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Kim Kardashian Goes With A Dangerously Low-Cut Top At The NBC TV Upfronts

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

Wow, here’s somebody we haven’t seen on these pages in a while! It seems like Kim Kardashian has been hiding out for months ever since that robbery in Paris or who knows, maybe we’ve just overlooked photos of Kim for a while. Although, I have to admit, I don’t blame her for going into hiding considering the next time she won’t be so lucky in that the thieves might just kill her in the process of stealing her overpriced jewelry. Just think, all that money Kim earned doing the career-launching sex tape, taking an endless stream of promotional selfies for her wide array of social media accounts and attending shitty events around the world would have simply gone directly to her mom and possibly her sisters (highly doubtful).

As for these photos, they were snapped earlier today as Kim arrived for NBC’s TV Upfronts in NYC. It was a star-studded event from which we’ll feature a few more ladies later on.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye Hit Up The Armani Store In Paris

Kim Kardashian Visits The Armani Store In ParisPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

You gotta love how Kanye gives Kim all these stalkerish/creepy stares when they’re out & about together. The seemingly happily married couple (I can’t believe they’re STILL married!) were seen walking into the Armani store in Paris earlier today. Believe it or not, but Kim’s entire reality TV Klan is currently in the city enjoying Paris Fashion Week. I’m sure members of the high-fashion crowd are thrilled.

Kim Kardashian Visits The Armani Store In ParisPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Kim Kardashian Ho’s It Up In Maimi

Kim Kardashian Takes Daughter North Shopping In Bal HarbourPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

In our never-ending series chronicling the shameless Kardashian family, here are a few of the newest photos from Kim Kardashian’s vacation in Miami with sisters Khloe & Kourtney. Kim’s husband Kanye surprisingly accompanied the reality TV mogul on this latest trip. I guess Kanye likes to see his woman in prostitute-mode 24/7 b/c there’s simply no excuse for a multi-millionaire & mother of two dressing like this.

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Kim Kardashian Has No Shame, Part 8,342; Kim North To A Kanye Concert

Kim Kardashians & North West Wear Matching Outfits While Heading To A Kanye West Concert In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Normally moms wouldn’t be caught dead at a Kanye West concert with their toddler daughter, but it appears that rule doesn’t apply for certain parents if that particular toddler daughter’s dad happens to be performing! The leading set was snapped last night as Kim & North were seen leaving their NYC hotel wearing matching outfits to attend a concert at Madison Square Garden.

As for the photos directly below, they were snapped earlier today as Kim was seen catwalking around the city wearing a blue bra under an oversized denim jacket that she paired with transparent boots/heels/whatever-the-F-you-call-those-things.

Kim Kardashian Out And About In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Gravity-Defying Bikini Booty In Mexico

Kim Kardashian & Kids Enjoy A Day Poolside In MexicoPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

First of all, that booty is just insane. When will gravity start to take a toll on that thing?

In this latest set of photos coming out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Kim Kardashian almost looks a little surprised that she’s getting photographed, but we all know the truth. The queen of reality TV and her team probably paid off the local papz (or possibly even brought their own photogs from L.A.) to photograph Kim enjoying a mini-vacay with her kids North & Saint (still can’t believe those are the names). Husband Kanye West was in any of the photos, so we’re assuming he didn’t tag along.

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Kim Kardashian Hits Up Her Doctor’s Office In Prosti-Style

Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Stop By A Doctors Office In Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Since we’re not allowed to spend more than 15 seconds on Kardashian-family posts, this one will be very quick.

We’re not sure why Kim was dressed looking like a prostitute during a doctor’s visit, but we’re going to assume she was headed to an event directly following the appointment. Feel free to chime in with your own theory. We should mention that Kim was accompanied by her mom Kris Jenner during the visit.

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The K-Klan Attend Scott Disick’s Birthday Bash At Nobu in Malibu

Khloe Kardashian leaves Nobu in MalibuPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

What the hell is Khloe wearing?! Kim looks way over-dressed and Kourtney looked somewhat normal. I’ll never understand the Kardashians, but all I know is that the downfall is 10x better than the rise to fame. Anybody know how much time there’s left? We’ve given up on making predictions, mainly because we’re so bad at it.

And, something completely off-topic: Orlando Bloom was also at the restaurant grabbing a bite (and probably hitting on all the hot girls at the restaurant, which also includes Abby Champion). For some reason I can see him being friends with Scott Disick, so who knows, maybe he was also invited? Orlando was spotted leaving the restaurant in his sweet-looking Porsche later in the evening.

Orlando Bloom leaves Nobu in Malibu in his PorschePhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Cannes: Kim Kardashian’s Face Shows Hints of a Lot Of Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian seen at the De Grisogono Party at the Hotel du Cap Eden RocPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pacific Coast News

wow, I’ll be honest, the headshot really left me with a WTF feeling and I’m not trying to be mean. I know she’s using her big booty as a distraction, but when you look at her face you can tell that she gets a lot of work done to her face.

After years of contemplation, I’ve come to the conclusion that Kim Kardashian’s downfall will be Kim Kardashian herself. She’ll suffer from an extreme loss aversion of her youthful days that will compel her to hire every plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to keep her looking the part. We’ve seen this script play out before the ending is always very painful (and ugly), so it’s just a matter of time until we reach that tipping point. As with anything in life, there’s a regression to the mean and let’s face it, Kim’s been living on the edges of extreme D-List fame for way too long. I feel like E! will make a lot of money when the Kim Kardashian house of cards collapses in a few years.

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