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Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

Exclusive... Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel Take Her Son To Color Me MinePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

There are multiple scenarios playing out behind the scenes after seeing these latest photos of Miranda Kerr and her boyfriend Evan Spiegel visiting a ‘Color Me Mine’ store in Calabasas with her son Flynn, so we’ll go ahead and list them below:

1. Miranda’s vetting Evan as a future father figure to her son Flynn
2. Miranda’s playing hard to get in the bedroom and forcing Evan to jump through hoops
3. Things are going really well on the relationship front, so Evan is finally opening up to Miranda’s son
4. This visit took place either right before sex or after (odds favor the former).

Regardless of what’s going on, according to the papz, all three had a blast and were all smiles as they made their way out of the store.

And, since it was the weekend, we missed these photos of Miranda taking her dog for a walk with a friend & her son Flynn:

Exclusive... Miranda Kerr And Her Son Walk Their DogPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Jessica Alba Attends The Pennsylvania Conference For Women

Pennsylvania Conference For WomenPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Jessica Alba gave all attendees at the Pennsylvania Conference For Women a taste of celebrity as the actress-turned entrepreneur gave one of the keynote speakers at the event. Jessica probably discussed how she juggles life as a mom, actress & businesswoman. As most of you know, the 34-year-old is the co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of The Honest Company.

Minka Kelly vs Alessandra Ambrosio: The Parking Lot Catwalker Matchup

Minka Kelly Out And About In West HollywoodPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

We should note that Minka Kelly is handicapped by inferior lighting during her parking lot catwalker. The fact that Minka’s not wearing workout gear in these photos actually helps her, but that’s just our opinion.

Both ladies were out & about in L.A. yesterday afternoon, with Minka doing some shopping in West Hollywood and Alessandra Ambrosio hitting up her daily workout in Santa Monica.

Elisabetta Canalis Is Today’s Parking Lot Catwalkers!

Elisabetta Canalis Shops For Groceries In Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Judging her leggy outings as of late, you can tell that Elisabetta Canalis is very pleased with her continuing progress with her post-pregnancy recovery.

As the caption notes, The 37-year-old Italian beauty literally just gave birth to a baby girl named Skyler Eva w/ hubby & Beverly Hills-based orthopedic surgeon Brian Perri. The couple tied the knot in Sardinia last year.

Miranda Kerr Looking Beautiful At The Swarovski Star Event in NYC

Miranda Kerr Raises The Swarovski Star In New York CityPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

As the company’s spokeswoman since 2013, the always-beautiful Miranda Kerr had the honor of raising the Swarovski Star earlier today in NYC. The reportedly 550-pound Swarovski star will sit on top of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, which will be officially unveiled during the 82nd Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 3.

Here are more details about the star from the company’s official press release:

The Swarovski Star is comprised of 25,000 crystals, with 1,000,000 facets, and it measures 9 ½ feet in diameter and 1 ½ feet deep. The Star weighs 550 pounds, including 300 pounds of crystal panels, and is composed of six outer rays and six smaller inner rays.

The main surfaces of the rays are made of point-mounted safety glass which is the same shatter-proof glass that adorns the facades of New York City buildings. The crystals are affixed to the inner sides of the glass in a tight, scale-like pattern to ensure maximum brilliance. The Star is illuminated by 720 energy-efficient LED bulbs on 3,000 feet of wire.

A team of nine artisans spent 1,200 hours installing, programming and testing the Star to ensure the effects would withstand the challenging winter weather conditions sitting 76-feet above Rockefeller Plaza. A replica of the Swarovski Star will also be on display in Rockefeller Center to allow visitors the opportunity to get a closer view of the detailing and craftsmanship.

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Jessica Alba Catwalks Around Beverly Hills

Jessica Alba Goes Shopping In Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Not sure if this is a photo-op or what, but actress Jessica Alba was seen hitting up a Pea in the Pod location while out & about shopping in Beverly Hills. Jessica did her best to keep a low profile by wearing a stylish hat, oversized shirt & bell bottom mom-jeans.

And, just in case some of you missed our earlier post, Jessica, along with a long list of Hollywood moms was seen working her high-fashion style at the BABY2BABY Gala held at 3Labs in Culver City over the weekend. Check those photos here >>>

Mila Kunis Hits Another Lunch With Friends

Exclusive... Mila Kunis Spotted Out For Lunch With FriendsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

It appears Mila Kunis is enjoying a very balanced life post-motherhood as she was spotted hitting up another lunch with friends, this time at the restaurant Cocina Condesa in Studio City. We’re pretty sure Mila’s well aware of how Hollywood works, so we’re going to assume her daughter Wyatt either stays with one of the grandmas or with some painfully unattractive nanny.

Mila’s latest film set to go into production is “Bad Moms,” which will also star Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate. The film will probably release sometime in 2016. Check our previous Mila post to find out more info.

Alessandra Ambrosio Hits Lunch With Her Son

Alessandra Ambrosio & Son Out For Lunch In Santa MonicaPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

With all the Gwen Stefani news dropping recently about her nanny banging her husband for the past three years, you gotta love how Alessandra Ambrosio is playing it safe by not having a stay-at-home nanny and choosing to do most of the care-taking by herself. Even though she’s a supermodel, I guess dudes simply can’t be trusted.

These latest photos were snapped just yesterday as the Victoria’s Secret mommy was spotted out for a lunch in Santa Monica with her son and one of her friends. As most of you know, earlier this week Ale walked the runway at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in NYC. Make sure you checkout her runway photos >>>

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“Bad Moms” Star Mila Kunis Hits Lunch With Friends in L.A.

Exclusive... Mila Kunis Out For Lunch With Some FriendsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

No worries if you haven’t heard of the film “Bad Moms” because it’s one that Mila very recently signed on to, along with co-stars Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate. The film is co-written & directed by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore (they’re the two writers behind the ‘Hangover’ series), so I’m kind of already looking forward to this film. Here’s more about the film (via IMDb):

A woman with a seemingly perfect life – a great marriage, overachieving kids, beautiful home, stunning looks and still holding down a career. However she’s over-worked, over committed and exhausted to the point that she’s about to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two other over-stressed moms and all go on a quest to liberate themselves from conventional responsibilities, going on a wild un-mom like binge of freedom, fun and self-indulgence – putting them on a collision course with PTA Queen Bee Gwendolyn and her clique of devoted perfect moms.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as Mila was spotted out for lunch with some friends at Morton’s in Burbank.

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