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Paula Labaredas Displays Her Sexy MoeJackson Style

Paula Labaredas

It’s been months since we last did our last post of Paula Labaredas. Here’s Paula showing MoeJackson some love as she looks sexy rockin’ her MoeJackson Bastardly apparel in these selfies. Recently, Paula appeared on the cover of Pompano Today, the first lifestyle magazine for Pompano Beach, Florida.

Want more Paula? Check out Paula on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. For more on Paula, visit the Paula Labaredas official website. You can also see more in Paula’s juicy MoeJackson category too!

Natalie Gal Looks Sexy Wearing Her MoeJackson Tanktop

Natasha Galkina

Natalie Gal (Natasha Galkina) is looking very sexy in these shots wearing her MoeJackson tanktop. As we previously mentioned, Natalie has been very busy recently as she’s now a face of PETA promoting the anti-fur conscious message in Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Europe. You may also catch her as the face of multiple jewelry and swimwear brands when she’s not busy hosting for FashionTV. Natalie’s now producing her movie “Gia”. Follow her on both Twitter and Instagram. Check out her personal Fashion Blog that she keeps updated often where she shares her modeling tips, fashion sense, relationship advice with young girls. Learn even more about Natalie at the Natalie Gal official website.

CANNES: Madonna Is Today’s Parking Lot (Old)Catwalker

Semi-Exclusive... Madonna Boards A Yacht In Cannes

Madge turns 56 next Saturday (August 16) and apparently plans to spend it cruising around the Medditerrean with her family & friends on board a luxury yacht. As we’ve been posting for the past few days, Lourdes, Rocco & others including Madonna’s new boy-toy Timor Stephens have been enjoying the high-life in South France.

These latest pics show Madonna boarding a yacht to join the big party, so expect to see plenty of pics in the coming days…

Semi-Exclusive... Madonna Boards A Yacht In Cannes

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ATLANTIC CITY: Tara Reid Shows Off Her New Stomach at a Halloween Pool Party At Harrah's

Tara Reid Attends A Halloween Party At Harrah's

I still can’t believe that out of all the hot chicks, the marketing exec behind this event went with TARA REID?! Amazing. We’re assuming she came real cheap. These were snapped over the weekend (Saturday) as Tara hosted a Halloween Party at The Pool At Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ.

Anyway, for those of you who forgot, Tara Reid was famous for having a mutant stomach, but it appears she got somebody to pay for a new one! Good for her!!

Here’s a before photo:

Tara Reid's Mutant Stomach

Here’s a closeup following multi-million dollar plastic surgery:

Tara Reid Attends A Halloween Party At Harrah's 2

Claudia Romani Sneak Peek of New “OW!” Bastardly Tanktop!!

Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani posted on her Instagram account a little preview into our latest of Bastardly Apparel, or if you wanna get fancy, some Bastardly Couture. You’ve seen us plastering beautiful ladies with an OW! for years so it made perfect sense for us to produce a sexy tanktop to give our Bastardly Ladies an OW! they can show-off on a daily basis. We’ve got love for all you ladies and if you wanna get your hands to display your OW! pride, hit us up at contact@moejackson.com!

As for our friend of the site, the gorgeous Italian glamour model Claudia Romani, let’s give some plugs to the Claudia Romani official website, Like Claudia on Facebook, Follow Claudia on Twitter, and Follow her on Instagram too for all Claudia all the time!

Be sure to check out all of Claudia’s juicy category for more of this sexy Italian!!

Natalie Gal Hits The Town In MoeJackson’s Bastardly T-Shirt

Natalie Gal

Photos courtesy of Natalie Gal

Russian beauty Natalie Gal (Natasha Galkina) showed her Bastardly style rocking out in our tee. The model/actress first came to attention in the eighth series of America’s Next Top Model. She’s lived between London, LA, NYC and Dallas and is currently filming an indie in Austin. The film is about a tough chick having a hard life, riding a bike, and killing bad guys; it’s just her character, of course! A few other things you might not have known about Natalie is that she likes to co-produce projects in which she’s involved because it gives her a sense of more control over the process. In addiiton she likes to add her own touch to the film or shoot. According to her Wiki, she’s also got a part in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road film.

If you’re not already following her she’s very active on both Twitter and Instagram. She’s set up a fashion blog that she keeps updated often where she shares her modeling tips, fashion sense, relationship advice with young girls. Learn even more about Natalie at the Natalie Gal official website and personal Natalie Gal Fashion Blog. Be sure to also follow her on both Twitter and Instagram.

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The Hot & Sexy Ladies Who Attended Kandyland, Sponsored By Zing Vodka

Kandyland Hot Babes

Photos courtesy of SunOfHollywood.com

As we wrap up our coverage from the 8th Annual Kandyland, we want to give props to Garry “Prophecy” Sun for his awesome photography and providing us with the inside scoop on the hottest parties in Hollywood. Here’s the last set from the party with all the remaining atmosphere shots and a ton of hot and sexy landies that attended Kandyland. As you’ll see, the ladies got into the event and really knew how to dress to impress; now their smokin’ bods are posted on the internet on displays for us all.

As we’ve already mentioned, the party was held at the same mansion that was used in Leo’s The Great Gatsby with a special performance by EC Twins. Proceeds benefitted the Generation Rescue charity, aimed to assist in recovery of childhood autism. Check out the 8th Annual Kandyland website for more information and special thanks the sponsor Zing Vodka and shout out to Jade Umbrella and of course, Karma International for putting on the event.

For more photos, visit Garry “Prophecy” Sun at SunOfHollywood.com. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his latest celebrity exclusives!!

Shauna Sand Catwalks Around Venice Beach in her Clear Platform Heels

Shauna Sand Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Think what you want, but when it comes to consistency, Shauna Sand has everyone beat! The woman has her unique style and she doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks—regardless of whether she’s with her daughters or in the company of one of her sugar babies.

The former Playboy Playmate showed off her bikini body as she catwalked around Venice Beach in her clear platform heels. Shauna could be seeing chatting it up with some young dudes at the beach.

Shauna Sand Shows Off Her Bikini Body 1a

BREAKING!! Ellen Page Hits Whole Foods; Carries Two Grocery Bags AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Exclusive... Ellen Page Grocery Shopping At Whole Foods

Since Ellen Page is the Anti-Viagra, I’ll admit it, the only reason we’re posting her on these pages is so that we can add to our Internet-exclusive “AT THE SAME TIME” category. For those of you who haven’t flipped through that category, make sure you take a few hours of our day to go through countless pics of your favorite celebrities performing multiple tasks AT THE SAME TIME! Can you think of anything better to do with your time?

As for Ellen, aside from starring in next summer’s blockbuster ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’, her next film set to hit theaters in September is ‘Touchy Feely’. The film is directed by Lynn Shelton and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Here’s some plot action:

Touchy Feely is a closely observed examination of a family whose delicate psychic balance suddenly unravels. Abby (Rosemarie DeWitt), is a sought after massage therapist and a free spirit, while her brother Paul (Josh Pais) thrives on routine and convention, running a flagging dental practice and co-dependently enlisting the assistance of his emotionally stunted daughter Jenny (Ellen Page). Suddenly, transformation touches everyone. Abby develops an uncontrollable aversion to bodily contact, which not only makes her occupation impossible but severely hinders the passionate love life between her and her boyfriend (Scoot McNairy). [Read more…]

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