact that she wants to star in a Woody Allen film, it seems like she’s in some sort of re-discovery phase and showing a renewed commitment to her film career as opposed to strictly listening to her agent and following the money. Hey, money is a great thing, but at the end of the day, peace of mind is priceless. I think Selena would agree.

As for the still-untitled project, it will be the third film that Woody Allen will direct for Amazon Studios following “Cafe Society” and the upcoming “Wonder Wheel.” Just like all the director’s previous films, we don’t know much about the story mainly because Woody Allen probably writes everything down and still uses one of those retro-looking Nokia phones. We should note that Selena’s costars include Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning.

While we continue to wrestle with our photo agency issues, we’ll leave you guys with some older pics of Selena previously featured on the site!

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Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Spiced Up We Day California 2017

Sofia Carson, Selena Gomez, Madison Beer and Demi LovatoPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Sofia Carson, Selena Gomez, Madison Beer and Demi Lovato

When you account for how quickly things move on the Internet, I think it’s safe to say that these photos are pretty much ancient (last week). These photos were snapped late last month (April 27) at We Day California 2017 held at The Forum in Inglewood.

As they do every year, a long list of young celebs were in attendance, but we’ve gone ahead and featured just our favorites for you guys. I have a feeling the poll results will be very interesting…

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Selena Gomez Works Her Promotional Winter Style in NYC

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; First two: Own the rights to these photos? Please contact us immediately.

As you guys know, Selena Gomez recently returned from her extended hiatus and these days she’s doing some major promotional work in NYC ahead of the release of the new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Selena was previously set to star in an earlier-planned film, but Universal passed on the idea, so Selena took the story to another studio and now she’s credited as one of the executive producers on the project.

“13 Reasons Why” is based on the best-selling series by Jay Asher and according to IMDb, it “follows teenager Clay Jensen in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush Hannah’s decision to end her own life.” Sounds like a very serious project—especially for somebody who just tip-toed out of rehab. The series is set to premiere on March 31.

Here’s the trailer that Selena posted on her Instagram:

A peek at a passion project I've been working on with @Netflix. @13ReasonsWhy arrives 3/31.

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

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BREAKING! Selena Gomez Is Still Alive! Jets Off From LAX

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

What a pleasant surprise to see Selena Gomez arriving at the airport to catch a flight out of LAX. I’m not sure if it’s just our photo agency or what, but it feels like we haven’t seen Selena in months!

I know it’s probably wishful thinking, but now that her agent has hooked her up with a new boyfriend (The Weeknd), let’s hope the couple take some sort of beach-friendly holiday in the coming weeks. According to the papz, Selena & The Weeknd were spotted out at dinner at Sunset Tower last night so that they could show the papz some love while also spending some time together before Selena headed out of town.

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Selena Gomez Still Alive!! Spotted Arriving in LAX!

Selena Gomez Looks Chic At LAXPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Selena Gomez, as some of you guys might know, has been absent from the media for the past few months. According to various sources, Selena apparently checked into a reputable rehab clinic back in September to help her battle depression. A few days back, following a prolonged absence on Instagram, Selena chimed in with a few words for her fans:

“I have a lot to be thankful for this year.. My year has been the hardest yet most rewarding one yet. I’ve finally fought the fight of not ‘being enough’. I have only wanted to reflect the love you guys have given me for years and show how important it is to take care of YOU. By grace through faith. Kindness always wins. I love you guys. God bless”

The actress was seen catwalking her way through LAX rocking a pair of leather pants. She didn’t smile for the cams or anything, but I’m sure she’ll hit up Ellen in the coming weeks to help shed light on her status.

Here’s the Instagram post Selena made over the long weekend. The post got shared by more than 175K fans on the network!

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Selena Gomez Workin’ It On Stage In Calgary

Selena Gomez Performs In CalgaryPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

For all you non-tweens (I hope that’s all of you guys), Selena Gomez kicked off her Revival Tour earlier this month. It’s a massive 76-concert tour that will literally go everywhere around the globe except Africa (and places like Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, etc., etc.). Last night, the tireless 22-year-old singer and actress performed in Calgary, Canada to a packed house. For all information linked to the tour, check here.

