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King Douche Bag: Ashley Cole! He’s on the L.A.SH Again, Everyone!

Perverted Cashley Getting his freak on in L.A.

Some people are dicks. Well Ashley Cole beats that. He’s a delusional fucktard for the false and hopeless life that he leads. Alot of you bastards probably only know him as the one who was gay enough (nothing against homosexuals, btw) to cheat on easily the hottest woman on the planet – Cheryl Tweedy, about 7 times (official stats. my guess? multiply by atleast 5).
Well he’s not only that, he’s also a pathetic, shit footballer as many of you would’ve seen at the World Cup or even the EPL. How pathetic footballers like him expect a raise, I have no idea. Imagine being COMPLETELY shit at your job and then leaving one of the best teams on earth when they offer you a new deal worth £55,000 a week and you say ‘no’ because you wanna hold out for £60k. Greedy A.H/Cole.

Anyways, as the world takes another evil turn, bad things happen to the nicer people first. While poor old Cheryl is recovering from MALARIA, Ashley toasted his divorce as well as an incredibly shit World Cup by going on the pull again in a recent trip to L.A. So much for letting your country down and trying to get over the divorce that everyone is laughing at you about, you ugly mug!
Ashley Cole – you are officially the ‘Twat of the Decade!’

Ugly Dress Award: Branka Katic @ "Public Enemies" L.A. Premiere

Damn, look at those shoulder pads! I didn’t know they made shit like this anymore.

Anyway, here’s more info on Branka:

Branka Katić (Serbian Cyrillic: Бранка Катић) is a Serbian actress. Her film appearances include Black Cat, White Cat and Im Juli. Her television work includes playing Tatiana Taylor, second wife of Barry Taylor in Auf Wiedersehen Pet, a story arc on the HBO series Big Love, as Ana, Bill Henrickson’s brief fourth-wife, and Entourage, as Nika Marx, the producer’s wife in the episode “The Prince’s Bride.” [Source]

Does Megan Fox's Disappointing Toga Foreshadow Something Bad?

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

If you go purely on reviews, then you’ll probably never watch “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” but that’s the thing about modern-day action flicks: They aren’t supposed to be great movies.

Regardless, just for cheap giggles, let’s hit a few excerpts from movie reviews floating around:

Fox’s cleavage is the only camera object that catches Bay’s attention for more than a millisecond. (Chicago Tribune)

Exhilarating or excruciating, depending on your point of view. (LA Times)

It is unapologetic about delivering what it promises. Bigger battles. Massive explosions. Megan Fox looking hot. (Premiere)

The sequence serves no real purpose beyond dazzle for dazzle’s sake, but when you’re watching it, that’s purpose enough. (Entertainment Weekly)

This Transformers is a pile of glittering junk. (WSJ)

Dazzles the eye, numbs the mind and may cause deafness in some cases. Did I mention to bring along some Excedrin? (NY Post)

Exhilarating or excruciating, depending on your point of view. (LA Times)

2 1/2 hours of tumescence disguised as a motion picture. (Boston Globe)

So yeah, if you love Megan Fox & enjoy larger-than-life action movies w/ no definite plot, this movie is made for you!

What The Hell Is Skylar Kolour Wearing?

Photo Credit: Splash News
Snapped alongside Jesse Lewis at club ‘Social’ which featured a special performance by Lady Gaga.

Ok, ok, better question: Who the fuck is Skylar Kolour? This comes from her Myspace:

..SKYLAR KOLOUR is from cincinnati,oh. now residing in los angeles,ca… a pop artist but not a boxed artist. i tap into all genres of music but expressing them through pop music. ((popular music- music that all audiences can relate to!)) pop/hip hop — pop/soul– pop/reggae and my favorite pop/rock. i love guitars of any sort.. i started out, writing stories, theactrical plays and joggling poetry all while working as a successful child model for 7 years.. (read the “about me” blog for the details) i write all my own material (no help) not saying that i’m not open to other writers but so far it’s just been kolour by herself. i also design majority of all of my clothing & accessories…everything! I act and screen write as well. read the blog suga’s…u’ll love me. i pinky swear… ALL PRODUCERS, WRITERS,ARTIST, NO MATTER WHAT UR STYLE IS PLEASE CONTACT ME.

Is Mariah Carey Wearing Mom-Hot Pants?!

Mariah Carey Booed By Angry Fans For Leaving Early At Autograph Signing

Mariah Carey had her fans fuming after she showed up two hours late at a scheduled autograph signing event and then left early.

The fans booed the “diva” after she had them wait for her to meet her and then decided to go home even though the autograph signing wasn’t finished yet.

Carey, 38, was promoting her new album “E=MC2” at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles. She had promised the first 1,000 devotees who bought her CD a guaranteed meet and greet but after showing up two hours late to the fans who waited eight hours to meet her, she then stopped signing and “went home.” [AHN]

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