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Selena Gomez Working Her Style at the Fashion Awards in London

Photo Credit: Instagram

Regardless of whether she’s catwalking around town with papz on her trail or she’s on the red carpet for an event, Selena Gomez seems to always work her A-game these days. Considering she’s the most followed celebrity on Instagram with roughly 130 million followers, that shouldn’t come as a total surprise! Here are a couple more shots of Selena from the Fashion Awards happening right now in London.

Selena appears to be completely fearless these days with her style choices—even opting for a see-thru black dress (far left) while making the promotional rounds in London.

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Hotter than hell! 🔥 #selenagomez

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Here’s How Instagram Saw Selena Gomez At Last Night’s #AMAs

Photo Credit: Instagram

Since we’ve transitioned to a more economical, lower-budgeted operation, these days we shamelessly scour social media for photos that create the weak backbone of our ailing posts. With that said, we dug around Instagram to get a quick sampling of how social media treated Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards, which were held last night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Aside from Selena creating a lot of buzz with her performance, the big winner from an awards standpoint was Bruno Mars who took home a total of seven awards, including Artist of the Year and Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist. Other winners:

Niall Horan (another former One Direction member) – New Artist of the Year
Lady Gaga – Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist
Linkin Park – Favorite Alternative Rock Artist
More winners here…

I’m going to guess record company execs had something to do with creating that list…

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Any Interesting Theories Behind Selena’s Recent Makeup With Justin?!

Photo Credit: Instagram

Their latest makeup can’t be brushed aside as a your run of the mill PR stunt, right? (Ok, 98% chance that it’s still a PR stunt!) If these two were still 20-year-olds, I might consider it, but they don’t exactly need the extra fame or money that might come bundled with once-again rekindling an old relationship!

We’ll let the numbers do the talking! Justin, believe it or not, has an estimate net worth upwards of $200 million and 100 million Twitter followers along with 93.1 million more on Instagram! As for Selena, her estimated net worth stands at around $50 million coupled with 54 million Twitter and 129 million Instagram followers. I think it’s safe to say that those numbers are just insane.

So, with that said, maybe these two are rekindling with a different mindset this time around? Or who knows, maybe Justin simply knows exactly which buttons to press in order to get Selena considering makeup sex again. Regardless, both people seem to be in a place in their respective lives and careers where they probably don’t care what third parties have to say about their private lives. Now, I’m not saying that Selena’s stupid enough to get knocked up or anything, but fast-forward five years, I think it’s very possible!

This latest hookup will probably last a few weeks at best—or at least until Justin gets drunk one night and posts a selfie with groupies before dabbling in a casual threesome after one of his tour stops.

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Selena Works Her Style In NYC; Films Woody Allen Film

Photo Credit: Instagram

The 25-year-old actress is currently working her mojo on the streets of NYC as she films an untitled Woody Allen project. Selena Gomez, who recently made a huge comeback after recovering from a kidney transplant (thanks to her friend Francia Raisa). The film reportedly stars Kelly Rohrbach, Elle Fanning, and Liev Schreiber. You’ll probably find more papz footage of Selena on set sprinkled around other sites. We’re still sticking to our social media sources (mainly due to lack of funding), so slim pickings over here, unfortunately…

From the Woody Allen film set:

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Selena Gomez’s Star Shines Bright At New York Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Instagram

The selfie above was taken earlier today at an NY Fashion Week event held at a Coach store location in NYC. Apparently fans could share a few seconds with the the most popular woman in social media—at least according to the number of people who follow her on Instagram (currently stands at 126 million!).

How can a girl who was pretty much M.I.A. for months on end over the past year make such a miraculous comeback? Selena apparently became the first person to reach 100 million followers earlier this year. Judging by the sticky nature of social media, we can expect Selena to be around for years or at least until another medium of communication becomes as popular as the Internet.

Selena has been busy catwalking around the city over the past few days and as New York Fashion Week comes to a close, the singer, actress and part-time model ended the fashionable week at a Coach store. She currently collaborating with the brand for her very own collection of handbags. Wow, I think it’s safe to say that the marketing suits hovering around Selena like vultures must be very busy striking deals these days!

And, just in case you missed it, the 25-year-old also has yet another hit single. The song is titled “Fetish” and features Gucci Mane. By the way, is that even her singing? I’m very skeptical.