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More Favorites From The MET Costume Institute Gala 2016

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Alicia Vikander and Demi LovatoPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Alicia Vikander and Demi Lovato

This will pretty much complete our slow coverage of the MET Costume Institute Gala. I’m sure we missed a lot of gems, so we’ll run through various sets once again later this evening and have a final post. The glamorous gala comes only once a year, so it’s worth spending a little extra time on it.

With respect to the ladies in this post, I have to say that Taylor Swift was a major disappointment. I can’t tell if she was playing it really safe or if she was shooting for a more mature look? Selena should’ve just stayed home because her dress looked like something you could buy at Macy’s. Alicia Vikander proved that she’ll look cute & sexy in anything, while Demi Lovato was wrapped a gilded frame around herself. And finally, Emma Watson could do much better considering her daring looks on the red carpet.

Margot Robbie, Emma Watson and Hailee Steinfeld

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Selena Gomez Catches A Flight At LAX After Attending WE Day Event

Selena Gomez Catches A Flight At LAXPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Selena Gomez showed her support for We Day California by attending a star-studded event held at The Forum in Inglewood. It appears Selena jetted off to LAX to catch a flight out of town right after the event.

We know these are just stupid Justin/Selena rumors, but it appears Selena was once again screwed by her first-love. With news breaking last week that the on/off/on/off/on/offx33 couple reunited for a few hours for makeup sex and then I guess they were broken up by the weekend because J-Beebs was seen at Sunday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards with Hailey Baldwin (apparently his latest on/off/on/off girlfriend). Various sources are stating that Selena wasn’t happy about seeing Justin at the event with Hailey. I’m not sure why, but after typing all that, I’m suddenly feeling very cheap & dirty.

More about We Day:

We Day is an annual “youth empowerment” event organized by Free the Children. The event started in Toronto in 2007 and is now held in cities across Canada, the United States, and the UK. We Day motivates youth to take action on local and global issues. We Day events feature speeches and performances by global leaders, social activists and public figures. The event is free of charge, but each student group that attends is asked to make a commitment of one local and one global action throughout the year to change the world for the better. [Read more]

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Shine @ The iHeartRadio Music Awards in LA

Selena Gomez and Taylor SwiftPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift

There were a number of other ladies in attendance who caught our eye, so make sure you guys let your eyes carefully crawl through the photos before choosing your favorite three (yes, we decided to be overly generous with the poll).

The 3rd annual award show was held last night at The Forum in Los Angeles and hosted by singer Jason Derulo. There were a wide array of performances by big names like Maroon 5, The Weeknd, Pitbull, Jason Derulo, Iggy Azalea and even J-Beebs! You can find all the performances on YouTube and check all the winners here. For those of you who don’t have time to sit through the full show, watch the quick video recap directly below:

Zendaya, Meagan Good, Kat Graham, and Demi LovatoPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Zendaya, Meagan Good, Kat Graham, and Demi Lovato

Iggy Azelea and Taylor SwiftPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Iggy Azelea and Taylor Swift

Sharna Burgess, Iggy Azelea and and Olivia HoltPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Sharna Burgess, Iggy Azelea and Olivia Holt

Selena Gomez vs Alicia Vikander: The Louis Vuitton Dinner Party In Paris

Louis Vuitton Dinner Party In ParisPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Selena Gomez and Alicia Vikander

This is probably a little unfair to Selena Gomez, but hey, her hardcore fans will vote for her regardless of who she goes against. Both ladies attended the Louis Vuitton Dinner Party as one of the final big events of Paris Fashion Week which came to a close last night. The always-cute & sexy Alicia Vikander is making the rounds just weeks after bagging her first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in ‘The Danish Girl’.

Aside from last night’s big LV show & dinner, Selena made a number of appearances over the past 24 hours in different outfits. Yesterday evening she was out & about wearing some sort of business suit/dress-looking thing (with the shades). Earlier today she was seen paying a visit to Virgin Radio station during which she had multiple outfit changes—she went in wearing some orange outfit & then came out wearing a sparkling black dress.

Selena Gomez At Virgin Radio In ParisPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Selena Gomez

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