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John Demsey Macking On Vulnerable Petra Nemcova

Petra has a rack & a half!

So what does a guy who’s currently the CEO of one of the world’s most respected cosmetic companies do when he needs to get laid? Well, in John Demsey’s case, he becomes the honorary chair of some shady benefit at a casino in New York & picks up emotionally vulnerable super models. Being the CEO of MAC Cosmetics, John Demsey holds a free ticket into the hearts of beautiful women in any city, anywhere in the world.

In the superficial world, there are two & a half reasons why hot women will be hanging out w/ shady looking men.

1. They have a 20″ schlong
2. They have millions in the bank
2.5. A healthy combo of both.

Apart from John Demsey’s scandalous intentions, you guys have to see close-ups of Petra. My God, she was decked out in the teeka (that thing on her forehead). I love it how these beautiful westerners (Liz Hurley is the other famous one) are going Indian when it comes to fashion. I’m telling you, India is the new sexy.

Petra Nemcova: Giving Cuteness A New Meaning

A couple weeks ago I randomly turned on the TV (a very rare thing, mind you) & then somehow landed on Larry King Live (an even rarer thing). Usually when I land on Larry King, I first ask myself his age & then ponder why CNN hasn’t booted his ass back to the monkey exhibition @ the local zoo. Rather than bumping the show for a session of pulling weeds in my lawn, my eyes met w/ those of Petra Nemcova’s & it was instant one-sided television love. Truly sad, but it’s the honest truth, my friends.

In my book, Petra doesn’t fall into that random hot-girl category, but she’s much more (much-much more!). She’s in the ultra exclusive, “you’re so cute, I want to spend the rest of my life with you” category. I’m sure we’ve each met / seen a similar person in our own lives. God have mercy on her!

So with that in hand, how does such a hot girl like Petra end up on bloody Larry King?! We heard another one of those rumors, so listen carefully. Luckily, Petra’s agent was at one of those fashion-parties over the weekend & naturally, he did a ton of crack w/ the likes of anorexic Lindsay, Nicole, Donatella & Angry Naomi. When he was about to sniff up his 6th line of the night, his phone rang.

CNN: Hi, how are you?
Petra’s Agent: Huh?
CNN: Good to hear. Can Petra come on Larry King tomorrow night.
Petra’s Agent: Right on. We’ll be there.

So there you have it. Petra’s appearance on Larry King was courtesy of cocaine. God, I love that drug!

On a more serious note, check out some of Petra’s photos from her recovery in Thailand.

Petra Nemcova Survives Tsunami!

Lucky Me!

The luckiest Ruskie in the world!

People were screaming and kids were screaming all over the place, screaming ‘help, help’. And after a few minutes you didn’t hear the kids any more.

I just tried to survive and tried to keep positive. There were so many people with horrible injuries, with blood everywhere. It was like a war movie. [Yahoo]

Supermodel Petra Nemcova & her Brit photographer boyfriend, Simon Atlee, were inside a hut on the beach in Phuket, Thailand (same place where The Beach was filmed) when a huge ass wave washed away their hut. Unlike her boyfriend, who’s still missing, Petra caught on to a palm tree (yes, the top of a fucking palm tree!) and waited for around 8 hours until she was rescued. Talk about an experience that will change her life.

Photos of Petra follow.

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