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Adriana Lima Disappoints at amfAR’s 22nd Cinema Against AIDS Gala

68th Annual Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's 22nd Cinema Against AIDS Gala

We gotta call it like it is & sadly, the forever great Adriana Lima showed up looking like a hot mess at the amfAR’s 22nd Cinema Against AIDS Gala. As much as I hate to admit this, but when I first saw her, “Housewives of New Jersey” broke through my mental security systems and came to mind. Obviously, that’s never a good sign. Who knows, maybe Adri’s trying to appeal to Tiger Woods now that he’s single, but then again, Tiger Woods isn’t exactly a type of dude who has to be woo’d, especially if your name is Adriana Lima!

Since we’re diehard Adriana Lima Apologists, we’ll have to make excuses on her behalf:
1. Her makeup artist called in sick
2. Adriana forgot her glasses back in Miami and lost her contacts, so she caked it on a little too much
3. Please help add more excuses in the comments…

Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes & Irina Shayk Hit The Red Carpet in Cannes!

Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes

Pictured: Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes

I thought the ladies looked amazing at the Chopard party over the weekend, but it seems like that event was merely a laid back practice run for Adriana Lima & Irina Shayk. The ladies hit the red carpet for yesterday’s star-studded “Sicario” premiere. The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve and stars Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin and Jon Bernthal. Officially, it’s been selected to compete for the coveted Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

With respect to the photos, I think it’s fairly obvious Adriana Lima & Irina Shayk are making the normally extremely sexy Doutzen Kroes appear somewhat bland and boring. Since we have tremendous amount of respect for Doutzen, we’ll still include her in our poll directly below:

The Over-40 Club Matchup: Mariah vs JLo vs Celine

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion

Pictured: Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Celine Dion

Battling with an army of fame-hungry chicks in their 20s trying to get noticed with in their finest stripper dresses, old-schoolers were more than ready for the challenge.

Unfortunately when you’re battling with age at the same time, the red carpet strategy boils down to flaunting your one or two (if you’re lucky) redeeming features so that attention is kept off your least flattering feature (typically the face).

With that said, let’s meet the members of the Over 40 Club limping down the red carpet in their priceless stilettos. First up is 47-year-old Celine Dion, who opted to show off her legs & possibly other things from other camera angles. Mariah, who turned 45 back in March, was rocking some big shades while at the same time motorboating the papz. And finally, we have the seemingly ageless 45-year-old Jennifer Lopez (thanks to the help of L.A. & Miami-based plastic surgeons) killing the red carpet as she has done for the past 35 years!

Make sure you check out all the other red carpet photos from last night’s 2015 Billboard Music Awards!

Christina Milian Shows Off Her Bikini Body in Miami

Christina Milian shows off her amazing figure in a multicolored snakeskin print bikini on the beach in Miami

The forever young Christina Milian was seen working her bikini body in a multicolored bikini on the beach earlier today. The 33-year-old singer-turned-reality-TV star wore a pink, blue and purple string bikini, a pair of snake earnings and a #WCW necklace, as she sent the afternoon on the beach soaking up the sun with some friends and her dog.

Christina, who’s rumored to be dating longtime friend Lil Wayne, was also sporting a gold band on her ring finger. I’m not too sure about the rumors because let’s face it, the fact that Christina’s hasn’t gotten knocked up yet means that she’s probably not dating the guy.

Anyway, here’s Christina and her sisters Danielle and Liz chatting with Bossip about her new show (“Christina Milian Turned Up“) earlier this year:

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Miranda Kerr Spices Up Cannes Film Festival

Celebrity Sightings During 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival

As expected, the beautiful Miranda Kerr was seen catwalking down the streets of Cannes earlier today looking like a million bucks, so it’s no wonder the papz got to her! It appears she was headed to an event—presumably the “Mad Max: Fury Road” premiere set for later today. While we await the red carpet photos from the premiere, we’ll let you guys feast your eyes on the ones we have right now…

So, any guesses as to which billionaire, yacht-owning sugar daddy will get a hold of Miranda during the film festival?

Miranda Kerr arrives at Magnum beach during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival

Get Ready For Doutzen Kroes To Hit The Red Carpet in Cannes!

Doutzen Kroes arrives at a hotel in Cannes to attend the 68 Cannes film festival

Doutzen Kroes was seen arriving at her hotel in Cannes earlier today with hubby DJ Sunnery James. It appears they left their two kids behind, so I guess they’re looking to having some fun in Cannes! OW!

I have a feeling Doutzen will be walking the red carpet during the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ screening at the 68th Cannes Film Festival, which officially kicks off tomorrow! The festival will run through May 24, so if you’re a big fan of red carpet photos, you’re going to really enjoy the next couple weeks.

Megan Fox Still Filming The Same ‘TMNT 2′ Scene

Megan Fox Films "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2"

Or maybe she wears the same clothes through the entire movie? Who knows, who cares—blah, blah, blah—it’s Megan Fox and she’s working her mojo as April O’Neill on the set of the ‘TMNT’ sequel. The film will hit theaters in June 3, 2016.

Since we love numbers, will dish them out now. The first film in this latest series by producer Michael Bay was released August, 2014 with a production budget of roughly $125 million. That film went on to make nearly $500 million ($485m), so with a return on investment like that, I’m sure Michael Bay will keep churning these bad-boys out for at least the next 10-15 years or as long as people continue to watch (hint: they’ll continue to watch).

Super Cougar Jennifer Lopez Catwalks Around ‘Idol’ Studios

Jennifer Lopez - at the American Idol studio in Hollywood adds--819271

We’ve said it countless times before & we’ll continue to say it over and over again, Jennifer Lopez looks amazing. Hell, she’d look amazing for a 25 or 35-year-old, so it’s even more amazing considering the fact that she’s 45. Let’s just say if there was a Cougar Hall of Fame, JLo would be one of its leading members.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the ‘American Idol’ judge was seen walking around before showtime. And, for those of you who missed it, JLo was last seen on the red carpet over the weekend at the Met Gala in NYC. Check those photos here.

Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima At The Met Gala 2015

Miranda Kerr - 2015 Met Gala in NYC adds-1-1

If you were in the market for recently separated Victoria’s Secret models, the MET Gala in NYC was the place to be last night! Of course, you had to have fairly deep pockets to attend, but then again, if you’re fishing for the mother of all trophy-girlfriends, you can’t exactly be cruising around in a little tug boat expecting to get any attention. These women know what they want and they’re just patiently waiting…

Both ladies, Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima, took it easy on the red carpet last night. Adri went dark & goth, where as Miranda opted for a simple short dress. I guess after you look at what Beyonce & Rihanna wore, normal outfits can start to look extremely bland and boring. I just expected a little more effort from Miranda and Adriana, but as always, we’re very forgiving when it comes to these two.

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