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The Ghost of Justin Beiber Never Seems To Leave Selena Gomez

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures/Backgrid USA

Selena simply can’t seem to shake Justin Beiber. I hate to say this, but I’m sure Justin still gets to hit it from time to time whenever Selena’s feeling vulnerable, which is probably very often if you gauge Selena’s mental state of affairs based on media reports.

If you aren’t one of Selena Gomez’s 125 million Instagram followers, you pretty much dodged a major bullet yesterday. Apparently Selena’s account was compromised by hackers yesterday after photos of a nude Justin Beiber popped up on her Instagram feed. The account was swiftly taken down as if it’s managed by robots and then minutes later, the account came back online after the photos were removed.

If you’re a parent, this should be a glaring reason why your kids shouldn’t be on social media! Can you imagine all those innocent eyes being forced to see super douche bag Justin Beiber’s junk?! That’s just not cool. You need to create more difficult passwords, Selena!!

The Bieber images were the same ones that were published after the pop star’s Bora Bora vacation in 2015. Gomez and Bieber used to be a couple, but are no longer together.

Bieber has said that the publication of the images, originally in the New York Daily News censored (though the uncensored versions later made the rounds online), made him feel “super violated.” “Like, I feel like I can’t step outside and feel like I can go outside naked,” he told Access Hollywood in 2015. “Like, you should feel comfortable in your own space… especially that far away.” Source

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Selena Gomez Trying To Strike A Comeback With A Woody Allen Film

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

After battling through her share of personal issues mainly fueled by her fame, Selena Gomez is doing her best to refocus on her acting career. She got a little derailed for a few years after leaving Disney with a squeaky clean image. The 25-year-old actress and singer decided to spice up her image by starring alongside Vanessa Hudgens in the horndogg-community-hit film “Spring Breakers” and trying to maintain a stable relationship with Super Man-Whore Justin Bieber. I think it’s safe to say that Selena’s latter decision was the source of much anguish from a mental health standpoint.

Long story short, judging by the fact that she wants to star in a Woody Allen film, it seems like she’s in some sort of re-discovery phase and showing a renewed commitment to her film career as opposed to strictly listening to her agent and following the money. Hey, money is a great thing, but at the end of the day, peace of mind is priceless. I think Selena would agree.

As for the still-untitled project, it will be the third film that Woody Allen will direct for Amazon Studios following “Cafe Society” and the upcoming “Wonder Wheel.” Just like all the director’s previous films, we don’t know much about the story mainly because Woody Allen probably writes everything down and still uses one of those retro-looking Nokia phones. We should note that Selena’s costars include Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning.

While we continue to wrestle with our photo agency issues, we’ll leave you guys with some older pics of Selena previously featured on the site!

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Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Spiced Up We Day California 2017

Sofia Carson, Selena Gomez, Madison Beer and Demi LovatoPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Sofia Carson, Selena Gomez, Madison Beer and Demi Lovato

When you account for how quickly things move on the Internet, I think it’s safe to say that these photos are pretty much ancient (last week). These photos were snapped late last month (April 27) at We Day California 2017 held at The Forum in Inglewood.

As they do every year, a long list of young celebs were in attendance, but we’ve gone ahead and featured just our favorites for you guys. I have a feeling the poll results will be very interesting…

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Selena Gomez Works Her Promotional Winter Style in NYC

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; First two: Own the rights to these photos? Please contact us immediately.

As you guys know, Selena Gomez recently returned from her extended hiatus and these days she’s doing some major promotional work in NYC ahead of the release of the new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Selena was previously set to star in an earlier-planned film, but Universal passed on the idea, so Selena took the story to another studio and now she’s credited as one of the executive producers on the project.

“13 Reasons Why” is based on the best-selling series by Jay Asher and according to IMDb, it “follows teenager Clay Jensen in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush Hannah’s decision to end her own life.” Sounds like a very serious project—especially for somebody who just tip-toed out of rehab. The series is set to premiere on March 31.

Here’s the trailer that Selena posted on her Instagram:

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BREAKING! Selena Gomez Is Still Alive! Jets Off From LAX

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

What a pleasant surprise to see Selena Gomez arriving at the airport to catch a flight out of LAX. I’m not sure if it’s just our photo agency or what, but it feels like we haven’t seen Selena in months!

I know it’s probably wishful thinking, but now that her agent has hooked her up with a new boyfriend (The Weeknd), let’s hope the couple take some sort of beach-friendly holiday in the coming weeks. According to the papz, Selena & The Weeknd were spotted out at dinner at Sunset Tower last night so that they could show the papz some love while also spending some time together before Selena headed out of town.

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