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Ariel Winter Loves Her Motorboat-Friendly Dresses

Photo Credit: Instagram

Aside from favoring revealing dresses, the 19-year-old “Modern Family” actress also doesn’t care what everyone thinks of her scars from her breast reduction surgery. Think what you want, but Ariel Winter is definitely more fearless than a long list of other celebrities in Hollywood.

These were snapped over the weekend during the closing night of the 29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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Adriana Lima Will Always Look Flawless

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…But, did she do something to her lips…or face?!

I can’t quite tell, but something appears to be off. In the past we’ve seen Adriana Lima leaving NYC-based plastic surgeon offices, so a little touch up work shouldn’t come as a total surprise.

Also, on a more philosophical level, is it really bad for Adri to get work done and stay in the modeling biz a few years longer? I don’t think so. I’m sure a lot of models do it. It’s like making a business investment and hoping for a juicy return on your investment. Since it’s Adriana Lima, we’re pretty sure the RIO is pretty favorable. Let’s just hope she sticks to minor touch-ups here & there as opposed to getting the full-on Michael Jackson treatment in a few years.

Anyway, these photos were snapped sometime last week as Adriana attended the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti Benefit. If you want to show your support with a donation, please visit the foundation’s official website.

Here’s an interview Vogue did with Adri on December 5 (after watching the first few minutes of the interview, I feel a little guilty for speculating about Adriana getting work done. She seems like such a nice person!):

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Lady Gaga Might Be Taking Her Plastic Surgery Obsession A Little Too Far

Lady Gaga seen leaving her midtown apartment to attend a Times Talks panel in NYC

God damn, she looks almost unrecognizable in the first photo, so I’m hoping this is actually Lady Gaga in these photos! I’m still not 100% convinced or maybe I just never got a really good look at her due to all the costumes and disguises she typically wears when out & about.

So, can one of you resident celebrity plastic surgery experts please review (in as much detail as possible) all the work Gaga has had done to her face over the past couple years? I don’t have anything against trannies, but why’s Gaga trying to become one? Then again, she was at best a 4 or 4.5 (out of 10), but I think it was better than what she looks like right now…

These latest photos were snapped last night as the singer left her midtown hotel and headed to the Times Talks panel event in NYC. You can watch a replay of the live webcast below:

Did Kate Beckinsale Go Under The Knife Recently?

Kate Beckinsale - Victoria Beckham Collection dinner in Beverly Hills 3 copy-1

I know we’ve worshiped this woman for the better part of the past ten years, but her face seems off as of late. Sure the backless dress that she’s wearing is somewhat distracting, but I’m sure you guys dig deeper into Kate’s face and figure out whether she’s been dabbling in some plastic surgery over the past few months…

Regardless of whether she is or isn’t, Kate’s still on our Top 3 Hollywood MILF List.

These photos were recently snapped at the Victoria Beckham Collection dinner in Beverly Hills.

Is Amal Clooney Already Dabbling In Plastic Surgery?!

EXCLUSIVE: Amal Clooney visits a medical imaging center in Santa Monica with a camera-shy George Clooney as they step out for the first time since the Golden Globes

You’d think she’d wait at least a year before going under the knife, but it appears Amal Clooney is cruising along on the exclusive Beverly Hills FasTrak as she was seen hitting up up a medical building in Santa Monica. Who knows, it’s possible Amal is taking some of the critiques of her appearance on the red carpet at the Golden Globes a bit too seriously!

We’re not sure whether she went in for a plastic surgery consultation, but it’s a safe assumption since the building she visited houses a medical imaging center, a head and neck imaging center, and a Directed Interventional Surgery Center. We should also note that Amal stayed inside for about two hours, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what she’s planning…

EXCLUSIVE: Amal Clooney visits a medical imaging center in Santa Monica with a camera-shy George Clooney as they step out for the first time since the Golden Globes

So, Did Kim Kardashian Get Plastic Surgery After Popping Out North or What?

Kim Kardashian - wearing a bikini at a beach in Miami November 2013 adds-1lkasjd

Any bikini body experts want to closely study these pics & get back to us with a full report? We weren’t able to find many pics from the shoot, but we’re assuming these are from the recent “candid” shoot she did for People magazine. We don’t necessarily see surgery scars anywhere, but judging by how much makeup Kim has caked on her face, I wouldn’t be surprised if she used a little makeup on her body to cover up a few of her post-pregnancy plastic surgery scars

Is Megan Fox Addicted To Plastic Surgery? Judge For Yourself…

Megan Fox - Launches the Avon Foundation-1ASDSA

These were snapped at an Avon Foundation launch event earlier in the week in NYC. With Megan Fox’s help, the foundation kicked off its new global Facebook campaign, #SeeTheSigns of Domestic Violence. This launch was in conjunction with International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which goes down on November 25.

So, what’s everyone’s take on Megan’s face? Is she getting too cozy with her plastic surgeon or what?

‘Sharknado’ Star Tara Reid Bikini Pics Give Beach Goers A Scare in Miami

Tara Reid is a Bikini Babe in Miami

During a recent promo appearance in Atlantic City, we assumed that Tara Reid had invested in a new stomach to replace the mutated one she had after getting her beer gut worked on by shady plastic surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico.

Well, I hate to admit this, but we were wrong. The mutated stomach reappeared during a bikini-clad outing while Tara chilled with a friend in Miami. The 38-year-old, who most recently starred in the instant-classic, made-for-TV flick ‘Sharknado’, showed off her yummy post-tummy tuck scars & equally-yummy old-lady ass while rocking a blue bikini.

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