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Wesley Snipes Makes Mistrial Claim After Tax-Evasion Sentence!

Blade Man – Wants a Retrial!

Actor WESLEY SNIPES has pleaded for a Retrail after a case that has been dragging on over his 3-year jail sentence, which was first given to him in April 2008 over claims of Tax Evasion.

The ‘Blade’ star who was said to have “wilfully neglected” the filing of his income-tax said that some of the jury were being prejudice against him!

Apparently, emails were sent to his defence team which claimed that three jurers “told us Snipes was guilty before they even heard the first piece of evidence.” So this is enough to postpone a trial that’s 3 YEARS OLD, even more.

Snipes also wants to bring his old accountant into shit. KENNETH STARR was one of the main men talking against his former client in the trial, but at the time he was also under investigation himself for engaging in “criminal activities of conspiring to evade income taxes” with another separate client. Fair enough, maybe?

They’ll set a new date for yet another new trial on the case when/after it gets voted on.

I’m not about to jump ship and say that Snipes did do it, especially after all’a this! But if it is true, why the fuck don’t the richest mo’fos in the World just pay their taxes and move on? And avoid the bad-press, keep up their clean-reps etc? Like an extra $25,000 will deeply hurt your millions!?
Perhaps Wes needed a new idea on a film! But what a way to keep yourself in the spotlight when your agent doesn’t have any good news…

“Already Taken” – Trey Songz (Step Up 3D)

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Trey Songz has the ability to sing songs like “Say Ahh” and then switch it up singing “Already Taken”. Mr. Songz career is reminding me a lot of Ushers –maybe he is the “next” Usher?

The soundtrack from Step Up 3D (which is coming to a theatre near you this FRIDAY) is pretty legit and features a wide array of artists like David Guetta, Flo Rida and Sophia Fresh!

Cashley Booed Again – at Big Sol’s Wedding!

Sol Campbell on a stroll with his new wife Fiona Barratt

England’s favourite villain ASHLEY COLE is hated so much that he was booed at one of his best friends’ weddings. Arsenal Defender SOL CAMPBELL finally tied the knot with Fiona Barratt last week having dated her for four years. His posh wedding, held in an 8th Century-Old Northumbrian (near Newcastle, yankees) Church attracted many of his fellow celebrity-friends including popular chef AINSLEY HARRIOT, Sol’s ex-Arsenal team-mates MARTIN KEOWN & DAVID SEAMAN as well as Manchester United’s RIO FERDINAND. Cashley was to bare the brunt of the day however. He turned up alone (surprise, surprise) and his entrance was showered with being booed, as a deserved substitute for confetti.

Someone at the wedding said “The crowd was having real fun cheering famous guests. But when Cole arrived he got booed. He definitely heard it.”

It’s believed that one of the main reasons for this occuring was due to the fact that the wedding took place very near to Newcastle, where Cashley’s amazingly hot Geordie ex-wife CHERYL TWEEDY was born and brought up. I’d disagree. I think he’d have got abused even worse if the wedding was in Vienna, Tokyo or Fiji.

Cole – NO one likes you, wherever you go. You remain the world’s biggest ASS.

Look on for more wedding-snaps.

Barry Bonds – What is the Bastardly Opinion?

Tuxman writes:

With Barry Bonds on the brink of surpassing Babe Ruth as the #2 all time home run leader, what do you think about Barry and his accomplishments. He’s a multiple MVP in the National league, even before his home-run race, and has been the ultimate Anti-Hero for Baseball the past 3-4 seasons. He’s really been the life-blood of baseball since his single-season homerun record, set a few years back. Whether you like him or not, he makes news. So with all the recent alligations surrounding Barry do they tarnish his entire career forever??

On a personal note…I SO have that 87 Topps rookie card of Barry Bonds!…somewhere at home

Teri Hatcher: Still Falling Down the Ugly Aging Tree

Cuba Gooding Jr. & Teri Hatcher @ the Laureus World Sports Awards

Like we say whenever we post up Teri Hatcher photos: What the fuck is going on w/ Teri?

Is it some new cream she bought during a trip to the ghetto swap meets of Vietnam? Or, possibly it’s the LA water that’s forcing her to age right before our eyes. But, whatever’s going down, I think it’s safe to say that something is seriously jacked-up w/ her physical appearance.

Here are the a few more from the awards show.

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