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Lack Of Hot Lawyers & Jacko's Lucky #s

Meet Mr. Wrinkle

There are no hot lawyers. Again. The O.J. trial had bloody Marsha Clarke who went through like 5 hairstyles, but still couldn’t look hot. Who does the Michael Jackson trial have?! 450-year old Tom Sneddon. This dude might collapse during cross examination, so I hope Santa Barbara County has a strong bench.

Now, let’s move to Michael’s lucky numbers.

With the jury selection finally coming to an end yesterday, Michael Jackson’s trial will hopefully start up soon (hopefully). The official numbers were 8 women & 4 men & ages ranging from 20 to 79! Here’s what we’re dealing with:

One of the jurors had been asked during selection if he recognized celebrity witnesses in the case including self-help guru Deepak Chopra. He responded, “I think he’s a rapper.” [Yahoo! News]

Oh boy! This is gonna be a wild-wild ride!

Upon further analysis, I have to say that women will be more sympathetic to Michael than men. I reached this conclusion from reading a lot of useless crap & listening to countless bastards spout-off on CNN & Fox News.

You see, men become disgusted by the mere scent of molestation—in their mind, if you’re accused, you’re guilty. With women it’s much different. They can absorb all the drama much better than men. They’ll see the black hearts of those gold-digger moms, as well as the innocence of the blackmailed children. It’ll pretty much come to do a women jurors’ ability to understand the various women who will be on the stand. And, if you’re wondering who will be the lead juror, you better bet your ass it will be one of those 8 women!

Those jealous & racist bitches (the cops) who are trying to frame Michael are in for it now. Let’s hope they get dragged into court & stripped of all their assets once Michael sues their asses.

Michael Jackson A Kidnapper AND Molester??!

The bitches are at it again.

Fox news reports of a horrible kidnapping incident in which the God-awful Michael Jackson held a mother & her 3 kids hostage. Here’s how the kidnapping went…

On the afternoon of March 1, for example, the day consisted of a meal at 4 p.m. at Johnny Rockets ($33), followed by a 5:14 p.m. stop at Anchor Blue to buy knit tops (two for $24).

Later, a 5:55 p.m. snack stop at the Topanga Canyon Mall (coffee, water, Snapple) was followed by a 6:40 p.m. appearance at Baskin-Robbins ($9).

And at 7 p.m., the mother and her kids took in the movie “Old School” at the theater across from the hotel, racking up $32 in concessions. They topped the night off with another visit to Johnny Rockets ($26).

Jackson�s lawyers will try to portray him as trying to relocate the family to be rid of them, paying through the nose all the way. How else to explain a $415 charge at Banana Republic on Feb. 26, the same day the mother also spent $454 on Jockey underwear and $450 at the Jeans Outlet?

On that night, the family also managed to dine for $175 at the Black Angus Restaurant in Woodland Hills before they were “forced” in a “conspiracy” to return to their plush digs. [Fox News]

Mother fuckers! I hope the justice system can see that these bastard-accusers are greedy whores who got a taste of the good life & want more! Michael needs to lay low the rest of his life after he gets loose from this latest debacle. He needs to spend a couple mil punishing these bastards and putting them behind jail. Sue them & strip them of all their possessions—then they�ll understand.

25-lb Mischa Barton Victim Of Bear Hug

 Mischa Barton

I wonder how it feels bear hugging a lifeless body?

An innocent vacation in Hawaii nearly turned deadly. Her boyfriend, Brandon Davis, squeezed a little too hard and boom! Mischa had a fractured ribcage and suffered some other minor internal injuries. Who can blame the poor guy?

MISCHA, get off the fucking Lamb Urine, Jell-O-eating, Enema-injecting diet! Spend some of your millions on FOOD, woman!

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